A Contrast of Visions: The Real Effects of Coronavirus

Americanism vs. TDS

Since Trump took office in January of 2017 the Democrats have had one goal, one policy initiative, to undo the results of the 2016 election. The one in which “we the people” selected Donald J. Trump to lead us for at least the next four years. In their hubris and unbridled lust for power, the Democrats fail to see how poorly this reflects on them. Not only as individuals but as elected representatives of the people as well.

This smacks of elitism at its worst. Senator Adam Schiff (D-CA), during the impeachment hearings, admitted as much when he said that we can’t trust the American people to make the right choices. Since the election, the Trump administration has had to fight off one attack after another, yet has still managed an admirable set of policy victories. Those include the lowest unemployment in nearly a century, a booming economy, stronger military, I could go on but I think you get the idea. Imagine where we would be without the constant attacks.

Pandemdic Politics

Had the Democrats the integrity to put aside partisan bickering and their lust for power at any cost, we could be soaring to unprecedented heights. Alas, the Democrats and their globalist masters will have none of that. The most profound effect of the Wuhan Virus will prove to be political rather than health related. Unlike the H1N1 (Swine Flu) outbreak during the Obama years, every death due to the present virus will be national news. It is portrayed as ammunition to be used against the Trump administration.

Here are the facts: The Wuhan Virus has now claimed 36 victims – as of March 13. Of these, 20 are at a single elder-care facility in Washington State. That leaves 16 in a population of 327 million. Conversely, here’s the stats from H1N1 before:

  1. 60 million infected
  2. 300,000 hospitalized
  3. Over 12,000 deaths (none of which made national news)
  4. Over 1000 deaths before the Obama administration did anything

None of this was reported by the news media, who continued to fawn over Obama and his alleged criminal cartel. There was no outcry by Democrats in Congress. All that we’re witnessing now is a cynical power-grab by Democrats in Congress, and their lapdog media, to force Trump from office. The virus hit China in December, during the Dems’ impeachment fiasco.

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That extended into January, when the virus was at its height in China. It goes without saying that this is time that the Trump administration could have been preparing us for what was to come. Instead they were focusing on the ridiculous impeachment accusations. The Democrats have proved over and over again that their quest for total power transcends any concerns they have for the American people.

Executing Their Plan

They are perfectly willing to put lives at risk to achieve their ultimate goal – hegemony by them and their Globalist overlords. Any pretense of compassion or concern the Democrats show for the American people is exactly that – pretense. This is nowhere more evident than in their Emergency Coronavirus Bill. The president asked for $2.5 billion to fight the outbreak, to which the Democrats attached $6 billion of pork, including bonuses for themselves.

Among these “emergency measures” is funding for abortion, permanent sick leave, and other pork they couldn’t push through any other way. To the Dems it’s all a cynical game designed to help their favorite interest groups at the expense of the American taxpayers. They are uninterested in how many lives are put at risk as long as they get what they want. The “Plan” is to use this outbreak for political gains.

They will use fear tactics to create panic. It’s already worked in the stock market, not surprising given that Wall St. supports the Dems. They will use this to create panic throughout the country, assisted as always by the media. It seems to be working, this is a recent email I got from a friend:

When REAL panic ensues you will know it. Like when the public can’t find an open grocery store, or when there are checkpoints in and out of major metropolitan areas. If they are stopping people from leaving if they have any symptoms of illness, then you will see panic. When Covid-19 continues to circulate through the population for a year or more, and does not disappear during the summer months as some people theorize, get ready for anger and panic. If your local banks announce a financial “holiday” for an unspecified amount of time because of a credit crisis and lack of liquidity, and all the ATMs are shut down, then you will see panic. When crime rates explode because of lack of supplies and people start fighting over access to the meager food lines at FEMA camps, THAT will be panic.

Don’t think for a second that this is not possible in this country, because it absolutely is. All it takes is for the global supply chain to break down for one month and there will be chaos like nothing the average person has seen in their lives.

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They Never Stop

The fear is real, and it’s powerful, something the Democrats know all too well. They’re going to use it to try again to remove the President from office. Since the first infection in the US, the Dems and the media have been criticizing the President’s response as insufficient. They want to turn every death into a national tragedy. Always describing his response as racist, xenophobic, or whatever they can attach to it.

This is all part of the same cynical plan that’s been in place since Trump took office. They still want to undo the results of the 2016 election. It’s not going to stop unless the Republicans can take back the House. They must keep the Senate and naturally the White House. The Dems and the media, in the meantime will do everything in their power to prevent the President from serving out his term.

By R.J. Quitliano

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