Trump Calling For a National Day of Prayer

Bringing Together Spiritual Americans

The most pro-life President is also becoming the most Evangelical President. He is reaching out to the Evangelical base, as he stands in solidarity to ask the faithful to once again bow their knees and pray. In the midst of the Coronavirus shutting down almost every aspect of American life, from concerts to now churches, most churches are utilizing modern technology to reach their masses.

Every church that has more than 1000 people in each gathering are finding themselves watching their respective pastors reach out, telling the congregants to stay home and stay safe in the effort to quell and quarantine the disease from spreading. Even if there are no real dire signs of infection, it’s just a precautionary measure. The State of Georgia issued an alert not to have more than 250 people in one setting, due to the possible spread of the virus.

“If My People Who are Called by My Name…”

Churches all over, from the Woodside Bible Church group or the 242 Church collective in Southeast Michigan, will not be gathering. Likewise, in Georgia such megachurches like Northpoint Community Church, Passion City Church, and even Free Chapel have closed their doors for their normative Sundays. Yet, they all have deemed that the Internet is disease-free, so every pastor will broadcast their sermons and messages online. President Trump then drops this bomb and then proceeds to further create excitement for Evangelicals.

President Trump plans to join the Free Chapel’s 11 am online gathering with Pastor Jentezen on Sunday. If you would like to tune in and join the President, along with hundreds of thousands of others. Even if only to simply pray for the nation in these uncertain times, go to and tune in Sunday, March 15th, 2020 at 11 am EST!