Teardrops on Her Guzheng

Taylor Isn’t Too Swift

WHAT THE WHAT? Guzheng? What is that? Well, it’s a traditional Chinese instrument used in Chinese folk music and is featured widely in movies such as “Hero” with Jet Li, or “Kung Fu Hustle” with Steven Chow. It might even appear on Taylor Swift’s next record that the country girl next door turned pop-star might release. It’s been reported that Swift will be appearing in a concert on November 10th, 2019 in conjunction with Chinese retail giant Alibaba Group.

People are thinking that Taylor Swift has either the ignorance of a bimbo blond or this is a move from the higher-ups in charge of her paycheck.  Either way, it is not a good look for the country star-turned-pop-sensation to cozy up to Beijing when the PR mess that is Hong Kong is just hours away! Like the case of Lebron and the NBA, the money is the Master here.

Handled by Beijing

Officially, the reason for Swift buddying up with China is not because she chose to, but because she is part of the promotional concert that Universal Records is conducting with Alibaba. The concert will be held on November 10th, which is China’s equivalent to Black Friday. With Swift signing on with Universal Music Group last year, it seems like the Chinese market giant wants in on UMG for 10% of the market shares.  The shady thing here is that Alibaba retail works closely with Beijing. It’s been reported that Alibaba was behind a Communist government mobile app. But Alibaba Group is also noted to have settled a $250 million dollar lawsuit for selling counterfeit goods as well.

Tone Deaf

This whole thing puts the artist in a rather unfavorable light.  To cozy-up to a company with close ties to the Communist regime is short-sighted at best. Though to be fair it’s only Communist in some ways now, as it wants to get 10% market shares of Universal Music Group. This makes the girl, who feels 22, seem rather tone-deaf. 

Especially when all this is going to go down when nothing seems to be resolving in Hong Kong. Any appearance of being a celebrity who gets in bed with China makes her all that more tone-deaf.  Her fans might not have her back this time. Many are hoping that after this, Taylor will never ever ever, get back together with China.

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