Informed Black People: The DNC’s Worst Nightmare

The Message to Minorities

It would seem that it is now not enough for you to share the same skin color.  In order for you, a politician to get your patsies in line, you must keep them uninformed. It’s the same trick old slave taskmasters used to do, and kept the slaves from an education. No Bible, no schooling, and no literacy. Just the mentally dull, driven only to avoid a “whoopin,” and produce actual work.  

Dinesh D’Souza would say that today’s ghettos are derivatives of the plantation environment. This includes fad schools, high crime, ignorance, and the lack of a circulation of information. Democrats are even doing it now. 

Remember California Congressman Ted Lieu, who ripped off 30 seconds from a video clip, out of context, from a two hour podcast to smear Candace Owens, who retorted the fact that black people will generally not tune into that podcast since it is two hours?

Remember the contextlessness of ABC’s Syria report, using footage from a Kentucky gun range? CNN’s 16 hour newscycle leaves you feeling more misinformed than uninformed. So what happens when an informed black man has a platform, a Grammy, and free reign to say whatever?  You get the comedic debacle of rapper Lupe Fiasco taking shots at the black darling himself, former President Barak Obama.

Holding Obama Responsible

During an inaugural event in Chicago, Lupe Fiasco used his time on stage to rail at Obama’s failures. From the drone strikes to the unsolicited wars in the Middle East, Fiasco went ham and launched proverbial haymakers so rhetorically violent at the former president that Fiasco was “ushered” off stage.

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Normal, regular, average Joe, every day black Americans just don’t care about these things. They are busy just keeping their nose to the grindstone to work while trying to make ends meet, and in some cases, just staying alive. The glaring statistics of many urban inner city areas are where black on black crime is staggeringly high.

Of course Lupe’s words wouldn’t affect a black baby boomer, man or woman. But when hip hop is the language of the inner city, it’s the kids whose ears are perking up and recognizing that skin color matters not.  

Dream Come True

Millennials and Gen Z are beginning to wake up to the reality of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, where it’s content of character, not skin color that matters. There are black people who voted for a black man who wasn’t nearly as qualified as Trump in terms of understanding leadership. But hearing Grammy award winning rap icons shout, “Obama is not great,” the hope is these kids who buy, download, and stream Lupe Fiasco songs will catch the wind; it’s realized that it’s not a black man dressed in a suit who represents you, especially when he could just about call a drone strike on you if he wanted to.

Lupe recognized and proclaimed that on stage. Some are touting that this is the end of hip hop’s romantic connection to Obama. As long as minority communities continue to use alternative sources for news and information, it will take more than just the notion of “representation” to buy votes. Thanks to Fiasco’s anti-Obama fiasco, kids are listening.

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