Riveting! “OK, Boomer!”: Gen X Stuck in the Middle of 21st Century Generation War

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Boomer: The New “Like, Whatever”

As October slowly passes away, we begin to see the fading of October “fads” on the internet, such as Jeffery Epstein Memes and Smudge v. Karen. As meme lords around the world get ready for the next phase of the international meme war that is the internet, we are sad to see these valiant memes pass away; such famous memes as Grumpy Cat, the Fire Girl and the Rock asking Questions to the girl in the back seat have also passed on. Now we start off the month of November with a new trend.

“OK, Boomer” memes are the new “Like Whatever” from the 1990s. We all knew that Valley Girl in high school who, when she lost an argument, would drop the “Like Whatever.” This was her supposedly cool way of saying, “I have no more facts and will rely on my status as a cool kid to get myself out of this mess.” It was the cool white flag that was waved above a losing argument. Any time a Boomer puts up arguments they have been working 45 years on, the Millennial generation now can say “we are cool, we do not have to know anything.” Thus, “OK Boomer” was born.

The great part of this meme war is being from Generation X. We can watch the battle of the old and the new as we sit in the middle spreading our joyful memes. The funny part is while both the Boomers and the Millennials think that we in Generation X are irrelevant, they each try to encroach on our people by claiming more and more of Generation X. Let’s look:

Prior to 2018, the generally agreed upon years were:

  • The Greatest Generation (Self Named): 1900-1930;
  • The Silent Generation: 1931-1947;
  • Baby Boomers: 1948-1969;
  • Generation X: 1970-1985;
  • Generation Y: 1985-2000 (Hence Millennials);
  • Generation Z: 2000-2015;
  • Generation Alpha: 2016- Present;

In 2018, the Generation War started and the years changed. Notice the Greatest Generation is removed from the list:

  • The Silent Generation: 1928-1945;
  • Baby Boomers: 1945-1964;
  • Generation X: 1965-1980;
  • Millennials: 1980-1996;
  • Post Millennials: 1997-Present.

As you can see, Boomers tried to dump the Hippy Boom on Generation X and Millennials tried to claim the later years of Generation X for themselves. 2019 continued the war:

  • Baby Boomers: 1944-1964.
  • Gen X: 1965-1979.
  • Millennial: 1980-1994.
  • Gen Z: 1995-2015.
  • Gen Alpha: 2016 +.

Now Generational Warriors are trying to argue that people are generationally fluid, that there are many generations and it is discriminatory to limit people to one generation:

  • The Lost Generation: 1890-1915.
  • The Interbellum Generation: 1901-1913.
  • The Greatest Generation: 1910-1924.
  • The Silent Generation: 1925-1945.
  • The Baby Boomers: 1945-1964.
  • Generation X:1965-1980.
  • Xennials: 1980-1985.
  • Millennials, GenY or Gen Next: 1981-1994.
  • IGen (Apple), Gen Z (Android): 1995-2012.
  • Gen Alpha: 2013-2025.

Break it Down

While there are arguments to be made about the flexibility of generational standards, lets break down a common thread from this debate that is relevant to the current meme war. OK, Boomers! You officially get all people born from 1945-1969; yes, you can have the Woodstock Babies. Millennials, you can have from 1982 to 2000.

They named you after the millennium, so you get the New Year’s babies you conceived at your “Party like its 1999″ themed party and your Vitamin C playing graduation. Gen X, stand strong, do not give away the good 80s babies who can go over 10 hours without a cell phone. Also, Gen X, lets rock this meme war as the Boomers and the Gen Y folks battle it out.

Great Boomers:

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Basket Ball Icon and Guest Star on “Scrubs.”

William Jefferson Clinton: Former President of the United States and Survivor of Cheating on Hillary.

Steve Jobs: Founder of Apple whose legacy has become 3 year out of date Samsung Technology.

Richard Branson: Founded Virgin Group then Attempted to eliminate as many of its namesake as possible.

Jeff Bridges: Actor, many mistake him for Kris Kristoferson

Opera Winfrey- Lady who gives stuff away;

Denzel Washington: Watch “Man on Fire.” It’s a great movie, but Dakota Fanning is still creepy.

John Travolta: Actor who believes the world was founded by Aliens in B-52s.

Conan O’Brien- Night Show Host and Danish commercial Star;

Tom Hanks- The Only Person in the world Qualified to Play Mr. Rogers and Hold Mjoiner (Also, we need a King of the Hill Reboot with Matthew McConaughey as Boomhauer, Tom Hanks as Hank Hill, Neil Patrick Harris as Dale, and the Bald Guy from Anchorman as The Bald Guy from King of the Hill).

Famous Millennials

Jennifer Lawrence: Actress who says amazingly deep things in Movies, but in life may be the dumbest person in the world.

Justin Bieber: Singer, Reformed barroom brawler.

Katy Perry: Chick who Kissed a Girl.

Pewdiepie: Gamer and Game Dubber.

Michael Phelps: Escaped X Man (If seen report to Charles Xavier’s Academy for Gifted Children).

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook ‘Founder,’ Son of Lore from Star Trek.

Jessica Alba: Actress, Chemical Activist.

Justin Timberlake: Best Goalie in Movie History. Also, I think he sings and dated Jessica Simpson.

Lady Gaga: Singer who wears meat dresses.

Adele: Singer, popular computer from the 1990s.

Famous Gen X People

William and Kate (Prince and Princess): Not really famous, just born that way.

Beyoncé: Singer, Former Child of Destiny.

Ivanka Trump: President’s Daughter, Women’s Rights Activist and billionaire.

Elon Musk: billionaire, Inventor of “Not A Flamethrower.”

Jack Dorsey: Created Twitter.

Tim Armstrong: Former CEO of AOL and President of Google America.

Andrew Wilson: CEO of Electronic Arts (figured out how to make people pay for games after they already paid for them);

Tom Anderson: Founder of My Space, Everybody’s friend.

What it all comes down to is that Millennials have created the meme landscape of November and Boomers need to respond. I suggest something that really hits home like, “OMG Tide Pod” to hold pace with Millennials. While GenX still holds a definitive edge in the meme war over Millennials, the bold move of attacking Boomers has given the Millennial generation some much-needed street rep after Thunberg destroyed all of their credibility.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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