Baltimore Democrats Attempt to Steal Election from Kim Klacik

Baltimore Democrat Shenanigans – Part of Their Plan

Yesterday, the world was waiting for the Democrat Party to allow voting on a bill to provide relief to families affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. While the world looked that way, the Baltimore Democrat party decided to attempt to change election rules and to wreak havoc with the upcoming special election. The special election is for Maryland District (7), the seat vacated after the untimely death of  Elijah Cummings.

Earlier this month, Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland, declared that the interim election for the seat vacated by the death of Cummings would go on as planned. However, all registered voters are to submit ballots by mail-in only.  Kim Klacik (R) and Kweisi Mfume (D) were selected in a primary in early February to run for the vacated seat. “All of a sudden, they are changing the rules. Now they want to do live voting, WHY? What kind of message does that send out?”

Why Do the Democrats Want to Change the Rules

Klacik’s Campaign Manager Greg Stewart told me this morning in a phone call, “How do they expect to pull that off. With the Six Foot distance requirements and other rules, how do they expect to pull that off?  Are they thinking about the safety of the voters? This cannot be done!”

Klacik says, “The Democrats feel that mail-in voting would not be an advantage for them. Why else do they want to change the rules? So Close to the election, people are just getting frustrated with all of the games the Democrats are playing. This is just another example of it. ”

Klacik is running against long time activist Kweisi Mfume. Mfume previously held the seat in District 7 prior to Cummings in 1999. He had resigned his seat in mid-term to take over as head of the NAACP—leaving the seat open.  During that special election, Elijah Cummings won and remained in his seat until his death in January 2020, A period of 24 years. In 2004,  Mfume was dismissed as President of the NAACP after allegations of sexual misconduct were brought to light. After the allegations surfaced, the executive committee of the NAACP’s board did not grant him a new contract.

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Kim Klacik Cares About Baltimore

It was Kimberly Klacik who, in July of 2019, brought to the attention of President Donald Trump the abominable conditions that existed in Cummings district. Klacik noted that Elijah Cummings, an incumbent for over 23 years, watched his neighborhood decay before the eyes of the world. Neighborhood crime exploded, and parts of the district were infested with rats and debris. President Trump tweeted about the horrible conditions and was met with a stern rebuke from democrats accusing him of racism.

“President Trump cared to get involved after he saw what I had posted about Baltimore. Where was Elijah Cummings on helping the people? He talks like he cares, but I don’t see any results, and the people of Baltimore didn’t see any either! He was on some very prestigious committees, did that even come down to the people of Baltimore – The Democrats- every one of them, like to play a good game of asking for your vote, and then not helping you after they win”

Klacik Offers a Debate on New Right Network.

Kim Klasik’s grassroots efforts showed significant results. “The hours logged to the people of District 07, were important. It’s a 4-1 Democrat to Republican district.” But that margin does not phase Kim Klacik, “We have gone throughout the district meeting people and talking to them. We feel we have a great shot at winning this district.”

Kim Klacik cares about her neighborhood and chose to run for the vacant seat to make a stand for the people of Baltimore. Yet her opponent seems to be ignoring her. “We were hoping the local TV stations would air a debate between myself and Kweisi Mfume, but they have not come to the plate!”

New Right Network has offered to sponsor a live Debate on-line – Mfume has yet to accept. – We will keep you posted!

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