Is Woke/Cancel Culture Cancelled?

Obama Torches Liberal Millenials

We all have seen the buzz all over the Internet.  Former President of the United States Barak Obama, said in an interview recently that “cancel culture” is not activism.  During his third annual Obama Foundation get together, the former Commander in Chief called out the culture of “woke” people. He accused it of having a false sense of piety and it has lit a storm among both the Left and the Right.

The outrage from the Left is still echoing, as many disagreed with the former President. All while the Right sat in a kind of a calm sense of justice. The champion of identity politics himself, Barack Obama, called out the Left for being the ones who want to cancel people out of being “woke”.  CNN is kind of still left speechless and seemingly un-reactive.

The Left is Hitting Back?

It seems now that we are all on the cusp of the end of woke culture, or so we hope.  In an SNL skit, Michael Che used the word “fella” in a joke about Kaitlyn Jenner.  Normally, we would then hear a statement from NBC issuing an apology. Michael Che would then retract the comment, apologize for the comment, and get some re-education on tolerance and diversity.  This did not happen.

In fact, Che doubled down and made another “offensive” joke about a 60 year-old Chinese lady who apparently gave birth.  The outrage mob went wild and called on NBC to fire Che. Che did not apologize and continued poking at the beehive of the gay mafia and the trans-trending agenda.  Was that part of the script or did Che go off? We don’t know. What we do know is that the darlings of the Left, in terms of comedy, are beginning to give the middle finger to the woke outrage mobsters. It is they who are the real culprits of Cancel Culture!

Is “Woke” Becoming a Joke?

It seems as though many are beginning to pick up on the gist of what the Right has been talking about.  Freedom of Speech is an invaluable right and no one, government nor the mob, has the authority to squelch what people think and say.  Based on the glowing reception of Dave Chapelle’s “Sticks and Stones” Netflix special, being woke has become a joke. It is causing networks to wake up and see that the general public is beginning to appreciate the resistance, the REAL resistance.  

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Many are resisting the outrage mob and the woke cultists by spending money on what they like, completely bypassing the intersectional dumpster fires.  Chapelle’s special is ranked high. The Joker movie is approaching the Billion dollar mark. Kanye is up front about his Christianity, and people are expressing their freedoms pretty openly.  Candace Owens, who is bringing about a revolution to TP/USA, is hitting college campuses and telling people about the values of Conservatism and opening eyes.

This new thing with Che is pretty novel. People are starting to get that warm feeling of giving the proverbial middle finger to the cancel culture cultists!  Come 2020, we can only hope that the enlightenment that has happened as the Left revealed themselves bears fruit. That the authoritarian threat they are will be put six feet under, metaphorically speaking of course!

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