Klacik Election Ruling: Mail-In Ballots Only

Attempt to Steal Election from Klacik Blocked

Due to the overwhelming response by readers to the article on NRN, inquiries were made by news outlets that picked up on it. One of those calls was made from WBAL (Baltimore 680 AM) to the Maryland Board of Elections. They decided to dispose of the option to open voting centers for the District 7 election. This came after a conference call between the parties. The Congressional District 7 election, in which Kim Klacik is a candidate, will continue as mail-in only as in-person voting was rejected.

The Democrat Party in Congressional District 7 wanted to enact the ability to bring voters to the voting facility. Their claim was people with disabilities may be disenfranchised. Klacik’s team responded that the best way to handle this issue is not to open voting facilities. Doing so, they argued, would put poll workers at risk. Instead, the US Postal Service would deliver the ballots. This ensures no one would need to leave their homes, which could possibly spread COVID-19. No one with a disability would be prevented from voting, which was the major concern from the Democrat complaint.

Board of Elections Considers Safety of Poll Judges

Board of Elections Chairman Michael Cogan stated during the conference call, “We cannot provide personal protective equipment to any of our voting personnel. That would be judges, or elections staff helping out or doing whatever.” Greg Stewart, Manager for Kim Klacik Campaign, added in a statement to NRN, “Finding election judges and keeping people six feet apart would be virtually impossible. Also, why are they trying to change the rules? We feel that they are concerned that this method would help our campaign and not theirs. What are they afraid of?”

The Maryland Board of Elections decided the Special Election on April 28th did not provide enough time to change the rules. Therefore, they will not change their election rules. The election will continue as planned with mail-in voting.  

Kim’s response to the decision was, “Now, the Democrats will have to beat me fair and square.”

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