Trump Triumphs at Fort McHenry on Memorial Day

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President Donald J. Trump and the First Lady scheduled their annual Memorial Day commemoration with a holiday visit inside Fort McHenry that rests majestically on the Baltimore harbor on Monday. Trump remarked after 25 hours of British bombardment that Baltimore had saved our Independence.

President Trump spoke about The Star-Spangled Banner, “Every time we sing our anthem, every time its rousing chorus swells our hearts with pride, we renew the eternal bonds of loyalty to our fallen heroes. We think of the soldiers who spend their final heroic moments on distant battle fields to keep us safe at home. We remember the young Americans who never got the chance to grow old, but whose legacy will outlive us all.”

Early in his speech, President Trump drew an analogy between the struggle to prevail during the Battle of Baltimore in 1814, and American military and medical personnel today fighting as heroes and first responders to combat an invisible enemy: the Wuhan virus crisis. Trump is convinced America will transcend this virus and become prosperous once again.

President Trump’s Memorial Day visit sends exactly the right message. Baltimoreans did not shrink from their responsibility in battle under heavy fire. They held Fort McHenry inducing British forces to withdraw. Trump rallied Americans to join together and obliterate the virus so the populace may exit their homes and return to work triumphantly.

The interim mayor, a Democrat, publicly rebuked President Trump’s decision to visit Baltimore as sending the wrong message. The mayor had just announced Baltimore City would remain under lockdown. President Trump’s appearance follows Governor Hogan’s recent relaxation of public restrictions in the state of Maryland.

After weeks of cold weather and intermittent rain in the Baltimore metropolitan region, Memorial Day 2020 was a grandly beautiful day. The President could not have picked a better day to appear at Fort McHenry. Governor Hogan was preoccupied by celebrating his birthday today and opted to sidestep this military holiday commemoration.

Causing confusion among public guidelines over this virus crisis is the fact that the public lockdown in Baltimore City remains in effect indefinitely while Baltimore County has instituted a softening that permits people to patronize businesses that reopen while still observing important social distancing practices.

Two GOP 2020 candidates were on hand to welcome President Trump to Baltimore. Jovani Patterson is running unopposed in the primary for Baltimore City Council President and Tim Fazenbaker is seeking the Republican nomination in the Second Congressional District. Both gentlemen were optimistic and energized by President Trump’s visit to Fort McHenry.

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Patterson and Fazenbaker were both enthused by their collective experiences meeting and greeting people who turned out to support the President and celebrate Memorial Day. It was a peaceful afternoon that erupted into cheers as the President made three passes overhead in a helicopter.

Patterson and Fazenbaker appeared together on a live feed interview that is archived on the New Right Network YouTube Channel. Jovani Patterson challenged Baltimore Mayor Jack Young to engage in a conversation with President Trump by talking to him and exploring viable options to improve conditions for city residents.

Tim Fazenbaker is focused on doing everything he can to bring back representation to Maryland’s Second Congressional District. Out of touch Dutch has served in office two months longer than Tim has been alive. “Dutch doesn’t care. He’s not going into these places. Now Baltimore is in the news for all the wrong reasons.”

The assemblage of President Trump supporters and those who endorse opening up Maryland far outnumbered the scant few protesters brandishing homemade signs and reprimanding the President for scheduling a speech in Baltimore City. MAGA hats were visible, but no one appeared in support of opponent Joe Biden. There was one Obama shirt worn in the crowd.

Eric and Regina Hoffman were on hand to welcome the President with signs in support of Trump and beseeching the governor to Open Maryland. The lockdown has not impacted his employment, but Eric was demonstrating his solidarity for the rights of others who need to work.

Nelda Fink, a registered democrat and senior from Millersville, was carrying a flag turned upside down in distress. “I feel that our state needs Trump’s help to get out of the distress that we are in,” she commented. Gratefully, her employer was deemed essential, but she is worried for her fellow Marylanders who are not as fortunate as her.

Rob Dahl, 38 from Dundalk, held up his own homemade sign: “Legalize Hugs, Ban Masks.” Both Rob and Nelda posed for photos with GOP candidates Jovani and Tim. Another husband and wife team were also holding up their homemade signs. It was an enjoyable Memorial Day rally with no unpleasant incidents to report.

Perhaps the saddest spectacle was that of the political exploitation of a young girl holding up a distasteful sign that read: “Baltimore has enough rats, Stay home.” Manipulating a young child to attack the President in reference to the rodents that have overrun Baltimore is a rather despicable act on the part of her parent.

Spectators standing behind a police barricade outside Fort McHenry were proudly displaying their support of President Trump with signs and flags and hats and Tee shirts. There were two Trump merchandise tables setup to accommodate paraphernalia. An older gent towing two large signs had parked along the roadway to denounce the incumbent democrat leadership.

President Trump appeared in Baltimore City during the Memorial Day weekend as seven city residents died over the holiday weekend from gunshot wounds. Maybe the mayor should concern himself more with incumbering the incessant deadly violence in the city rather than castigating the President for honoring the memory of our deceased military heroes.

Trump mentioned the positive attitude exhibited by Francis Scott Key, author of our National Anthem. How witnessing 15 broad stripes and 15 bright stars in the early dawn of a new day compelled him to draft the Star-Spangled Banner. America’s economy has taken a hit, but Trump is confident that Americans will indeed welcome a reinvigorated economy once America reopens for business and idle employees are given a green light to return to work.

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