Biden Hates… His Supporters?

Yet Another Inexplicable Bidenism

Ever since getting back on his feet from walking behind the shadow of former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden has been running the campaign trail with a vengeance. What we thought to have been a firestorm of trailblazing, mainly turned out to be a dumpster fire. A nothing-burger that the DNC ultimately is allowing to be placed on the forefront. Yet, any observation of this man will show that the lights are on but, it seems like no one is home.

First, the Pandering

You wouldn’t be a Democrat if you didn’t pander for the black vote. Every Democrat politician has done it. Hillary Clinton decided it was in her best interest to quote a Gospel song in black voice.  New York’s 14th District Democratic Representative Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also thought it would be culturally and socially expedient to get a little ratchet in her voice.

Especially when every four years, the windowless white van with a “D” emblazoned on the side comes driving up to urban neighbors, offering Black people the candy of “free money”. All “free” at taxpayer expense no less. It makes it quite curious how Black people don’t see the ploy. Amazingly for some ignorant reason, it always worked. Until Trump.

Then, the Fear-Mongering

Racism tends to be the narrative pushed by the Left. Everything is racist and everything is stacked against Black people, Latinos and every non-White person on Earth (sans Asians). The banks will decline your loan, not because you have poor credit, but because you have more melanin. The Adidas store will decline your AMEX because you’re Black, so no NMD or Yeezy’s for you bro! If that’s not enough, the White man Republicans plan on putting Black people back in chains!

Fast Forward

Then we come to current year and we are all seeing Joe Biden come to be nothing more than some blithering fool. He can’t remember basic facts of his own life. He confuses dates, events and even geography, but then walks it back as not to look senile and Alzheimer-ish. He also is the same guy who can’t finish his sentences, as he stops in the middle of it all and doesn’t pick it back up. Between loving kids on his lap and being unable to recite the Declaration of Independence properly, that is.

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Dazed and Confused

After everything that’s been described, it is a wonder the man is still walking around, let alone alive. It now appears that while Biden is just confused about his detractors, and is unable to come at them, he’s pretty adamant about attacking his supporters. He called one lady a “lying dog faced pony soldier” regarding his Iowa Caucus performance. He was even on record berating a Detroit worker regarding his position on guns. This is the best they got now and who is excited for the polls?

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