LeBaron Family Member Sets the Record Straight After Tragic Mexico Murders


RIGHT NOW at NRN w/Elisa Steele: My Family Has Left the Dangers of Mexico for America

A prominent family from the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, some of whom are American citizens, has had to relocate due to the slaughter of innocent women and children in their ranks. The “LeBaron” family, of Colonial LeBaron in Chihuahua, experienced horrific tragedy when three of their women and ten children (including a pair of eight month old twins) were shot and killed, their vehicles set on fire, in the state of Sonora. The last remaining child severely injured, eight year old Cody Langford, in a suspected cartel ambush was released from a Tucson, AZ hospital over the weekend, nearly two weeks after the incident that killed his mother, two siblings, and six other members of his community in northern Mexico. What was once a safe paradise to raise children in has now become too dangerous to stay. Elisa Steele is a “LeBaron” by birth, and she says it is truly heartbreaking to watch. Steele met with NRN for an interview, she told us: “All of those families now have relocated to the United States because they’re not safe there anymore. They had to completely abandon and leave behind their homes, their ranches, their livelihoods, their farms and orchards. They had to leave that all behind because it’s just not safe there anymore.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row column_type=”block” font_color=”light” background_type=”video” video_bg_url=”https://youtu.be/MCv9tyaipWg” video_bg_start_time=”139″ video_bg_end_time=”900″ video_bg_parallax=”true” add_overlay=”yes” overlay_opacity=”20″ bt_text=”MEXICO” bt_font_weight=”300″ bt_font_style=”italic” shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″ add_bigtext=”true” min_height=”100″ bt_max_width=”300″][vc_column][wvc_video_opener caption_position=”bottom” video_url=”https://youtu.be/MCv9tyaipWg” caption=”CARTEL Spotlight | Interview with ELISA STEELE”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Steele continued to explain to NRN: “And this is after years and years of it being totally peaceful. Of this being a paradise for children to grow up in. A beautiful place to be with a lot of freedom to run and roam, to be a kid and be a family down there. And my family has been there before the cartels. They were established there before the cartels were really in power there. And so it really is disgusting and unfortunate that this has turned out the way it is, where now, they have to leave their homes and their livelihoods because they’re afraid they’re going to lose more family.”

This part of the story is not being reported by mainstream media. Quite a lot of other things are, though. In an effort to keep this story from giving the Trump administration more ammo to advocate for stricter border security, the mainstream media has taken to their usual game of false and misleading reporting.

Facts Shouldn’t Care About Your Feelings

False reporting is in essence the standard of journalism today. It is never about seeking and documenting the unbiased truth. That is not to say that journalists should be without bias. However, in order to properly inform the public, unbiased reporting of corroborating evidence and objectively stating the fact regardless of emotional involvement should be the standard for all journalism.

So when a publication, editor, or reporter injects personal biases yet calls itself an unbiased source for information, biases do show and emotions are evident to the people. When a narrative that is widely accepted by the masses also pays the big bucks, then the outlet has every incentive to publish lies, especially when it perpetuates a false narrative.

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The Misinformed Media and False Reporting Regarding the Mexico Tragedy

One such danger in false reporting is the general ignorance of the public. One can look at the continuing example of CNN. In a 16 hour new cycle, the lower third chiron always indicates “BREAKING NEWS.”

Brian Stelter, Don Lemon (worst journalist of the year), Chris Cuomo, Erin Burnett, and Alysin Camerota (just to name a few) continually perpetuate half truths and twisted, context-less talking points; whether it be about the President or about a certain celebrity that does not line up with CNN’s narrative. Chris Cuomo even had the audacity to say that the public should be getting their information only from CNN as other means of obtaining information is “illegal.”

Busy Americans in general do not have the means nor the time to sit and fact check every instance and point Don Lemon makes and when they hear it. They take it and sometimes believe it, but more often than not the same busy Americans who are simply living their lives walk away more misinformed than uninformed.

Other Recent False Reportings

Another danger of false reporting is taking uncorroborated allegations as fact. We saw this during the height of the #metoo Movement when a lot allegations came out and a large chunk of them proved false. Columbia Mattress girl accused a male student of rape, but evidence came forward proving the girl’s story verifiably false. She carried a mattress around as a symbol of her “strength” in enduring the rape that never happened (but she swears it did).

And then there was the report from Rolling Stone which made the case in their article about the Duke Lacrosse gang rape incident. They published it before there was any evidence. Rolling Stone ended up printing a retraction as well as settled lawsuits from the three accused.

