George Soros Donated Millions to Help Turn Virginia Blue

Wealthy Democrat Donors Collectively Donate Over $13 Million

Virginia’s new look of “blue” is tainted with the donation money of George Soros. All of the prosecutor candidates that were backed by the billionaire emerged victorious on Tuesday’s elections. 

Along with other liberal Democrats, Soros spent millions on the candidates ahead of the elections in order to overhaul Virginia’s criminal justice system. The candidates they chose to support were Democrats that vowed to deliver criminal justice reform and to change the state’s position and policies on the death penalty. 

Soros spent roughly $1.2 million on both of Virginia’s House of Delegates and Senate races, and funneled an additional 2 million to several prosecutor candidates. The candidates’ victories could lead to a major shift in the commonwealth’s criminal justice system.

The Candidates and a Pivotal Moment

The candidates backed by Soros were Buta Biberaj, who ran in Loudon County. Biberaj’s campaign received roughly $850,000 from Justice and Public Safety PAC, a DC-based committee financed by Soros, and was the biggest donor to the campaign. Earlier in the year, Biberaj received $75,000 from Justice and Public Safety PAC, another Soros entity. 

The liberal candidate in Fairfax County, Steve Descano, received $600,000 from Soro’s Justice and Public Safety PAC, his most generous donor. The PAC also gave $5000 to Albemarle County attorney candidate Jim Hingeley, who won his election over Robert Tracci. Hingeley also received the majority of his funds—$114,000–from Virginia Democrat megadoner, who’s married to Michael Bills, founder of the investment firm Blue Asset Management LLC., out of Charlottesville, Virginia. The pair has donated a combined $3 million into this year’s election cycle. 

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Soros also gave more than a million dollars to Virginia through his Democracy PAC, a committee that was established earlier in the year for the backing of various politicians in the House of Delegate and Senate races in the 2020 election cycle. This pivotal moment returned the Democrat party to full power over the legislature and governorship for the first time in Virginia since 1993. This is all thanks to the nation’s most wealthy and prominent donors and organizations, who have collectively donated more than $13 million.

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