OK Boomer May Just Be the Dumbest Insult of All Time

OK Boomer is the New Tool for This Generation

It isn’t a particularly good insult. Thus we won’t be cut deep by their attempts. Not to mention that “OK Boomer” is quite lazy. For a host of reasons, it’s another failed attempt to get under the skin of our older generation. In contrast, the insult will get under your skin if you’re easily annoyed by stupidity. Calling us Nazis (most often an unfounded claim) at least could harm us professionally, unlike your new innovative insult.

You don’t even know what you’re saying. I’ve been called a boomer, and I was born in 1991. Besides, how many other people are called boomers and aren’t. I’d say about half, and that’s truly ignorant. Granted, most kids today are disrespectful. That’s not an old man waves his cane around statement, as nobody is worse to today’s youth than other youth.

Frankly, all generations have their pros and cons. Arguably, the boomers did screw things up with their consultant jobs and what they’d done to the education system. At the same time, perhaps the worst thing they’d done is raising such egregious babies, who in turn raised such awful grandbabies. That’s satirical of course. To illustrate, I’m saying that every generation has their faulty product. So my new insult is OK Zoomer, it’s just as silly and that’s all there is to it.

This Video Gave Me a Hernia

Courtesy of Youtube.com

The irony of wearing a Bernie Sanders’ t-shirt while singing this song is another example of the left not truly understanding their own identity. Sanders was actually born three years before the boomer generation started. So that’s the narrative of diversity you want to tout for the democratic party. Nevertheless, this video itself is as irritating as the very insult in question. You can only watch it once, that’s for sure. However, thankfully the video likely isn’t taken seriously. It’s a cringe laugh at best. Seriously, I legitimately feel bad for this girl.

One of my kid’s friends said to me, “so when you’re 65 you’re going to be a boomer.” Absolutely! There goes my hope for the future. The education our children are receiving is such bull; if not from a lack of quality, certainly the one-sided indoctrination on campus. My mother didn’t know the difference between left and right politics, so, I explain that I identify as right-wing. Mom asked, “what does right-wing mean again?” Swiftly, my little brother chimed in, “it means he’s a racist.” The whole world’s gone to complete unadulterated garbage.

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Analyzing the Expression Itself

Look beyond the word boomer and think. Even the simpler “OK” is just as telling. You see, “OK,”or any variation of the phrase, is lazy and passive aggressive; thus, “OK” can be used when you have no argument left. The same thing goes for when you have nothing else to contribute, when you have nothing intelligent to add. Therefore, “OK” is just a pathetic as the word that succeeds it.  

Also, does anyone take moderation into account? I can hear a song on the radio, and if played too much it’s bothersome. Likewise, OK boomer will follow the same trend. Then again, the more irritating the insult, the better. Trolling is meant to get under your skin, so that might just be the game-plan. Overuse and overstay your welcome and truly make your oppositions skin crawl.

Like everything else, don’t let this get to you. I feel most people wouldn’t be bothered by such nonsense. However, there are those with weak skin. Simply look at the insult and you’ll see it’s silly. Then, look at the individual who’s spewing it and you’ll laugh. I’m somewhat a fan of the kill em’ with kindness approach. First, you’ll take aspects from this method. Then, combine it with assertiveness and a strong backbone. You’ll silence them every time.

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