Keeping it Relevant and Factual

But when false reporting indicts a family history while investigating their very murder, it makes for a convoluted and quite dangerous method of getting to the truth. Particularly in the recent LeBaron family murder case that is going on. Reports stated that the family was killed due to their connection with the LeBaron drug cartel historically outside of Chihuahua. But the “dangerous past” of the “LeBaron” family is irrelevant to the fact that 9 people were all brutally murdered and burned alive 10 minutes outside of La Mora in the Mexican state of Sonora.

While “sources” state that it was an incident of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, close family ties explicitly state this was a targeted attack with full knowledge that there were only women and children at the time of the murders. Exaggerations do not help the case either. Elisa Steele pointed to the fact that even Glenn Beck of BlazeTV and Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire reported on some exaggerations (which also should be included under the umbrella of “false reporting,” as exaggerations do not help solve or get to the bottom of both motive and intent.).

This particular crime requires fact based justice, not exaggerated speculative point vomit on both sides of the aisle. All in all, false reporting (whether “authoritative sources,” or “speculative instances” get it wrong, or whether compassionate “exaggerations” get it wrong) perpetuates incorrect information on a story. The necessary components all need to be in place or else reporting helps no one and does nothing.

As Elisa Steele states, it is necessary to understand the points and ensure that all the facts are in. By the way, this was her family in fact so watch and digest, and then react with compassion. Seek the justice needed, but get the facts first before we exaggerate the emotions, for the sake of this family. Because false reporting will not help them solve this tragedy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][wvc_audio_embed link=”https://open.spotify.com/episode/1F1c1jsloVfPmJkxXuo6Aw”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Elisa Steele Tells the Truth on the Media’s Misreporting of Her Family’s Mexico Attack

Elisa Steele was born in Mexico to a Colorado native mother and a Mexican father. She was raised by her mother in poverty, and grew to champion both the rights of the unborn, and the second amendment rights of all Americans. Steele runs a blog and a YouTube called Conservative Babes. During her interview with NRN’s Mary Freeman, she gave insight into the real human impact of false reporting. Let’s look at some of the claims the media has published, along with the truth as Elisa Steele knows it.

Claim: All victims were part of the LeBaron family.

Truth: Many, but not all were the LeBaron family. The last names of all the victims are Langford, Johnson and Miller. Most of the victims were related only through marriage. Being such a small community that has existed for a few generations, it’s difficult to avoid having some familial connections to everyone else in the community. Just one of the murdered mothers’ maiden name was LeBaron. This is only the beginning of the media’s victim blaming coverage of the wholesale slaughter of innocent women and children.

Elisa Steel says it is unfortunately true that the media has chosen to use anything they can to shift the narrative. “Outside of the fact that this is tragic to begin with… the loss of innocent life [sic], but the secondary victimization, the secondary slaughter of the names of my family has just been really horrific. One of the things I find interesting and also sad and disheartening to the immediate family members is it’s all being portrayed as a LeBaron attack. Yes, while these victims were related to LeBarons, their last names were Miller, Johnson and Langford, so I would like to honor those names.”

Claim: Murders were committed in Colonial LeBaron, Chihuahua.

Truth: The murders occurred in La Mora, Sonora, many miles from Colonial LeBaron. The family was traveling “caravan style” as the road is long and has stretches of unpopulated areas. It is common for them to travel in this manner due to frequent lack of cell service and isolated areas. It is done primarily out of a concern for safety. Possible mechanical issues, other types of accidents and a myriad of other issues could arise that could make the trip dangerous without communication. Only two of the three vehicles were headed to LeBaron. The other was headed to Arizona.

Elisa Steele tells NRN this is where the worst part of the media’s coverage of her family’s murder came about. “Where it really got gross was the victim blaming. The media saying ‘Oh well, you know, they knew they were living in a dangerous place,’ or, ‘It’s their fault they died because it’s dangerous to live in Mexico.'”

“That’s disgusting, first of all. There’s no reason to kill innocent women and children. But second of all, would the media cover the slaughter of innocent women and children who died in Chicago or New York where gun rights are also extraordinarily limited? Would they say, “Oh, it’s their fault they lived in Chicago or New York where they can’t have guns to protect themselves.’? No. They wouldn’t ever victim blame like that, but they feel like they are enough removed that they can say, ‘Well it’s your fault.’ It is never the victim’s fault.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][wvc_audio_embed link=”https://open.spotify.com/episode/70VdN63jwDe8j7qG2IcQ7G”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Random Fact: One woman was heading to pick up her husband in Arizona for a wedding. One woman and her children were leaving to go home to the US after a family visit.

