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Registering People, One Hug at a Time

Many of you have heard of him, now let me introduce you to Scott Presler.  I ran into Scott at CPAC, after President Trump spoke, and for both of us, it was a moving moment. I asked if he could give me a few minutes of his time, and he graciously agreed. For those of you who may not know Scott, he is the embodiment of the American dream. 

Watch the video below at timestamp 1:03:00 for my interview with Scott Presler:

Scott has moved from relative obscurity into the limelight in a year. Last year he was living with his Parents walking dogs in his Fairfax Virginia neighborhood. As he put it, “… I just decided to quit my job to get involved. I told my Mom and Dad that I wanted to do something.” In less than a year, he was invited to the White House as a guest of President Trump. As Scott puts it, “I went from the Dog House to the White House in less than a year.”

From Dog House to White House

I initially met Scott a few months ago during a stop he made in my neighborhood at a Bel-Air, Maryland Republican event. He was encouraging people to register voters for the 2020 election. I had volunteered to assist Scott in a role play – and we made it quite funny and entertaining for the group. His effect on people is mesmerizing. He also coined the phrase “Thou shall not speak ill of any Republican – except Mitt Romney”, long before the impeachment controversy.

Scott would be the last person one would think would be a Trump supporter. After speaking with him, I came away from our discussion noting that he must have the biggest heart of anyone I have met in politics.  He is a caring, articulate young man that is concerned about his community, our government, the everyday person, and veterans.

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His father is a Vet, growing up as the child of a member of the military. He is tired of the liberal left trying to change the equation of putting guilt before innocence.  “That is not what our country was founded on.” Scott wants to walk the walk, and has started doing so.

Starting by Cleaning Trash in Baltimore

Scott has come to prominence cleaning up neighborhoods. He mobilized an entire community after President Trump spoke about Congressman Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore neighborhood (MD-07). He was appalled at the conditions, and immediately had an idea, “I want to clean up Baltimore!” Armed with a twitter account and some dedicated new followers, Scott went to Baltimore. As he put it, “I met some of the world’s most wonderful people.” He has converted many people to the Conservative brand.

“Before I went to Baltimore, I had people call me and tell me ‘Don’t Do this!’, I am glad I did not listen to them.” He marvels at what happened, saying to me “While everyone was telling me NO, the City of Baltimore even denied me a permit for dumpsters – I want to repeat that”  Then he emphasized “THE CITY OF BALTIMORE DENIED US PERMITS!” As he continued: “I didn’t care if I got arrested,  I was going to do something. Had I listened to the people who told me NO – I would not be here today.”

Scott has a message for the Millenials

Scott has a message to the youth: “If you are a dreamer – follow your dream – Life is too short – it is too valuable – Do not wait until you are 50 years old and say I should have done that!” Scott currently travels the country on a mission to engage voters and build voter Registration. He will go anywhere, and all he asks is that you cover his travel expenses. He is not in it for the money!

Scott truly wants to make a difference in the world. Listen to him talk about the friends he has made along the way, and you will realize what an extraordinary human being he is. He hugs EVERYBODY. People are just drawn to him, and what he stands for today (he is also 6’7”).

Following A Dream He created

Scott spoke at a CPAC panel his mother attended. There is a Facebook video of him pointing her out to the crowd, she was beaming. As a parent myself, Mrs. Presler has every right to feels like she is the proudest mother on the planet! Her son is the embodiment of the American dream.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), and Bernie Sanders say the American Dream is dead and is no longer available to Americans. Maybe they should spend an hour with Scott. To Scott, It is all about putting back and paying back. If we all did that, Socialism would disappear into an abyss. There would be no need for any of that.

Scott has made something happen based upon perseverance and sheer moxie. He just said – “I am going to do something,” and then he set on a journey to do it. A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. He refuses to take no for an answer. If he finds opposition, he communicates with his heart. He will always find time for anyone. Scott Presler walks around with the BIGGEST HEART in politics.  He cares about everyone!  

We need More Scott Preslers

I am proud to have met Scott. Hopefully, he will allow me to call him my friend. It was truly amazing that he remembered my name, though we only had met once. He responds to my Twitter posts, and he is just a good-hearted person. We honestly need more Scott Preslers in politics.

Talking to Scott makes me realize that while Politics may be a Bloodsport to some, to others like Scott it is a way to be heard. He uses it to change the narrative of identity politics. He tells everyone that This is their country, and Scott and his converts are not going to let go of it. It is a way for him to make his presence known. 

He wants to be part of the solution, part of the equation “Donald Trump has made me believe I can do whatever I want to do, and that it is all up to me!” Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about? Scott has a clear message for the Millenial generation and the Bernie Sanders supporters. To those who think its such a great idea to get in the line for the “Free Stuff.”

That message is: “Any government that is big enough to give you anything is big enough to take away everything!” I wish Scott good luck. I know that he will continue to make things happen. Watch for his next event, maybe near you!

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