If You Like Sports This Isn’t Your Day

Major Sports Leagues Canceled, Postponed or are Considering the Latter Options Amidst the Coronavirus

It appears that if you like sports, this isn’t your day. Yesterday the NBA canceled the rest of their season. Shortly after, word broke that the NHL would follow suit. Similarly, on the edge sits MLB and the sports entertainment world wondering if WWE will host WrestleMania. Above all, the NFL appears poised to follow through with their 2020 draft. However, that’s also tentative at this point. The sporting world’s burdened by this pandemic.

Coronavirus impact has shown so much harm. The stock market plummeted early this week. In like fashion, the sporting community followed that trend today. First, the NBA suspended its season when player, all-star Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus. Secondly, no more than 15 minutes later the NHL postponed their season. The league advised their players to cease: conducting morning skate, practices and team meetings. Thus, both leagues made their decision on the impact of the virus.

Other leagues have considered doing the same. For instance, if the NFL canceled their 2020 draft expect massive impact to the league and its fans. As it stands the organization will continue. However, the organization admitted they do have a plan B. Speaking of plan B’s, the sports entertainment world of WWE created a back-up plan if WrestleMania’s postponed. At any rate, this is a fear-bludgeoned time to be alive. 

Alternatives, Alternatives, Alternatives

The suggestion prior to cancelation had been running empty arena events. Of course, the organizations will face detrimental results. As, they’d make a majority their money off of television. While, they’d not receive revenue from ticket sales. But, athletes are paid regardless, and not running events is fiscally irresponsible. 

Professional golfer C.T. Pan officially pulled out of The Players. In any case, we’d assume in an individual player sport that it’s kept up to player discretion. If players become infected or fearful of infection they can sit it out. Therefore, the events would continue. At a certain point, will tennis, golf and the like be thrown into the mix of fear-mongering athletics.

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Arguably, players who test positive can sit out. When a player’s sick or injured any other time, they don’t play. So, that could’ve been an area to examine. And the show could’ve gone on. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, H1N1 caused no postponement. This overall hysteria dampers the old ball game.

The Next Steps

These organizations must make decisions quickly. As for now, it’s business as usual and the NFL will go on. The league seeks constant feedback from: the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the NFL-NFLPA’s medical experts at Duke. But, the NFL is on edge. Particularly, when it comes to how they’re viewed with player safety. Hopefully, a whole season’s not canceled. Thus, to avoid this, a decision must be made swiftly. 

Major League Baseball considers canceling their spring training. Granted that, multiple outlets report multiple stories on this. Simplified, the league hasn’t officially made their statement yet. So, spring training could be cancelled in Florida and Arizona. With five games scheduled that may not happen. If you like peanuts and crackerjacks this is bad news. 

The Impact of These Calls From the Top Referees

The fans suffer from these decisions. Running no fans allowed in arenas I can understand. Although it sucks, you still get to cheer on your favorite team from home. Players still get paid. The league still makes money. The fans are who suffer. As long as there’s a fear-bludgeoned world amongst us, expect to see more of this.

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