Antifa Shows Up at Andy NGO’s Home

On Halloween night, six individuals wearing cut-out masks of journalist Andy Ngo’s face approached his home, repeatedly rang the doorbell, pounded on a window, recorded footage of the private property, and made gestures at the camera. Though they had “costumes” on, they didn’t have any candy bags, and were clearly there to rile things up.

The unsettling footage caught by a home security system revealed the individuals were all adults, seemingly carrying out their personal vendetta against Ngo. Most likely they are or are connected to Antifa, the protest group that claims to fight fascism, oddly with their own militant type of authoritarianism.

The incident follows Ngo’s mother’s business being doxxed, as well as a well-documented history of occurrences in which antifascist mobs have repeatedly threatened Ngo, and have even beaten him on the head, thrown milkshakes containing cement at him, and have hospitalized him with a brain hemorrhage. There hasn’t been a single arrest by Portland Police in regards to Ngo’s attacks.

On sites other than Twitter can be found a plethora of disgusting threats toward Ngo, coming mostly from antifa and anarcho-communist blogs. Some threats have even called for violence and death, with members posing with guns or weapons.

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Raegan Castillo-Fontana
Raegan Castillo-Fontana
Raegan Castillo-Fontana is a writer for NRN. She is married to her soulmate and best friend. They have three wiener dogs and a fluffy cat. Her passions include the great outdoors, animals, good food and fine spirits, social gatherings, dance, music, whitewater, exercise, reading, and writing. Castillo-Fontana's mind is constantly looking for something to challenge itself in the world of idea-exchange. She enjoys healthy debate and civil discourse and wishes discover truth and share it with the world.