Laugh of the Week: Fartgate in Full Effect

How Eric Swalwell Effected America

In terms of decorum on live television when in the middle of a serious interview, one would think to ensure that everything is in order. When I say that, I mean in check; from hair, make-up, breath odor, body odor, and sweat.

Do I even have to mention things including lighting, audio, and camera filtration? I shouldn’t have to. Moving forward, however, it would be “necessary” to ensure the interview guests don’t eat anything that could possibly trigger flatulence. That appears to be the case.  

Not Silent Nor Deadly

Juvenile jokes aside, many who saw the interview with former presidential candidate Eric Swalwell heard the bomb. Many thought this was an added sound from a troll clip, possibly made to defame the former candidate. Clips have been popping up around the internet, showing it to have actually happened. Yes, folks! Eric Swalwell let loose a gut bomb that was so loud, it’s currently dubbed “fartgate.”

Not to be crass at all, as one can do a literal search on Google for “Eric Swalwell farting.” To be clear, CA District 15 Congressman Eric Swalwell, who during an interview regarding the impeachment farce that the American public is forced to pay for in tax dollars, ripped a huge one during his MSNBC interview with Chris Mathews!

Dirty Leftist Coverups

Now that it’s been a few days since the bomb dropped, efforts to keep the fallout have been underway. “Operation Denial” came in three forms, all hilarious, with the sheer stupidity playing out making it even funnier. The first excuse is the direct denial by Swalwell himself stating, “It was not me!” Buzzfeed obviously believes the man as we can see here. Way to go Addy for your due diligence in trying to cover up #Fartgate. 

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When you have to use five exclamation points to try and get the point across that it wasn’t you blasting a smelly one, it’s questionable as to the origin of said gas bomb. But it doesn’t stop with the man. He continued and said, “I didn’t even hear it.” Now, people. Let that sink in and percolate a little bit. In fact, just because it is that hilarious, here is the footage of the man himself in all his odious glory during that interview.

Swalwell claims to not have heard it. But we all know it was loud enough to wake up India! So let this sink in dear reader.  Eric Swalwell lets loose a gastrointestinal bomb during an interview, tells a Buzzfeed journo it wasn’t him, and says he didn’t even hear it. For some reason, it seems like the Left thinks we are stupid. Or that we’re going to believe Buzzfeed on anything. Well, we hope you are following, because we are not done.

Another effort to keep the Congressman’s image clean is Chris Mathews himself in a tweet that said it was a “Hardball mug sliding across the desk.” So now we see the progression of how we were told that this was not a Swalwell dirty bomb. First off, Swalwell denies it then says he didn’t even hear it. Then Hardball host Chris Mathews himself said it was the sound of a mug sliding across the desk that made that noise. Need we remind you again, this is the clip of that interview when the dirty bomb dropped in Swalwell’s pants.

The Fallout

In the middle of all of this, there is some clear fallout, and it couldn’t be any funnier and is all the more fun! Texas Congressman Ted Cruz jumped in the fray and decided to also poke fun at Swalwell. After the interview and all the subversion attempts by Buzzfeed and MSNBC, Cruz decided to tweet out a clip of Steve Martin in the movie, “Dirty Rotten Scoudrel” during the Ruprecht dinner scene. That hilarity can be seen here.  

All in all, the jokes are seeping in from every crevice of the internet. The people are reacting to the Congressman’s failing attempt to deflect as others are able to see through the fog of lies, not to mention the odious attempts to cover this up from Buzzfeed and MSNBC. This further confirms that the stinky nature of politicians puts off a stench from this example with Swalwell and his ilk. Needless to say, #Fartgate is in full swing and we could not be laughing any harder!

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