The Funeral Dirge of the Democrat Plantation

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Pelosi’s Last Gasp for Totalitarianism

The United States was one of the first countries in the world to create a bicameral legislature to ensure that one person, outside of the Executive, would not have too much power in this country. This, added to the separation of powers, created one of the more stable governmental systems in all of recent history. On Sunday, March 22nd, 2020, amid the crisis of the Covid-19 outbreak, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer broke that system. Destroyed it with an insidious alliance that may harm our economy for decades to come.

During the course of the weekend, Democrats, Republicans and the Secretary of the Treasury worked quickly to build a plan to help hundreds of millions of Americans during this troubled time. This was a compromise with each side giving more than they wanted, to ensure that the American people received what they needed. However, for some in power, especially those who were bought and paid for by lobbyists across the country, this was not enough. House Democrats pushed the power of the speaker into the halls of the Senate on Sunday, forcing a split-vote that will ultimately kill the bill.

“Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste!”

The reasons that they killed the bill are simple. This bill breaks up the “dependence” plantation of the Democrat party. For decades the Democrats have exploited the less fortunate in the United States with lies of social welfare programs. Lies because they are supposed to be helping people. Volumes of research studies have shown that long term and generational welfare programs do the exact opposite.

These programs are social control measures to keep a group of people under their thumb. The Covid-19 crisis was a perfect storm for the democrats. While being the party in the minority, they have just enough votes that they can hold the nation hostage to keep their plantation alive. What do they want?

We have already seen Speaker Pelosi try to “sneak” funding for abortions into a Covid-19 bill. The more progressive members of her caucus claim that the United States needs to tear down its borders to get their votes. Those self-same borders that would have slowed the spread of the disease if the President’s initial plan (and past plans) had not been blocked. Blocked by judges across the 9th circuit (many of the cases were overturned).

We also see a desire for Universal Basic Income. It’s an economically unsound policy, touted by two failed presidential candidates. Giving a permanent monthly income to everyone is a recipe for inflation and lost jobs. People rejected this effort to buy their votes, but in a desperate last gasp for power, Pelosi tries yet again to buy America’s votes.

Prescription for a Cure

It is time for term limits in the United States. These power-hungry elites have decided that they know what is better for the country. Moreso than the than the CDC, the Surgeon General or millions of doctors. They are like the Facebook “experts”, spreading false information across the country.

This process needs to stop, we need new blood in Washington that is beholden to the people and the Constitution. We don’t need the DC lobby groups that seen to own the souls of politicians. It is time for Washington to fulfill its oath to the people. Time for the people to realize that we pledge allegiance to the nation, not to the politicians.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher Smithmyer is a writer for NRN, the Vice President of International Affairs at Brav Online Conflict Management, and an Adjunct Professor of MBA Business at Doane University. He is also part of the founding team at BlackWalletLTD, one of the leaders in stable coin 2.0 ecosystem maintenance. Dr. Smithmyer’s focus is international business and finance, along with reviews of board games, weapons platforms, and survival items.