From Save Me Romeo To Hate The Man

Taylor Swift Has Come Full Circle

The disease known as Leftism has many different pathogens. It can come in the form of the Alphabet rhetoric, it can mutate to look like pedo normalization, or it can come from embracing non-Western ideals which has the drive to infect a better culture. Sometimes it can come in the form of feminism. It seems like Taylor Swift contracted this viral mutation faster than the Coronavirus spread in a sample of bat soup.

The Hypothetical Feminist Version of Man

The lyrics are very convoluted at the basic minimum. So much of what Swift sings about is simply parroting feminist talking points. The song itself is her singing from the vantage point of a woman thinking about what she would be like as a man. The opening line kicks off the song with:

“I would be complex 

I would be cool 

They’d say I played the field before  

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I found someone to commit to 

And that would be okay 

For me to do”  

As in, if she were a man she would be this complex cool individual who’s been around the block and one woman to commit to is simply just another thing. Even in the lyrics there is this overarching generalization that men tend to “play the field” before they settle. We all know that no two people are alike, but to paint men with this broad brushstroke is disingenuous of Swift. Yet she’s playing the white, liberal, woke, feminist, Leftist chick. 

Even Guys Hate Men Like This

Her song continues with “Every conquest I had made  / Would make me more of a boss to you.” This is as if a man who gets with a woman entitles him to lord himself over her. Few men generally think like that. It’s quite disconcerting actually for the girl who once sang about Romeo coming to save and take her away transition to this ridiculous nonsense. The sad thing is she has hit the 30 year mark and is feeling the pinch of her biological clock.

Another line in the chorus is, “When everyone believes ya, what’s that like?” Notice how it has that “believe all women” motif in there. The idea is men are always believed and we obviously know that is not the case. Swift is again perpetuating the necessity to “Believe all women.”

In another section of the verse, we get,

“What’s it like to brag about raking in dollars

And getting bitches and models?

And it’s all good if you’re bad

And it’s okay if you’re mad”

Again, the problem is few guys really brag about raking in dollars and the ones who do normally don’t have money to brag about. Are we talking the college grads in engineering? In brain surgery? Or the guys who are barely making ends meet working two minimum wage jobs? Different strokes for different folks, right Tay? She can’t even name a non-Hollywood guy who can get models. Normal dudes simply dream of them, but attraction is subjective. Every guy likes different aspects to women, so it’s not always about getting models like Swift suggests.

Misrepresentation of Men

Like any feminist in our day, there is a gross misrepresentation of men. They usually take their cues from some ridiculous caricature or cast their negative experiences of one man onto all men. They love to paint all men with a broad brush. Like any radical feminist, they also take bad talking points which have been debunked time and time again to further push a bad narrative.

In all of this, it’s just another attempt to emasculate, demean, belittle, and then castrate men emotionally to the point they become Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) or incels. It is apparent that Taylor Swift did get a bad deal with Scooter Braun and the Soros Family buying the rights to her music. Scooter Braun and George Soros are known to be nasty people, but not all men are like that. For Swift to make this song and paint a gross misrepresentation of men clearly shows the country girl sweetheart who sings about Drew and Romeo is clearly becoming her own worst nightmare as she continues down the “woke” path. As we love saying here, get woke then go broke!

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