Roger Stone Found Guilty on All 7 Counts

Media Present During Midnight Raid

Trump confidant Roger Stone was found guilty of all 7 counts of lying to Congress and jury tampering. Stone was the subject of a midnight raid by the DOJ that received scrutiny for media being present indicating they had previous notification.

Stone has often been a controversial figure dating back to his work within the Nixon administration. Stone sports a Richard Nixon tattoo on his back. For close to two decades Stone and Trump have maintained a friendship.

At the center of the trial was who was feeding the Trump campaign information about the Wikileaks publication of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta’s emails. Stone faces a maximum penalty of 20 years for one count and five years for the remaining counts. This is Stone’s first conviction.

The Stone trial was significant because it gave clues to the inner workings of the Trump campaign and Mueller report. Trump campaign head Rick Gates testified about conversations he had with Trump and then-campaign chair Paul Manafort. It had been long assumed that Stone’s source for the WikiLeaks information was Julian Assange himself, or James Corsi, but during the trial it came to light that Stone associate Randy Credico had passed a letter for Assange through the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Another high profile Trump campaign associate, Steve Bannon, had testified during the trial. It was Bannon’s testimony that Stone told him he had a relationship with WikiLeaks or Assange himself. Julian Assange is currently in custody in the UK but did not testify at the trial.

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M.T. Arthur
M.T. Arthur
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