Terminator’s Dark Fate sealed SPOILER ALERTS

They did what?!

The numbers are in.  The ticket sales have been aggregated thus far and the reviews are not promising for the latest installment of the Terminator franchise and it appears as though unless they do a reboot of this, the Skynet killer robot franchise might have their fate sealed. We all know the premise of this story. 

He’s nothing more than namesake clout to push this movie forward as a prop rather than a plot device, unfortunately.

A war hero of the future is alive in our day, and so, to preempt a resistance and/or victory, a sentient AI sent a killer robot from the future back in time to kill the war hero in the past, the idea being to prevent any human uprising from happening. The human resistance of the future sent another soldier back in time to save the child so he can grow up and be the hero they need in the future.

In the very first Terminator movie, we followed the mother of the child, who became the target of the machines of the future. In the second Terminator, the child became a teen and the machine decided to send a new menacing liquid metal version to kill the would-be war hero. Then we got a third movie with a female antagonist who was far superior to the T-800, and a young adult pre-war hero took himself off the grid, still being chased by the robots.

Judgment Day Comes

Judgment Day was always supposed to happen. The fate of the child we know as John Connor was sealed, as he was always supposed to lead the resistance. Then we got Terminator Salvation, where the Skynet robots and humans are in the heat of battle with no time travel. Then Terminator Genesys where we get time travel but they retcon the war hero to become the main villain.  

Now we have Terminator: Dark Fate, where (spoiler alert) they kill off the war hero as the child he was. His mom takes on a new mantle, distraught robot killing woman. Yes folks, they took out the male action hero and replaced him with a new war hero.

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Dark Fate has become Terminator 1, but with a whole new spin and a re-hashed T1000. And you get the regular Terminator formula here. Robots find girl. Robots send killer robot to hunt and kill girl. Humans send back a soldier to protect girl. Run; Protect the girl; Hide; Run; Shoot; Explosions. Robot vs Robot. Robot saves girl. Robot sacrifices itself to further protect the future.

Terminator Went Feminist On Us

While this movie decided to pay homage to the first of the franchise with the return of Linda Hamilton, they spun the entire movie in a very different direction. Gone is the male dominated screen time of action heroes. The directors, writers, and producers decided for the public that female action heroes who can toss men around like rag dolls is the way to go. The future is female so kill off the mythology surrounding John Conner.

No. Apparently, we need a new war hero! But we need to milk this franchise for all its worth so you, the general public, don’t get to see her until Hollywood says so. Linda Hamilton reprises her role as Sarah Connor, Mackenzie Davis is the hybrid cyborg chick that was sent back to save the girl with the new Resistance leader.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his role as the killer robot T-800, but he’s nothing but a throwaway character and not a legitimate co-star. In previous installments, he was the main protector as well as the main threat. Not anymore; now he’s nothing more than namesake clout to push this movie forward as a prop rather than a plot device, unfortunately.

Lackluster Numbers

Everything about this movie based on the numbers show that it was a big nothing burger. $10.6 million weekend domestic box office sales, with $94.6 million internationally, total about $105.2 million worldwide. Those sales are not great when the movie’s budget was $185-$196 million. Opening weekend should recoup that budget back if marketing and ticket sales all work synergistically, but by the publishing of this article, Dark Fate should have racked up close to $29 million domestically. Not good number projections considering The Governator himself makes an appearance.  

The CG was “meh” as if you were watching the Venom movie.  The action scenes were not as impressive as they were for the predecessors (the usage of practical effects made for a menacing figure always chasing you down). This new liquid metal Terminator was not at all intimidating nor menacing. If you recall the Robert Patrick depiction of the T-1000, he was ice cold and very menacing. Unfortunately, Gabriel Luna’s take on this new T-1000 wannabe known as T-X is just not scary looking.

Woke and Broke

It has been said time and time again, “Get woke, Go broke!” With the ultra feminist bent this movie has, they went broke. Terminator: Dark Fate definitely did not recover their budget cost for opening weekend. While this movie pushed for a strong woman hero direction, the Joker movie hit the $900 million mark, moving closer and closer to $1 billion sales numbers. It goes to show that the audience wants good writing, good content, good stories, and good characters with proper character development.

It also appears that they do not want rehashed nonsense. Twisting the old things to make them appear new with a fresh skin is still like trying to put old wine in new wineskins. Dark Fate is old musky soured wine that has been tainted with vinegar and fed to the tired mass of people being crucified with intersectional garbage. Hollywood just does not seem to want to listen to the very people that are paying good money to see these films. 

If this latest Terminator installment is teaching us anything (along with the money hemorrhaging Disney Star Wars movies), it is that shoving intersectional trash into our lives will not give you the numbers you want.  Get woke, go broke is a pattern we are all seeing. We want good heroes and good stories, even if they happen to be Asian, gay, Latino, or black. Write them well, produce them well, choreograph their action well, and film them well.

Let the story speak for itself without shoving identity politics into the faces of the public. Then let the public decide. That is how it has always been and should be. Hollywood is definitely not getting the message, and frankly, the general public is getting sick of it. Nobody really went to see this movie, and the numbers are showing that intersectional feminism is not working.