Hollywood Cleanup: Citizens Left to Fix Garcetti’s Mess

Local Volunteers Tidy Up a Homeless Encampment in Tinseltown

Hollywood is the heart of Los Angeles. Since the decline of our beautiful state of California lead by the inadequate leadership of the socialist liberals for the last 30 years, we are sending out an SOS.

Driving along Franklin Avenue, there are three overpasses from Gower, Vine, and Cahuenga Streets with on and off ramps. Homeless people find cover there with their tents under them. The 101 Freeway runs through Hollywood below the Hollywood Hills, not far from iconic landmarks like the Hollywood Sign, the Capitol Records building, and Hollywood Boulevard.

One cannot drive more than half a mile without seeing trash or a homeless person. It will make you so upset if you are a real environmentalist and care for the well-being of these people, many of whom suffer from drug addiction and mental illness Those who refuse to go to a shelter are the worst off. They’re American brothers and sisters who are unable to clearly love themselves or obtain real assistance from the state. It is a California tragedy in desperate need for tough love. And we are in desperate need for fundamental change in leadership. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Los Angeles

Rather than complain anymore, I decided to go on an app called Next Door where it allows residents to connect in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. Scott Presler really inspired me to get this done since he came to my state and cleaned up a Van Nuys homeless encampment where his group picked up about 50 tons of trash. His tenacity is absolutely unreal. Why not me, I asked myself.

With that in mind, I posted on the app about organizing a cleanup in our neighborhood. An amazing woman said that she loved the idea and wanted to help me. She reached out to the Los Angeles City Community Beautification Office, which gave us supplies. The city provided everything we needed, and more, which was really appreciated.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti is incapable of managing this city correctly.

Yet, the status quo is unbelievable. Due to the mismanagement of far-left, anti-Trump, virtue-signaling Democrats like Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Speaker of the U.S. House Nancy Pelosi, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, plus years of lax laws and mismanagement, the city is leaving cleanup efforts to the taxpaying citizens rather than municipal employees. Their bubble needs to be popped, and it will be up to the citizens to pop it.

City officials told us they would send out a social worker, and we even rescheduled the date for the cleanup to accommodate the worker who never even bothered to showed up. So nice of them.

A Small Group of Volunteers Take Charge

The day finally came, and on a weekend, five outstanding citizens got up early by 8:30 a.m. and worked until 12 noon. We rallied together and cleaned up the on/off ramp and the Argyle Avenue median. We wore face masks, gloves, and boots.

We picked up everything, from needles to front and back car bumpers, a dirty couch, a tent filled with human waste wrapped in a ball, cigarettes, napkins, plastic bags, deep dirt side of road, cat cage, human feces, and bottles in sewers. You name it. We all worked very hard and made a real difference. I was super proud of the group, and we plan on making this a regular event.

I subsequently had to call 311, under by the Garcetti administration, which couldn’t fit in a garbage pick up until a whole week later. When the Friday finally arrived, the trash was never picked up. Since it has been there now over a week, locals have rummaged through the bags.

Rather than 20 garbage bags orderly and nicely tied up, trash is now spread all over the median once again. The disappointment feeling of seeing the garbage still there the day after the city was supposed remove it infuriates me. Eric Garcetti can neither manage nor run this city correctly.

Los Angeles Needs an Intervention

Los Angeles is in a dire condition, and I pray that POTUS intervenes despite the hostility toward him from the state’s political establishment. Until it becomes once again illegal for people to camp out on the streets, and defecate or shoot up in public, this will be the status quo. When will Los Angeles citizens finally become fed up?

These homeless reject help because a huge majority of them want to sleep outdoors and won’t go to a shelter or seek the mental or drug rehab they so desperately need. Shelters are in operation, and the homeless can find help there.

I personally have experience with a man close by to where we organized the cleanup who is missing legs and refuses to go into the Bridge Shelter to play the game for two months which would enable him to get to the top of the list for Section 8 housing. He apparently would rather live in a tent and make monthly hospital visits using (or abusing) the city’s 911 ambulance services. This is a rhetorical question, but wonder how many cases like that are happening in Los Angeles that drain our resources? Instead, city officials should intervene and make him get help.

Liberals Complain While Conservatives Work

The infuriating Negative Nancies on the app amounted to the only disturbing aspect of the entire project from start to finish. These loud, fake liberal environmentalist barkers only know how to create drama and ask unnecessary questions meant to talk themselves out of showing up.

That was their intention. They talk a big game of concern, thus giving the false impression that they care. They create nonexistent issues and are the kinds of people who won’t ever accomplish anything significant in their lives. Zero persistence and bad quality of character, they are complainers who made it all about the homeless and themselves.

One woman wanted me to predict the future about what would happen if approached by the homeless and had the audacity to ask me for a detailed report after our cleanup. Zero words for that nonsense.

Maybe she will read this, lady from Los Feliz, The Oaks. Not one time did I even interact with a homeless person during the cleanup. We were up too early for them. None of the volunteers would ever attempt to create issues with them or invade their space. This was about picking up trash and making a positive difference in our community. The naysayers should have shown up and checked it out before making assumptions. It is really easy to bend over and pick up trash; there’s not much to it.

If anyone, including Mayor Garcetti, wants to read the thread and see some before-and-after pictures, check it out here

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