Where in the USA is Scott Presler?

March 20, 2020: The Movement Paused

Since CPAC, Scott Presler is on a mission – it is straightforward and uncomplicated. As I stated in my article 2 weeks ago, he has one purpose – register voters for the 2020 Election, “One Hug at a Time“. It is working. 

However, with the spread of COVID-19, the face-to-face hugging has had to take a hard pause. No more large gatherings of people. It seems that the movement – along with the Trump Campaign, was gaining too much momentum. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the pause came just as everything was gaining energy.

Scott Presler’s Energy

As recently as last week, Scott was in Pittsburgh. This weekend, his travel to Butler, PA, was canceled. He continues to visit city after city registering voters, and teaching the party the most important aspect of the election –REGISTER NEW VOTERS. Tell your friends and neighbors why this is the most important election in our lifetime.

I met Scott a little over four months ago locally in Bel Air, Maryland, when I attended his registration seminar. It blew me away. Here was this guy – who walked in and said, “Over a Year ago, I walked Dogs for a living. Now I am traveling the country getting my President elected! In a year, I went from the Dog House to the White House.” With that remark, he gets enthusiastic applause.  He is the epitome of a Trumpian Republican.

What is a Trumpian Republican?

There is a group of New Republicans rising from the Trump wave that is sweeping the nation. I call them TRUMPIAN REPUBLICANS. Sometimes the old guard is fighting against it, but it is a wave that cannot be stopped. In the old days, the Republican party consisted of generational conservatives.  Many people who identified Republicans were mostly independents.

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They did not want to identify with the “old white guy” brigade. That is until Donald Trump. President Trump has changed the narrative, and the party – much to the chagrin of the Globalist Never Trumpers (do you hear that Bill Kristol?). It’s no longer Straight old white guys.

Ask Kim Klacik MD-07, Tricia Flanagan Sen-NJ, and Kathy Barnett PA-04, Yukong Zhao FL-07 and Brandon Straka. Also, Trump-inspired people got involved, with new candidates like John Cummings NY-14,  Luke Negron PA-18, Tim Fazenbaker MD-02, Jason Roberge VA-07. All of these people are about changing the narrative of what a Republican is in 2020. They see what has happened with the lurch to the left, and they want no part of that. They want to ensure the freedoms that they had growing up will translate to their children and grandchildren. I fall under that category.

When Scott comes to a city near you, he is not asking you for your money, he is asking you for HOPE. Not the “Hopey-Changey” thing that the last President tried to sell.This hope is for our future. President Trump created Make America Great, and Scott is a product of the Trumpian Republicans. These are people who believe that America’s best days are not behind us, but in front of us.

Scott has traveled the country Since CPAC he has been in Boston, Bethesda, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, PA. While the Covid19 Virus is happening throughout the country, he has not let that stop him. He is determined to get President Trump re-elected. This former Dog Walker is making a difference.

He has almost 473,000 followers on Twitter. That is virtually a One Half Million of them! People are listening and taking note of what he has to say.  Yet that notice does not come without resistance to what he does.

Scott Presler is Cleaning up the Streets

One would think that in garbage-laden cities such as Baltimore and San Fransisco (Rep. Nancy Pelosi CA-12’s district), that they would welcome a clean-up. Governor Gavin Newsome in California, and the entire Democrat Party there have turned a veritable paradise into an infested tent city with garbage in the streets. Both cities have met Scott with harsh Criticism

“Can you believe that in Baltimore, I had a problem getting permits for dumpsters. Dumpsters!).”

Scott Presler

The following video from San Francisco in February shows Scott’s passion. If you still are a doubter – take a moment to listen. He gets into an argument with a local resident of San Francisco. People are visibly upset at his presence. Scott did not let it deter him. He pressed forward, explaining why he was there.

In the video, he discusses the reasons he is doing this. He has a simple question: “Why is the Democrat Party putting the rights of illegal immigrants ahead of the rights of ordinary American Citizens?. The Democrat Party does not put the American people FIRST.” Once he is done, he thanks them for listening, and if he wins them over he offers to give them a hug – most oblige.

Where is Scott Today?

Today (March 20, 2020)

Since the COVID-19 has kept people in place, Scott’s work this weekend in Butler, PA, had to be canceled. Also his other events for the remainder of the month were. That does not mean his movement is canceled. He is telling people from every medium he is part of, that everyone will need to work harder. Get on the phones, and talk with people. Get them to Register On-line, and then send them a thank you note when they do. 

Scott is home at the moment – like most Americans. He is forced not to travel because of the COVID-19 virtual lockdown. Scott may not be traveling the nation, but he has not stopped. He is continuing in place writing thank you notes to the people he registered.

Scott is home, Tweeting, answering emails, phone calls, whatever he can do. All of it is part of his coordinated effort to turn the tide back to what he feels are the sane policies of PUTTING AMERICANS FIRST. The shelter in place order will not deter him, and he will find ways to reach out. This despite the inability to hug people at the moment. Once the “All Clear” is sounded, he will be on his way to a city or town near you. In order to discuss how to Keep America Great Again.

This movement will not stop.  #2020ISOURS 

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