Spoiler Alert: Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Special is a Dumpster Fire

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion
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Chelsea Who?

If you read the title, your eyes probably rolled into the back of your head and you vomited in your mouth a bit. Chelsea Handler is back with a Netflix/Wokeflix special, and it is every bit the dumpster fire you are expecting. 

We viewed it so that you the reader wouldn’t have to, taking one for the team and sparing you the moronic ridiculousness this documentary presents. You’re welcome! For those of you that don’t know and haven’t cared, Chelsea Handler is a 40-something “comedienne” from New Jersey. She grew up in a Jewish home, and rose up the ranks.

Up to now, she has a few shows under her belt and some standup chops. Fortunately, the shows were ultimately cancelled.  She had a stint on E! with her own show, entitled “The Chelsea Handler Show.” Many (including Joan Rivers) said the only reason she got the show was due to her “relations” with E! Executive Ted Harbert. She’s basically accused of allegedly “sleeping her way to the top.”

The More We See, the Less We Care

She then got her own solo talk show called “Chelsea Lately” on the same network. That show ran for 1000 episodes before ending in 2014. During that time, she helped produce a sitcom series from her own life called “Are You There, Chelsea?” which had 12 episodes. Due to low ratings, NBC did not opt for a second season, and it was canned in 2012. Netflix took her in and gave her her own Netflix talk show, simply titled, “Chelsea” which had 2 seasons but not a third.

Her main source of notoriety is the provocative nature of her verbiage and how she tries to act like “one of the guys”. It comes off tasteless. Many would say she tries to play the role of the “nasty, dirty, filthy, whore” with her language. It is no surprise that she tends to leave a bad taste in the mouths of many who watch her. Smugness to her guests and trying to one-up them every time.

She did that to such stars as Conan O’Brien and Craig Ferguson. Even when she had Russell Brand appear on her show, she made very real attempts to belittle him. That is Chelsea Handler in a nutshell. Feminist, talk show hostess, and a comedienne?

Privileged White Girl

Back to the dumpster fire of her Netflix documentary, it starts off with stock reels of her past acts and showed a very attractive young Handler delivering punch lines about her own life and what she didn’t get. It had the audience rolling in raucous laughter. Her delivery was pretty solid in terms of comedy and her content was, for the most part, relatable.

It turns sour when she blatantly says, “I’m clearly the beneficiary of white privilege, and I want to know what my personal responsibility is, moving forward in the world we live in today, where race is concerned.” Handler apparently believes that her success and her position in Hollywood is ultimately due to her skin color. It is not the hard work of doing shows almost every night, creating her own jokes, that make her stand out. Perhaps it is because she is a very attractive blond which allows her brand of comedy to be heard. You don’t get from club shows to your own E! talk show because you are white.

It was mainly her hard work that got her there. Oh, and “allegedly” a one night stand (or many) with the right Hollywood producers on the “casting couch.” That’s beside the point, the work is real. Anyone has to have ability to get to that point, regardless of skin tone.

Acting While White?

She then interviews Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart to talk about “whiteness” in the entertainment industry. Details aside, Kevin Hart also put in a lot of hours at comedy clubs. It is possible that being an unknown black comic, you probably had to do more, but work is work. The harder you work, the more opportunities you are afforded.

A teary-eyed Haddish said she had to create her history and legacy now for her future.  Tiffany Haddish is not as well loved, as she was basically a nobody till Kevin decided to give her a shot. She is now hosting “Kids Say The Darndest Things.” Ultimately, Handler believes Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish have a message for you white people out there.

I think the thing that white people need to understand is that you guys know where you come from, you know your history, you know where you’re going ‘cause you know where you came from. We don’t know that, we gotta take like a DNA test where our ancestry came in, and we still don’t know if we were related to kings or queens, or if we were farmers, or if we built houses or we don’t know. So that’s the privilege you guys have… we don’t have that privilege.” 

Tiffany Haddish

Privileged Behaviors

Chelsea then takes a trip to a “beatnik” spoken/slam poetry night held by a USC professor, Jody Armour. Here is where the topic, ironically enough, is “white privilege.”  The segment starts with this dreadlocked guy crooning about how he’s not welcome here, how racism is not really over in this modern day. He believes his skin color is the reason why he has to change the way he walks and talks because white people feel intimidated by him. 

