We Shouldn’t Care About Left-Wing Backlash Anymore

Conservatives Need to Stand Strong

How is it we are a group of people who continually runs away from fights with our tails between our legs? Why is it that when a Right leaning politician or actor makes a very, very, very benign pun against the Left, or somehow the moment the “r” word or the “x” word is dropped, or an accusation of being a “phobe” happens, we tuck, run, and apologize? Somehow the Left seems to get carte blanche and no backlash after making even worst jokes aimed at even our president. Somehow the tides need to turn and we the people need to do it!

Caesar vs Trump?

Saturday Night Live was once the very identity politics driven show which once held the cultural discourse of everyone’s lips. Last weekend, so called “comedian” John Mulaney thought it was in his best interest to run a joke.  The opener of the show started with Mulaney talking about leap year, which was historically based on Caesar’s run to try and correct the same Julian Calendar we still use. He then decided out of some stupid reason to equate the assassination of Caesar and said, “That’d be an interesting thing if we brought that back now.”

Did You Catch That?

What is interesting is it was a joke. The notion of squelching free speech is off putting to most Republicans, Conservatives, and maybe even some Libertarians. The highest value we want to protect is the individual’s right to freedom of expression. Yet, bringing back the concept of assassinating a sitting president by senators is more than a bit off color. It is absolutely disconcerting regardless of the mouthpiece. Most comedians speak truth to power. This was a veiled hall pass to some psycho. Many of them take the words of these Left wing pundits seriously. 

Remember when a supporter of Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shot up a baseball game? His target was aiming for Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA). Left wingers successfully pushed that one aside for sure. Or how about when Madonna had thoughts of blowing up the White House. Well, mum was the word from CNN, MSNBC, and the other lame street media networks. Yet none of these people are cancelled. No, they still walk around with their careers intact.

Sanders rightfully condemned the actions. The fact the shooter was a distant association resulted in no condemnation. Yet if this was done from a Right wing supporter, CNN would take weeks if not months of just moment by moment, show by show, host after host of dragging on this hypothetical situation. The Left would have a field day. But a joke against a sitting president with a veiled hint at his assassination and nothing from CNN or even Fox? We’re just going to let that slide right, Don Lemon?

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Brandish the Metaphorical Pitchforks

It definitely is time for Conservatives and the Right to punch back. We can see who is in power. The punk rock rebellion of the day is not to follow the homosexual agenda or the ideas of the Left. To be truly punk rock rebels, it’s having values and morals and getting married. It’s raising kids in a nuclear family with a mom and a dad, finishing college with a reputable degree towards something of more value than lesbian dance theory.

Being a Christian, going to a church, and praying and speaking up about your faith is also part of it.  If you’re an atheist, it’s about defending a Christian’s right to speak about their faith even if you don’t believe. If you’re a man, stand up and say “I’m straight and a man!” If you’re a woman, stand up and say, “I want to be a stay at home mom and raise my children and love my husband!” If you’re a virgin, stand up and mock those who wasted their time in sexual exploits. 

We as Conservatives and the Right should be able to stand upon our values and bring the fight back.

There are lots we could do that would mimic what Leftists do to us: mock the ignorant racists regardless of their color, make fun of the idiocy Asians bring, poke at the illegal immigrants, mock the feminists, and berate the gays and the trans. We obviously won’t do those things, but it is time we fight back with our metaphorical pitchforks because they are coming. If not for you, then your kids. Are you going to let them?