Elections Have Consequences

Hopefully the American Voter Learned Something

There is hope now that the funding fight for COVID-19 relief heads to the House of Representatives. That hope is the American people understand the importance of and that elections have consequences. If you are living under a rock someplace, the Senate finally passed legislation on their third try to provide Americans relief from the COVID-19 fallout.

It will finally put money back into the pockets of the American people. The Senate stopped bickering and today, March 26, 2020, passed the bill.  Even at $2 trillion, it’s likely not going to be enough. It moves to the House for a final vote and, if everything goes according to plan, President Donald Trump will quickly sign the bill. It will be a stimulus that will help Americans begin to get on with their lives. The Federal Government will shell out significant funds to get the economy moving again. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is turning the entire country indoors because most states have ordered citizens to stay in their homes.

Some are fortunate enough to be able to work remotely from home and keep their jobs. Many, however, have been put out of work. In fact, The Guardian claims 3.3 million have lost their jobs and have applied for unemployment because of COVID-19. Without work, the government had an obligation to the people to look out for them. We will see how much this will ultimately cost us. But it is a step in the right direction.

The Democrat Party Goes on the Offensive

Citing Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff for President Barack Obama, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” It was accurate ten years ago during the financial crisis, according to Emanuel. It is equally true for Democrats now as they went on the attack. With five Republican senators unable to vote due to Coronavirus quarantine, the Democrats blocked procedural votes. This move halted the stimulus bill from going to the House. The result of this partisan political move was to postpone the flow of much needed money to the people. The delay was a Democratic plan to delay any vote until they got what they wanted.

Who in their right mind would stop a lifeline to the American people? The Democrats led by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saw an opportunity they could not pass on. They figured they had the Republicans over a barrel. The Democrat Majority Whip Rep James Clyburn (D-SC) said it is a “tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” Let that statement sink in for a moment…

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The House Blows up Negotiations with the President

On Sunday, both the House and Senate negotiated a bipartisan deal with the President. It was designed to stimulate the economy.  On Monday, Democratic House Speaker Pelosi was looking for blood in the water. This was the Democrat’s opportunity to hold up the President’s agenda. They pounced and passed a bill with their majority in the House – (Thank you to my Representative Andy Harris MD-01 for the source). The bill didn’t just contain PORK, but a total restructuring of our country:

Instead of helping the American people, the House of Representatives decided to get every program that wouldn’t stand on its own into the bill.  This legislation wouldn’t help the people it was intended to help. Instead, this legislation was designed to assist congressional globalist interests. None of which have ANYTHING to do with the economy. Instead, they just put Americans at risk. 

Democrats Forgot Elections Have Consequences

With Republican Senators quarantined and unable to vote, they didn’t have the votes needed to move the bill forward. Senator Schumer stopped debate on the floor so he wouldn’t have to explain to the American people why he was delaying the legislation. Think about this as a different, but still very, real life scenario. You just fell into shark-infested waters. A person with a life jacket on the boat stands looking at you saying, “I will give this to you, but you need to sign over your child or life savings to me first.”

The President’s Tweeting and daily briefings swayed the tide. The people could hear their President speaking and relaying his message. He has done so without the leftist, globalist media spin. It improved his poll numbers so much some media outlets now refuse to show him live. One of them is NPR, the Federally funded station! The people could see for themselves what was happening and were appalled. What the President has been doing, and so effectively, at his Bully Pulpit has worked. Without the media spin, his poll numbers on handling the issue rose, which made the Democrats impotent.

Finally, they caved! Schumer decided to present a bill with much less of their pork. That is what the Senate just sent to House for a vote. At the same time, he and other Democrats claimed victory. They are hollow words. However, the Democrats still added pork that would directly affect them. They added $25 Million to assist their staff. Rep Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) actually had to gall to defend this by claiming Congress was invaluable to the people. Talk about hubris!

What Does This Mean to the Regular Person?

This entire scenario has shown Democrats are not for the American people! Their agenda is more designed to assist their globalist agenda rather than ordinary Americans. Democrats decided to use this bill to force their globalist green new deal agenda down the throats of the American people. That is not only disingenuous, but it is also wrong.

I am hoping the American people are seeing in real-time what the 2020 elections mean in terms of consequences to them. Hopefully, together we will serve the Democrats a full plate of Republicans so they really understand elections have consequences. President Trump took charge of the situation before it was even recognized as a situation. Remember, his ban on most people flying to the US from China came on January 31! In addition to all the things he has done right, he also hasn’t added ineffective programs. In every action, Trump has acted exceptionally presidential by seeking to help the Americans. He truly put America FIRST. Those who’ve had an open mind during his presidency will recognize it’s something he always will.

These Are Not Your Parents’ Democrats

But Trump is going to need help. He needs a Congress whose members will work with him, not a Congress parsing every word looking for reasons to impeach him. He also doesn’t need a Congress looking to obstruct every single plan that would benefit America because they don’t want him to succeed. Understand, President Trump succeeding means Americans and people around the world will succeed.

In the coming election, people will need to demand change and not accept the globalist view and Obama’s status quo the Democrats are selling. From the legislation presented by the Democrats the last few days, it is crystal clear what that agenda is if they get to power. That is today’s modern Democrat Party. It has changed since your parents and grandparents became involved. These politicians stopped looking out for America. Instead, they look out for the interests of everyone else.

Those are mostly the people who have lined their bank accounts by the millions. It definitely isn’t the American people — not even those who elected them. Do we want to grow our country or have it decline and decay before our eyes, as we have seen in cities like Baltimore, San Francisco, Chicago, and the rest of the cities and states run by Democrats? We surely don’t want criminals released without bail like what is happening in New York City. Those leaders, Democrats all of them, seem to have lost regard for the working-class people. It’s up to the voters in November to let their voices be heard.

2020 Elections Are Vital

Don’t forget elections have consequences. We will see if they really want to see AOC’s vision of Socialism in America or John Cummings‘ (NY-14) pragmatic and realistic approach? Do they want Dutch Rupersberger’s hubris to lead them or Tim Fazenbaker’s (MD-07) energy? Would people feel comfortable in Baltimore continuing the policies that brought crime in the streets and the decaying infrastructure of the Kweisi Mfume Democrats, or the belief in the future of Kim Klacik (MD-07)? Do the American People want to see Alcee Hastings‘ version of America and the furtherance of the globalist Democrat vision or the approach of Greg Musslewhite, who is a man of the people?

There are others running throughout the country. The decisions made in November will be interesting and I am hoping the American people will see that elections do have consequences. It has become obvious through the polling data and attendance at rallies they do support candidates who back the vision Trump has. Let’s just hope the Republican Party begins to back them too before it is too late.


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