China: America’s Chief Political Foe

Forces are Shaping the Early 21st Century

Despite all the Democrat hoopla about Russia, the evidence suggests China not Russia is the chief political foe of our Republic. For a long time, China has conducted large scale spying on America, and has stolen our intellectual property. China has also manipulated our currency. They have lied to American negotiators. All of this has come to a head in recent weeks.

Recently, as the Corona virus outbreak took place, China has had the nerve to blame the United States for it. This despite the fact that the disease originated in the Wuhan province of China. In addition, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, a Chinese newspaper threatened to deny medical supplies to America. They are threatening America despite their own nefarious behavior.

President Xi of China would rather distract than be helpful in dealing with the Wuhan virus. His ambassador has blamed the US military for this horrible disease. Like his silencing of any truth-tellers in China, the Communist government of China would rather distract Americans from the disease origins. Sadly some liberal politicians are all too happy to help.

In addition, in the early days of the disease in China, the government there was quite secretive. They had refused to be entirely forthcoming about what is now a worldwide pandemic. The Corona virus is yet another reminder of China’s hostility to the truth and to the United States. President Trump has recognized this since before he became President.

America’s Future: Has-Been Vassal State in a Global Hegemony or Independence?

Despite numerous opportunities to negotiate, China has lied to America, manipulated our currency and spied on us. Now there should be no more doubts the Chinese government is a foe of America, not a friend. We have to recognize this and become more independent.

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America can continue it’s journey on it’s own terms. We can have trade and good relations with other countries without sacrificing sovereignty. We have a lot of damage to repair to our manufacturing base, our resources, our standards of living and our educational system. President Trump, and those like him, are the best chance we have of doing this.

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