The segment rolls on with the audience bringing up problems based on their skin color. One lady states that people of color are disenfranchised because of their race. Rather than talking about it, she wonders when there will be action taken on this issue. It is pretty hypocritical that she goes to USC and yet is complaining about the lack of “privilege.” She is a black woman, going to USC, where tuition is about $53,000. Through affirmative action and perhaps scholarships, she got there.

A very interesting twist is in one of the clips is that a black female student stands up and prefaces her diatribe with, “Feel free to edit this out..,” She then goes on to say, “I’m embarrassed to be here with you because this is just another example of white privilege, using your white privilege, um, what are you going to do with it other than come into this space and take?” The segment ends with Handler expressing an unbelievable amount of guilt at even making a documentary about exploring the ills of “white privilege”. That is an example of “white privilege” and she feels guilty about it!

That is unbelievably ironic! To make a documentary about how “white privilege” exists for white people in order to shed light on it is just another form of “white privilege,” as if there’s no escape from the dilemma. That’s hilarious, right in the middle of this dumpster fire documentary! The USC segment ends with a monologue of Handler saying, “We need to stop asking black people to solve our problems when it’s a white people problem.” Confused at the social justice idiocy yet?

Dear White America

She then interviews Tim Wise, author of “Dear White America” and a slew of other books. She labels him an “expert on whiteness,” which does not make sense. He is, in fact, a white man, so by that logic any white man would be an “expert” on “whiteness.” Then again, Tim Wise is making money off his books. This, according to Chelsea Handler, puts him in the position of authority regarding the topic. 

It is highly doubtful she thought about the poor meth addicted white man living in Appalachia, or the low middle class white guy who is a ranch-hand in Des Moines. No, she got a white millionaire author to lecture white America on what the “white experience” is. Now, if you don’t know who Tim Wise is, he is known as an activist.

He is highly regarded for his work against racism and lauded for his efforts in training employees and dismantling racism in institutions and companies. At any rate, Tim states that, “..privilege is the flipside to oppression or discrimination.” Tim then goes on this trajectory using American history as the mooring point for his arguments.

He states that hundreds of years of white people rising up on the backs of black people does not suddenly change because a few laws were passed. Handler listens intently. Let’s not forget Mr. Wise, that in the post-Civil rights era, it was blacks who espoused anti-Jewish rhetoric. It was blacks that displayed anti-Asian violence in the 1960s. Oppression is not just a White on Black thing. Handler will remind us of her reality, and will continue to focus on race relations as only a black and white issue.

Memorializing Those Fallen for Civil Rights

Chelsea visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL. She spoke with Civil Rights activist Ruby Sales, who recounts her days in Lowndes County, AL. Sales speaks about how her friend, a white seminary student named Jonathan, sacrificed his life to save hers from a shotgun blast as they were waiting in line at a store.

They were attempting to buy sodas for their friends who were in jail. Ruby Sales ultimately thanked her friend for the sacrifice he made to ensure she lived. It is funny how nothing is said by Handler about the white seminarian who died to protect the life of a young black woman, then the documentary switches to the next segment.

Black Voters Matter!

Handler then interviews Latosha Brown, a community organizer for Black Voters Matter, a 501c-3 advocacy group that works to increase the black vote. On their website, they also state they want to do away with voter-ID as well. That is odd considering an ID is needed in order to vote in many places, so as not to encounter voter fraud. But, you know, ‘muh narrative.’

… we never had an America where we had free and fair access to the ballot. But I think what we’re seeing is structural racism not being dealt with.

Latosha Brown, Black Voters Matter Community Organizer

Brown then goes on to provide some very cleverly-edited anecdotal evidence of voter suppression. She recounts the day her big black “Black Voters Matter” bus picked up senior citizens in their Jefferson County community and drove them to the polls. She says they were stopped because a county official expressed concern about an “unknown third party” driving a bunch of senior citizens around.

These were senior citizens in a community home. Probably like a Sunrise Community home for the elderly, and they are likely someone’s parent or grandparent. To see a loud woman herding the elderly onto a big black bus would raise some eyebrows for sure! No context was provided other than, “These are able bodied folks!”

