Celebrating Champions for the Unborn

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This past weekend, Live Action celebrated their first annual Live Action awards ceremony and all the figures on the pro-life movement showed up!  Now it’s probably obviously you’re sitting there reading this going, “Live Action? Who? What is that? Awards ceremony? What is even a Live Action?”  So, let’s give some context.

The Story of Lila Rose

When Lila Rose was 15, she must have seen the horrific pictures of aborted babies while walking through the streets of her native San Fransisco. Perhaps she saw these Planned Parenthood facilities peppered through her area and wondered what they were about, only to study up and find out the horrors of the abortion industry.  Either way, at the ripe age of 15 when normally girls would think about hormones, bra sizes, boys, boys, homework, prom, boys, and the basic things a tweener girl her age would tend to think about. Rose had a different passion, saving the unborn.

Driven by her Catholic upbringing, she started Live Action from her living room.  Fast foward and her mission is still the same: Educating people about the humanity of the pre-born, exposing the human rights abuses and corruption of the abortion industry and it’s lobby. As well as to inspire and activate people to be voices for the voiceless.  Rose has been on that mission ever since to champion for the life of the pre-born. Since then she has appeared on Fox News, CNN, BBC, Nightline, and a plethora of news and other publications. She also runs her own podcast of her namesake.

This woman is active, but she is dutifully making sure that us, the general public, are aware of what is going on. There are stories about the flipside of the abortion industry, as well as the basic arguments presented by the abortion lobby.  She has been one of the ones on the frontline in the fight to preserve the right to life for the pre-born and is very active in her own life. She is a wife and soon-to-be mother herself.

Co-Partners for the Fight

It definitely is a war to fight for the life of the pre-born and Live Action has been on the forefront of that as they actively fight to preserve and conserve life.  But Lila and Live Action understand that it takes allies to push back against the culture of death that the Left has adopted and is pushing forward. Witness the pro-death legislations that have been presented, that give green lights to infanticide. Like racist governor Ralph Northam presented back in 2017. Not to be out-done, Andrew Cuomo passed a bill legalizing abortion at 40 weeks.

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These are just a couple nuggets of atrocity that Live Action is fighting against.  Realizing that it’s not a lone battle and it takes partners, Live Action held a gala to recognize some of the many in the pro-life movement who have rallied the charge. One guest was Patrick Lencioni, who is the founder of The Table Group, who has an ardent Catholic faith. He was a keynote speaker for the night.

Ben Shapiro, Gianna Jessen, and NFL tight end Benjamin Watson with his wife Kirsten, were all awarded the Inaugural Life Award for their various efforts in leading the way to push the pro-life message to the masses.  Giana Jessen was in fact an abortion survivor as she survived the saline solution method. Other guests included International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Bikini Pro athlete and women’s empowerment speaker India Paulino who is a huge advocate for the prolife movement. Allie Stuckey, the Conservative Millennial herself, and a slew of others were all in attendance as Live Action founder Lila Rose MC’d the event.  

Focussing the Fight

It truly was a celebration.  A party for life, the recognition that life does begin when egg and sperm meet, and the continual fight against the culture of death the Left continues to promote.  This gala was to recognize some of the warriors who have been active. Also this gala was also a call for continuing and activating others to join in on the fight.  To be strong in the war to save the lives of the unborn.

Hopefully to bring others into the fold, to literally take the shots so that others might live. Namely the ones who cannot fight for themselves, as they are simply swimming in the womb and do not have voices. They cannot fight back and are utterly defenseless.  Rose and others like her celebrated the efforts of the warriors in the war today but look forward to the battles tomorrow.

They are all hoping and praying to shine a light on the industry and it’s lobby, one that has already taken 60+ million lives since Roe V. Wade back in the 70s. Through this light they hope to get more people involved and make even more headway. To get more information, please visit www.liveaction.org and follow Lila Rose on all her social media from IG to Twitter to Facebook!

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