CPAC Day Two: Author’s Reports

The Interviews and the Famous People

Day 2 (Friday) of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference was an interesting transition. There are 4 parts to CPAC for those who may never have been here.

  1. The main event – Speakers from all different parts of the Conservative World
  2. The Secondary Speakers – Training and breakdowns of specific topics
  3. The Exhibition Floor – Displays of and purchases are made by various Conservative groups
  4. Radio Row –  where all of the Pundits speak and broadcast from

After the Day 1 whirlwind, it was easy to start getting settled and figure out what you would like to look at. Unfortunately, while the event is 3 days long, it is just not enough time to do everything and see everything. I did my best. CPAC is unique because it is mostly filled with conservative republicans, who are not shy amongst themselves. They know this is a safe place for them and they treat it as such. 

The Main Events

I did not get a single moment on either Day One or Day Two to listen to a speaker. While I should have taken the time to hear Diamond & Silk, Candace Owens or Mike Pompeo speak (the latter caused enormous lines as security was tight). However, I did run into Diamond & Silk on Radio Row and said hi. I just did not have enough time to see and visit everything.

I wanted to talk with people. Listening to the speeches could wait until I got home, where they are broadcast on YouTube. Speeches would wait until tomorrow – when President Trump will speak. There still was a lot to do.

The Secondary Speakers

In this group, speakers are brought in from across the country to discuss different topics, and to educate conservatives. There were tips on how to answer various questions, like “How do you deal with Conservatism vs Socialism?” and other talking points on conservative topics. Other meetings focused on how to assemble teams and build communications with others.  The biggest problem I found was that the Grass Roots supporters were totally ignored.

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Some topics were not part of the event. Like how to find donors, how to develop contacts. Though the Heritage Foundation had a few presentations about them. It was understandable, if I was there to network, sitting and listening to speeches was not going to help me.

The Exhibition Floor

Some interesting exhibits were displayed. Freebies were given out on the Exhibition floor. It was here that I witnessed the dust-up between Info Wars and Charlie Kirk from the day before. A few books were given away, with some T-Shirts. The expected attractions of an Exhibition and Merchandising room.

It was a good thing I got my “I Love the Electoral College” T-Shirt the day before, as my wife confiscated that the next day when she found it on my desk. Note: I received a text on my phone with the picture that said: “MINE, MINE, MINE!” I met many wonderful people there, and hopefully some lifelong friends as well. This was the last day of the Exhibition, I went home with some free trinkets. 

As part of the large space was Radio Row – This is where I spent the most of my time at CPAC. I was on two radio shows, The Chad Adams Show from Charlotte, NC, and with Pastor Greg Jones on Chosen Generation from TX.  Pastor Greg was a wonderful man.  My interview focused on the Second Amendment, and my recent article on New Right Network that we broke about gun confiscation.

Click on the hyperlink above to listen. I got a picture with David Webb, as he finished his show, and also with Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch. Then I spoke with Dan Bongino – I missed that picture because he was on the air.  Also I was there when they threw out Infowars, and I made it clear in yesterday’s article that I was not happy with that.

Stunningly, CPAC did not have the likes of Levin, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and others. I was under the impression that they were perennials at this event. While there were many people from different newsgroups, the Big ones did not show this year. Something was keeping them back.

The Interviews

My reason for reporting from CPAC was to both get a feel for it, and to also understand who is running. I ran into many great people, My friend John Cummings was in the house, whom I ran into throughout the day. We scheduled an interview for the next day. I met a young man, James Tate from California, that was just star-struck.

James is a 20-Year-old Conservative, and he wants to be an opinion writer! You will be hearing from James soon. He has an article due on the California Primaries with me as a co-writer/mentor. I interviewed Luke Negron from Pennsylvania (PA 18) who is running in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Luke is a millennial Conservative Republican running for office. He is a well-spoken thoughtful young man, with excellent ideas for Pennsylvania and the country.

His family is blue-collar, and he is a Christian Writer of young adult books. Luke is smart and thoughtful, and he understands the electorate and his district. He wants to see Washington Change, he thinks we have abandoned our core principles, and he wants to make a difference in doing so. Faith and family are very important to him.

My next Interview was with Santa Clause. Yes VA, there is a Santa Clause, and he is a Conservative Republican. He came to support our President and wanted him to know that he could count on his vote. I forgot to ask him, is he voting from Alaska – because that is the furthest North we get. Actually Santa lives in Maryland.  He says he visits children all year round.

Lastly, Before Day Two Ends

My last interview of the day was with Laura Loomer, who is running for FL-21.  Laura is the only candidate barred from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. She has the name recognition, the personality and drive to win.  She is up against incumbent Lois Frankel who is 71.

That area of Broward County is close to Greg Musselwhite, who is in FL 20. I believe that this area is held together by the longtime 20-year incumbent Alcee Hastings, who is ill with terminal Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. If Republicans can turn this area around, much of Florida will be helped. However, don’t count on the Republican leadership to show any help.

This area needs Laura Loomer to shake things up. Remember Broward County is the place where all of the “extra” Ballots showed up for the Governor and Senate elections in 2018. This area needs a good dose of both Laura Loomer and Greg Musselwhite. As they say in Baseball – Let’s turn 2. 

Wrapping It Up

Before you knew it, 6 pm chimed on the clock, and it was time to head back home. A 2-hour drive, a night with my grandkids, and a few hours sleep was what I had in font of me. The next day it was turn around and do it again the next morning. John Cummings was scheduled to be my first interview.

I had a large slate scheduled for Day Three (6 candidates) and you can see all of them here on New Right Network. I will finish up interviews early, because I needed to ensure that I was in the auditorium for the main event, President Donald J. Trump.  THIS WAS WHY I WANTED TO BE HERE!!! I was not about to miss it.

Just as a comment – There is no place to eat at CPAC. A stale sandwich and a 8 oz drink will set you back $20.  A restaurant meal would have set this formerly unemployed IT Mgr. $100. It was not in my budget. Parking is $20 a day, and you are here from dawn until nightfall. Bring snacks in your day bag.

If you leave, it will be an hour before you can get back in past security, it is like the Hotel California. Forget about a room here. If you stay at the Gaylord Maryland Resort, you will be looking at a $400 a night Price tag. Prepare well before you go in the future.

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