A Circus Primer: Basic Impeachment for Dummies

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High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Full disclosure: This author is not a lawyer. However, I have been involved with enforcing the Federal Code and Army regulations for 39 years. So that accounts for something. More importantly, I can read the Constitution for myself. So let’s begin.

First off, let’s clarify that anyone reading this article is not necessarily a dummy, but only seeking the truth of how this process is supposed to work as conceived by our Founding Fathers. So you see, they knew at some point in time there would be crimes, and they listed them as High Crimes (read felonies) and misdemeanors. They were acutely aware of the possibility of bribery and treason.

A Basic Outline for Impeachment

Here is a basic outline of the Impeachment/Removal process. Think of it as the steps in a trial. It all starts with the House of Representatives and a crime. Precedences are 1974 with Richard Nixon covering up the break-in at the Watergate apartments, and then in 1998 for President Bill Clinton, lying to Congress.

Back to the crime in this case, even though technically we are missing one. The Democrats held secret meetings and are trying to derive a crime from a publicized transcript of a phone call between President Trump and then newly elected President of Ukraine. Once a charge is found, given enough evidence, it is changed into an indictment with the House of Representatives is playing the role of the grand jury.

“If a District Attorney wanted, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.”

NY Judge Sol Wachtler

At this point the House votes, and it’s just a simple majority vote here (see above link to the US Constitution).  The reason the hearings started on November 13, 2019 in the House Intelligence Committee is because they were still trying to collect enough evidence to take to the House Judiciary Committee. They would then make recommendations to the whole House for a vote on the Articles of Impeachment. If the House votes for an Impeachment Resolution, then the House produces a slate of prosecutors for the trial that will follow in the Senate.

The trial in the Senate is for conviction of the crime(s), and then if guilty, for the removal of a sitting President. Those votes require 67 of the 100 Senators to pass. Given that the House is controlled by the Democratic Party expect to see a vote split along party lines 233 for the Democrats and 197 for the Republicans. That is an educated guess, since history normally dictates the future in these matters.

Wait, not so fast, predicting what is to come should be that easy, but there are 23 seats that might be in play as they went blue in 2018. Those are the states that President Trump won in 2016. To make it even more interesting, the Democrats now in the House that won seats in 2016 or earlier are ALL now in Red states: 

Alabama – Terry Sewell; 

Arizona – Tom O’Halleran; Ann Kirkpatrick; Rudy Gallego; and Greg Stanton.

Florida – Al Lawson, Stephanie Murphy, Darren Soto, Val Demings, Charlie Crist, Kathy Castor, Theodore Deutch, Frederica Wilson, Donna Shalala, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Alcee Hastings, Lois Frankel, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. 

Georgia – Lucy McBath

Indiana – Andre Carson; Peter Visclosky

Iowa – Abby Finkenauer; Cindy Axne

Kansas – Sharice Davids

Kentucky – John Yarmuth

Louisiana – Cedric Richmond

Maine – Jared Golden

Michigan – Elissa Slotkin; Haley Stevens

Mississippi – Bennie Thompson

North Carolina – David Price

Ohio – Joyce Beatty; Marcy Kaptur; Marcia Fudge; Tim Ryan

Oklahoma -Kendra Horn

Pennsylvania – Brendan Boyle; Dwight Evans; Madeleine Dean; Mary Gay Scanlon; Chrissy Houlahan; Susan Wild; Matt Cartwright; Conor Lamb; and Mike Doyle

South Carolina – Joe Cunningham; Jim Clyburn

Tennessee – Jim Cooper; Steve Cohen

Texas – Veronica Escobar; Lizzie Fletcher; Colin Allred; and Mark Veasey

Utah – Ben McAdams

Wisconsin – Mark Pecan; Ron Kind; Gwen Moore

If the saying is true about voters having a short memory, then the Democrats listed above are hoping that this impeachment vote will be over soon. They need to distract the voters from their complicity. Most voters will remember that this President gave their household an average $5,000 extra annually, more jobs than working-age workers, and has already kept 58 of his 98 campaign promises.

In other words, President Trump may be indicted on a phony charge, but he will not be convicted or removed from office. He will wear it as a badge of honor. It is proof that the “Do nothing Democrats” will do everything in their power to spend your money and accomplish nothing for the good of the people. To quote Nancy Pelosi “you can take this to the bank”.

President Trump and the Republican Party are going to put the Democratic Party in a YUGE choke-hold for so long they will never recover. The party of infanticide and socialism will be Dead On Arrival November 3, 2020, after every legal vote is counted. They, like the Ancient Babylonian Empire before them, will see the handwriting on the wall; “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting (from the Old Testament Bible, Daniel 5-25-31). 

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COL Mike FitzGerald (Ret)
COL Mike FitzGerald (retired) is a writer for NRN. He\'s a graduate of the US Army War College. Now retired after 39 years of service, he earned the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Action Badge in two combat tours. His expertise includes logistics, readiness, and linguist operations. He sees his patriotic duty to educate Americans about the truth, help "drain the swamp" and hold all politicians past, present, and future accountable.