They Hate Donald Trump Because They Hate a Healthy Economy

President Trump is on a Roll

You can hear Trump haters from east to west touting the, “Not My President” narrative still today. With Trump still having so many doubters even when the US economy is finally thriving for the first time in so long, one has to wonder whether President Trump is really doing a bad job. The likely fact is the opposition just hates him personally that much. 

The things he boasted about at town halls, rallies, and in interviews aren’t just hyperbole. They are absolute facts. He dropped unemployment. The economic growth rate hadn’t been this healthy in a long while. And the number of new jobs is incredible! From the basis of pure economics, he’s earned an A-. This is particularly true if we’re comparing him to the performance of previous administrations.  

The growth of a nation is often decimated by divide and a lack of unity.  Currently, as a Canadian observer looking in, the divide is definitely less chaotic than four years ago. Hate for this president is still very much the chosen narrative of the left, which is remarkable for one who has a proven track-record of economic growth. It is becoming clear how those with liberal-arts majors don’t often understand how the world works. This leads to the question of whether “The Donald” really deserves such hate. To answer, the starting point is with pure statistical facts and data on a great economic-based president.

“We’re gonna create, sooooooooo many jobs”

Multiple times over the course of his first campaign Trump touted, “We’re gonna create, sooooooooo many jobs!” Well damn, a politician who actually kept his word is a rare feat today, but he has. The statistics are overwhelmingly in President Trump’s favor and he made this transparent. He’d recently shouted to the world he’d created over six million jobs. How many did he actually create one might ask. Well, 6,688,000 to be exact! 

The unemployment rate dropped 3.5% and jobs have opened up 20.9%. Job openings have stayed around the 20-30% threshold, which is amazing because you want jobs out there to be had. At the same time, you don’t want the numbers too high as turnover and retention numbers will rise. These are very healthy numbers and I feel, at least in this regard, he should be celebrated for success.   

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Comparing Presidents Trump and Obama

Following up on those successes, the poverty rate is .4% lower under President Trump than when Obama left office. Those who were recipients of food stamps are much, much lower under President Trump. While this isn’t so much about the economy but more of an interesting fact, more hand guns had been manufactured under Obama than under President Trump. I found that kind of ironic considering where both stand on the issues of gun control and gun violence. I think I’d been more than fair giving Barry his pat on the back, but seriously people, the US economy is thriving.   

Former President Barack Obama received a lot of flack, but I like to be fair to the liberal side when I can. Obama had some impressive numbers at the end of his second term. As he’d said, and it does hold somewhat true, he “walked into a mess.” Why don’t we do some statistics comparing between the Obama and Trump administrations. When the focus is on job creation, President Trump isn’t even a full four-year term in and has already created more than half of the jobs that Obama had in eight years. Also, he’s already beating Obama in the price and value of your home and the benefits of selling. 

The Swedish Comparison

It takes eight krone to make one US dollar. That’s just a fun…fyi for you. One could argue Sweden has a much better unemployment rate and a better standard of living than the US. If you look at just the verbiage that’s true, but you’ve got to look beyond that basic headline. For example, what other key factors aren’t generally taken in to the equation?  For one, it is important to look at the population difference. The US had recorded 327.2 million people on record and Sweden had only reported 10.12 million people. I think the 10% difference on the current national employment rate differential will actually prove a little more one sided. There is a difference of 317 million bloody people!

On the topic of trades, Sweden couldn’t self-suffice themselves out of a wet paper bag. Sweden’s number one import is cars at a 2018 value of $11.6 billion. This is followed by processed petroleum oil at $10 billion and medication (mixed dosages) at $6.7 billion. The number one import for the US is food, beverage, and feed (thank a farmer) with a whopping $133 billion; second is crude oil (both fuel and petroleum) at $109 billion. I don’t even need to give the third, as the top two greatly outweigh all three of Sweden’s top three export revenues. 

For the US, their top trading partners are China, Canada (my flag), Mexico, Japan, and Germany.  We’re talking trillions in revenue ($111.9 trillion approximately). As for Sweden? They deal with Germany, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. In total, they might break into the $100 billion range. In professional wrestling terms it’s like The Million Dollar Man versus Virgil. Sweden couldn’t stand on its own if it were left alone, whereas the United States in a world superpower. This distinction has been only further established and succeeding under the presidency of Donald Trump. 

Let’s Wrap This Up

In conclusion, here are some other key pro-Trump statistics. Home prices have gone up, and it’s a great seller’s market. As a buyer, just thank your lucky stars the median household income increased significantly and real weekly earnings have increased 2.5%. There was also the declining coal mining industry from the Obama years. It’s been given a second wind with over a thousand new jobs. 

You might wonder if there has been an increase in manufacturing jobs as Trump promised. They most surely did increase, and by about half a million new jobs. These figures are from, a nonpartisan site. These are fair statistics for the Trump presidency and therefore irrefutable. Just as they were down the line with the statistics at the end of Obama’s last term. At the end of the day, proof can smack you right in the face and a great economy doesn’t matter much. Simply because he can be “over-the-top” a lot of the time is not a good reason to hate on President Trump. That really is a shame in the interest of economic development.

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