Keeping Yourself Busy During Self-Isolation

Cabin Fever Is a Very Real Thing

We get it, it’s been a pretty boring period in your life. You’ve been sitting around in order to keep yourself healthy. Generally, you’d be out for dinner, at the local Pub or at a concert amongst thousands of roaring fans. Now you’re at home, or highly recommended to be at home, and you only hear the roaring sound of your furnace. The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious one, but this too shall pass.

While keeping yourself isolated from the virus you’re likely kicking a can around, so to speak. Regardless, there’s so much you can be doing while you’re stuck inside. Thus why, I’m going to avoid the obvious Netflix, Chill and signing you into Xbox Live, as these are obvious. You don’t need to be told these as it’s likely your first go-to anyway. So, let’s check off a few outside the box choices to keep yourself occupied in these uncertain times.

Free Online Learning is currently offering a wide array of free online programs. Particularly in the business, financial, and psychology fields. No, you’re not going to receive a free B.A or especially a Ph.D., but you can broaden your horizons with complimentary classes. Essentially, you’re broadening your mind and not letting it turn to mush, as you sit inside watching television. Even if you’re a reader there’s only so much fiction you can read. So, this is indeed a good alternative to this.

There’s topics for everyone: arts and humanities, computer science, math and logic. Then you’d be branching out into classes in: data management and statistics, information technology 101, and introduction to yoga and meditation. Equally important, is that many top universities and colleges are offering these programs. Yale, McGill, UofT, SUNY, UCLA are just naming a few. What’s stopping you? It’s simple go to the site and simply create a log in, then start your learning.

Get a Hobby

This is an eye-roll, obviously musing, and I understand completely. Thus, I’m not going to just say get a hobby. You could have figured that out yourselves. In addition, I’ll be giving a couple examples of hobbies you can do from home with or without a trip to the store. With the internet you almost no longer need to be mentored on anything. Everything to learn is at the click of a YouTube.

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Similarly, the local dollar store has remained open, as it’s not exactly a gathered crowd of 50 or more people. I’d been touring the aisles trying to find something to keep myself busy. Finally, I found something that may seem effeminate to some, but I bought yarn and knitting needles. Then, with the help of YouTube, I’ve taught myself: how to cast on, the art of the knit stitch, how to bind off and the connecting of pieces. In short, I’ve created a nice modern take on the knitted quilt from Roseanne. has a list of 50 low-cost hobbies you can do from home. Again, some require trips to the store while others don’t. Some such as going camping aren’t recommended at this time. Yet, nothing is stopping you from pitching a tent in your backyard. Take a look and try some of them and make sure you have fun.

Clean, Clean, Clean

“If you can’t even clean up your own room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world?”

Professor Jordan B. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life

This is certainly a very powerful and true statement. Thus, it’s important to keep your domain clean. There’s zero excuse for one dusty shelf, a dirty toilet or a single crumb on the floor, when so many people are temporarily laid off. With all this time on your hands, the Queen of England should be able to eat Yorkshire pudding off the floor of your bathroom.

It’s not just limited to your bedroom as Peterson said, as I eluded to in my first paragraph. Depending on where you live you can be outside raking the gross leaves on the ground. Go back inside, and scrub the macaroni and cheese stains off your stove top. Furthermore, think of your shower under fluorescent lighting. Then if you’re happy don’t bother and drink a beer, but most likely you should clean your shower.

Online Concerts

Many top stars are putting up acoustic sets and concerts online live. Often from their Instagram, Facebook Live feeds, and other online streaming sources. Therefore, if you’re missing an actual concert that you had tickets to see, this is an alternative. It’s not a fulfilling alternative, but an alternative nonetheless. Check out Digital Trends’ write-up and watch yourself a concert from the comfort of your couch.

However, what if you miss the screaming crowds of real concerts? Then, simply search Google or YouTube for full concert movies. There’s a good one from 2007 on YouTube, when My Chemical Romance invaded Mexico City, Mexico. Again, nothing like the real thing, but certainly something to pass an hour or two. Not to mention, you can veg to the music with a nice little pinner in your armchair.


So many choices and from the looks of things plenty of time to cross a few off. The global pandemic has caused so much terror, as it’s a bit more serious than many first thought. Though, it’s still something with a very strong survival rate and that’s comforting. Time will tell when things will settle down. However, if you’re going to be a forced introvert you might as well have some fun doing it. Stay safe, stay healthy and most of all stay happy.  

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