CPAC Day 3 – Final Thoughts

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How did I get Here

I made it to Day three. I have had the time of my life. Quite honestly, I never thought I would be here at this point. I met Tom Fitton, David Webb, and Dan Bongino. Interviewing my High School friend who is running against AOC was great.

I even met Mike Lindel (The My Pillow  Guy). I also interviewed people that I only knew from afar a year ago. However, as a friend of mine on Twitter, @Electra661 said to me  – “this is where God wants you to be.” I thank God every day for all of my blessings. 

From my perspective, it was a year ago that I was screaming at my Television set at pundits. My wife was saying to me in the background, “You know they can’t hear you… Right?” Now I can probably assume that many people are yelling at my videos and stories right here on By the way – don’t yell at the screen, send me a note, or visit me on Twitter ( @CaptainElvis3 ), and send me a DM.

Thanks to New Right Network, I am now in the middle of things at CPAC. It started with a call to my editor on Sunday night, Feb. 23rd and a simple question: “Do you think I can get a Media Pass to CPAC?” Within 2 days, I was armed with my pass, and on my way. I live a few hours away so that I could drive down daily. In hindsight, a hotel would have been easier, and would have allowed me to submit my stories quicker.

Getting The Scoop

On my first day, I ran into Alex Jones and realized that I had the first Scoop of my Writing Career. Alex had no clue that the State of New Mexico had passed recently Red flag laws under the radar. With the governor instructing Sheriffs to quit if they did not like it. I had broken the story that day. That was now my calling card.

I was interviewed by a few shows because of it, and then I started to introduce myself around to people. Now I was a person at CPAC with a voice. I was telling people about NRNPlus, and quite frankly, I was never happier. That I was tired was an understatement, but I was SO happy!

Also I was running into people who I had read, followed or seen on TV for years. As I had said to my editor: “At 59 years old, I have seen a lot, and not much excites me.  I was now excited.” Meeting people I admired, and having them talking with me as if I was one of them, is a perk I can never explain. Having people recognize me or quote my article was something that I could never have dreamed of happening. I actually had people asking me for my Business card!

CPAC Interviews

However, this was CPAC, and there was work to do. I interviewed the following people running for office – You can see their interviews here at New Right Network:

  • Laura Loomer – FL-21
  • Luke Negron – PA- 18
  • John Cummings  – NY 14
  • Ted Fazenbaker – MD 02
  • Yaobg Zhou – FL 20

I also interviewed these people who were not politicians, but influencers to say the least

  • Scott Pressler
  • Couy Griffen – Cowboys for Trump
  • Claston Bernard

There were a few interviews I missed that I should have done, but I will be following up with those during the next few weeks. NRNPlus I feel will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming months and days. As we march closer to election day, I am looking forward to planning for the Republican Convention and our coverage from Charlotte, NC.

Security and the Main Event

Security was tight on the last day. The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, was going to speak! To walk into the CPAC area, not only must you have a CPAC Pass, but you must be wanded and searched. To walk to the search area is like coming in the US through customs.

They obviously were using facial recognition software. There isn’t a direct walk-in. It was meandering. You are winding around until you get to the wanding area. Once in the secure area, you are in for the duration (like the Hotel California). If you leave, then you may not be let back in. I wanted to hear President Trump’s speech. That was the most important reason to be at CPAC.

After all of the interviews, I needed to be mindful of closing the doors and missing the President’s speech. I quickly bought an expensive sandwich and walked in. They played videos had a few speakers, and then the President stepped into thunderous applause. Everyone there was there for HIM. He was the reason everyone took an afternoon of their lives.  This was no accident. 

I will say one thing; I was moved! As he walked to the podium,  they played the song  God Bless the USA – by Lee Greenwood. I had tears rolling down my cheeks.  PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS IN THE HOUSE! He had the audience listening to his every word, explaining how he got here and why he took this on.  He asked a simple question of the crowd “Do you think this has been fun?

Negative voices of the left talk only of impeachment, the emoluments clause, orange man bad. They cannot understand how this President could forgo his salary, and give up his life for his country. They believe there are sinister reasons. I make the following observation that scares people. He is not buy-able. Therefore that is why they are scared of him and why he is an existential threat.

I must say that I was not initially (lasting a very short time) a Trump supporter. I liked him, but – I was concerned whether he could pull it off. My friend Matt Andrewlewicz and my wife Irene convinced me to look deeper. I did, and then I was all in.

The speech was 2 hours of riffing and funny lines. The Mini Mike line got enormous laughs, as did Trump’s call-out of the Fake News media. It was not Donald Trump in his element. There is so much to say, but I will close with my video and quote #2020ISOURS. I used my best Howard Cosell voice to do it.

2020 IS OURS

Watch the speech and then tell me if you cannot walk away moved. I submitted my last video report, and I turned so that the audience was in the background. Had I Eyes in the back of my head, I would have seen President Trump kissing the flag! He is going to need everyone’s help.

Let’s get him the help he needs to win the House and keep the Senate. It will not be easy, but we must do whatever it takes. The Democrat party needs to know we will be working to retire as many of them as possible. I was signing off:


The President Has Left the Building – Thank You and Goodnight

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