Tim Fazenbaker at CPAC: Conservatives Can’t Take Their “Foot Off of the Gas”

On Saturday at CPAC, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Fazenbaker of Maryland (MD-02). Fazenbaker is running against Dutch Ruppersberger, who has been at this US House post for nine terms. At the time of re-election, he will have completed 18 consecutive years in the House of Representatives. Dutch Ruppersberger is a prime example of why we need congressional term limits. 

Watch the video below at timestamp 29:00 for my interview with Tim Fazenbaker:

Tim Fazenbaker’s Opponent “Out of Touch Dutch” Has Not Helped Baltimore

The MD-02 district is directly next to Elijah Cummings’ district which could be considered the most dilapidated and underrepresented area in Maryland. Even though the area has two of the longest ranking members, the constituents never seemed to have been the beneficiaries of the longevity. Ruppersberger has been in politics most of his life and prior to the House he was a Baltimore County Executive and City Councilman. In honesty, Dutch Ruppersberger has seen first hand the degradation of Baltimore. It has devolved into the most crime-ridden area of the country. From his perch, representing the people of District 02, Dutch Ruppersberger has done little if anything from Washington to fix the problems of Baltimore residents, or the residents of Maryland for that matter. Can anyone point to a specific piece of legislation that Dutch Ruppersberger has spearheaded in his career?

Ruppersberger is the Kozmo Kramer of the House of Representatives. (On Seinfeld, Kramer didn’t tell anyone who he was or what he did – once they found out he was fired). Dutch Ruppersberger is quiet and unassuming as if he doesn’t want anyone to know he was there. Like Kramer, if any of his constituents knew what he was doing, he would probably be voted out of office.

Tim Fazenbaker – A New Breed of Republican

Tim Fazenbaker is part of the new Republican breed. He wants to ensure that the House of Representatives is representing the people instead of special interests. What has allowed Dutch Ruppersberger to succeed so long, was that he was part of the special interest. However, these “special interests” have not helped the people of Baltimore or Baltimore county.

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The deterioration of the area has been evident for the last twenty years. It had come to a head this past summer, when President Trump called out the late congressman Elijah Cummings, on why his district was filled with garbage. Scott Presler went down to Baltimore and in a few short days cleaned up the district. Dutch Ruppersberger needs to retire. He has been in public office for 42 years “that is longer than I have been alive,” according to Tim Fazenbaker.

Ruppersberger has been overseeing the failing policies of the left, which have been enacted for over 60 years. Tim Fazenbaker states, “As a result, we get rat infested, garbage-ladened districts, failing schools, and mayors put imprison for extortion. It is a cesspool of what you will get with a tyrannical government.”

America Should Have a Government Which Represents “We the People”

“I think the movement is there for the conservatives – we just can’t take our foot off of the gas,” said Fazenbaker. As a believer in freedom of speech, he continues, “Free speech is everything…. To be a free nation you have a God-given right to express your views to hopefully shape and mold this government, which ‘we the people’ are creating.” He goes on to say, “In America you have a God-given right to do what you want as long as it does not infringe on the rights of another.”

When it comes to the Constitution’s fourth amendment rights, Fazenbaker does not shy away from the controversy as he ties the first, second, and fourth amendments together and talks about due process. “I feel the government is limited in what they can do to a citizen. [On] your right to own firearms…. we need to protect everyone’s right to protect oneself.”

Fazenbaker was an executive in healthcare who sees a need for US Congress to address mental health issues. He says, politicians have “ignored mental health for so long. There is a way to handle that, without infringing on the rights of the people.”

In light of the push for socialism in America today, Fazenbaker said, “Dutch had portrayed himself as a moderate Democrat. It is obvious by supporting AOC, Ilhan Omar, CAIR, and the socialist policies of the left. He is full-blown radical. He is out of touch. That is why I have named him: ‘Out of Touch Dutch.'”

Have You Had Enough of the Out-Of-Touch Left?

Tim Fazenbaker said, “What I have to offer may not be the perfect solution, but it includes listening to the people. So many times our leaders have failed to listen to us. I will change that. In a one-party system like we have in Maryland, people are not held responsible – I want to change that! Sixty years of social policies aren’t working. It will start here. Have you had enough? Are you getting what you want from your government? Or do they show up every two years, promise you free things for your vote. I promise you, I will be listening to you. I promise I will not ignore you, I will be working for you.”

It is time to retire Dutch Ruppersberger and elect Tim Fazenbaker for Maryland-02. Tim Fazenbaker is the conservative Republican who can do it. He wants to change the world.

Tim Fazenbaker can be found at www.TimFazenbaker.com. On Saturday, March 7th he will hold a fundraiser in Havre de Grace, MD. If you would like to attend the fundraiser or just donate – head over to his website.

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