Claim: The family, due to their polygamy, was involved with the Epstein human trafficking scandal.

Truth: No connection to Epstein exists. According to the family, this is simply a ludicrous claim based on the colony’s loose connection to polygamy.

Elisa Steele tells NRN about her great uncle, the black sheep of the LeBaron family. “Unfortunately, we all know we have black sheep in everyone’s family. Everyone has that family member they’re a little ashamed of. For us, unfortunately, that is my great uncle, Ervil LeBaron. He was my fathers uncle. About 50 years ago, he was all over in the news, and it was disgusting, and for good reason. He was doing some horrible things. The long and the short of it is he was severely mentally disturbed.”

“He thought he was a prophet from God, he was the ‘one mighty and strong,’ and basically he started threatening anybody who wouldn’t believe that he was the ‘one mighty and strong.’ So he ended up having his followers killed. The other part of the black sheep story is that he was a polygamist. So, Ervil LeBaron created this crazy panic all over the news, and unfortunately blackened the LeBaron name.”

“But there are many, many LeBaron’s and none of them are Ervil Lebaron. Ervil LeBaron is now many years dead and gone. So he is an old, old story. Ervil has nothing to do with these family members, but of course they have to drag that disgusting, shameful history that’s not connected… and connect it in some way, and claim ‘Oh, the LeBarons have a long shaded history of violence… They did violent things once upon a time, that’s why they deserve violence.”

Claim: Some or all of the victims were kidnapped and raped before being murdered.

This claim was made specifically by both Glenn Beck and Ben Shapiro, a day after all the facts were known. Elisa Steele’s response: “The truth is, and this part is speculation, but I also believe that the Mexican government is very, very embarrassed by this happening, so they’re really trying to put a kibosh on this as quickly as possible.”

“The day after, the media came out saying that they’d caught the person who did this, and that they found two hostages. And we’re all over here on my side of the family shaking our heads, going ‘These people have nothing to do with this, and those victims, what are you talking about? All of our bodies, all of our loved ones are accounted for.”

Truth: The victims were shot, murdered and burned in their vehicles. At one point, one of the family members stated to other family members that he thought the victims were being kidnapped. This was very quickly discovered to not be the case as the vehicles and family members were found dead and wounded. Most of the murdered victims’ bodies were found in place in the vehicle where they had been riding. At no point did anyone suggest that any of the victims had been raped.

Claim: Similar to the claims that the family was connected to the Epstein scandal, it was also speculated that the family was connected to the NXIVM sex cult, made famous by celebrity Allison Mack’s involvement. Elise Steele says the media justifies this by connecting the family via a person who supposedly had dealings with two women a while back with the last name LeBaron.

Omitted information

Elisa Steele gave interviews with four Florida stations local to her home following the attacks. When asked what she wanted the people to know about the murders, she gave extended commentary specifically about the need for maintaining gun rights and supporting the 2nd amendment. In the final released telecasts, none contained any of her comments supporting it. One station went so far as to giggle at her statement and stated that it was crazy, and that she couldn’t say such things.

Elisa Steele has a pretty good grasp of how our media operates. “I always knew the media had a narrative, and they have their way of framing the story and saying ‘This is how it happened,’ then finding your words, cutting them into little slices and fitting it into their story, whether it’s the same story or not.” Elisa shares thoughts with NRN’s Mary Freeman which were omitted during her four interviews with local news.

“I said very clearly, ‘I need the American people to know that this is why we fight for our second amendment rights. Because my family knows that you can’t protect your family and have guns to protect your family (in Mexico), and that Mexico’s gun control laws are the dream of Leftists in America. That’s what they want, is very, very strict, limited gun ownership in the United States.”

“It’s going to be more of this (slaughter) if we progress in that direction. That when you have gun control, you leave the bad guys in control of the guns. The innocent victims are the ones who suffer, because they’re law abiding citizens. Of course they’re not going to have copious amounts of illegal guns, because they are law abiding citizens in the first place.”

Elisa Steele’s story of media false reporting is just one of many in Fake News’ long and storied history. Sensationalism sells, and whoever controls the narrative controls the populace. Now more than ever, it is incumbent upon a free society to dig and to ferret out the truth of any matter. The internet is forever, or so they say. For now, it is largely unscrubbed. There is no reason for anyone to remain under the thumb of an unruly media.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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