This is what Latosha Brown believes is suppressing the black vote, that some bureaucrat is dictating who gets to go to the polls. Yet the “Black Voters Matter” bus just rides on up and herds the elderly in, and nobody should be concerned about that? According to Latosha, the answer is no, because black votes matter. After this, Handler then heads up to Helen, GA during Oktoberfest to talk about voter suppression, and finds someone who probably does not know too much about it.

She interviews him with some of the most leading questions along with some quick edits to basically make the man she chose look like an idiot. The man she interviews states that voting is a privilege, but leave it to Chelsea Handler to get the last word and retort, “It’s a right!” The man did hold his own and stated that if a person can fill out the voter registration card properly, and the information checks out, then the person can vote. Said the white guy with a beard brilliantly, probably there solely to enjoy the Oktoberfest brewskis, thumbs up to you sir!

Coming Back to TyShawn

Handler finally cooks up the gumption to visit her ex-boyfriend and former baby daddy, TyShawn. TyShawn was a heroin user and dealer during the dating stint he had with Handler in high school. He is in fact the whole cornerstone for this documentary.

She stated earlier in this piece that she got off scot-free from some of the most harrowing moments of her teenage years. These moments were caused by riding around with this obviously dirty guy. The only reason she was able to get off scot-free is because, according to Handler, she was a little white girl.

TyShawn was black, and that was the reason apparently for him going to jail. Not because he was the one dealing heroin, but because he was black.  At 16 you are a minor, so getting the full force of the law was not a thing back then. If we extrapolate her current age of 44, based on what she says regarding her boyfriend at the time, we can guess that he was 18 or so. Through this segment, she continues to assert she got off free because she was a dainty little white girl who was hanging around these drug dealing black dudes. 

She also continues to make excuses for their bad behavior. TyShawn was the one who dealt the heroin. TyShawn was the one who used the drugs. As it turns out, he started using his own products. Ultimately, he headed to a 14-year prison sentence for armed robbery. According to Chelsea it was because he’s black. Not armed robbery and a record for hard drug possession. The production team for “Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea!” ignored these documented facts and just said, “He’s black, that’s why he went to prison for 14 years.” 

She then meets up with TyShawn’s mother and grandmother. In their interview, we hear how TyShawn’s lifestyle came about, due to a mother who believed for some reason that she needed to be white because..? Also that her black skin tone was due to her mother marrying a black man. Thus giving her the black genes for the hair, complexion, etc.

She seems to be suggesting there was a genetic link to bad behavior that trickled down to TyShawn. Some would ask where is TyShawn’s father, because he is nowhere in the picture, based on what we are shown in this documentary.  Ultimately though, TyShawn does own up to his mistakes. Now that he is out of prison, he plans on continuing to better himself.  

Chelsea and Black Lives Matter

The final segment of this “Wokeflix Slopumentary” is when she finally meets up with the co-founder of Black Lives Matter. Melina Abdullah met her on the steps of the L.A. Police Commission.  The goal, to continue pushing forward the BLM narrative of a police force that uses violence against people of color first, and to speak into the notion that the police are a very real existential threat against people of color.

 Abdullah goes on to tell Handler that it’s not up to black people to help white people with their white supremacy. Because Handler is aware of her white supremacy, that it is incumbent on Chelsea to ensure change in the nation. Even watching this exchange play out, it doesn’t make sense!  The reason why they are there is to bring “awareness” to that alleged existential threat that the police are creating.

Abdullah tells Handler that this Commission is simply a rubber-stamp agency who does not represent the community. Handler asks if there are people of color on the Commission board, and Abdullah gives a big, “Hell no..”  Oddly enough, the documentary shows in full a Black man on the panel, with a Black female officer. There appears to be an Asian male officer providing security for the meeting.

It is a bit inconvenient for Melina in her work to undermine the black female officer. This officer went through months of police training in boot camp and then got the education needed. Then there was testing, fees, hours of studying in law enforcement matters to get to where she is as an officer in the LAPD.

Melina probably won’t recognize that black female police officer. This negates that the officer put in the time and energy to achieve her position on the panel that BLM is continually visiting. The panel meets every Tuesday for 4 years so far. Providing oversight to the Oversight Commission is what these meetings are about.  

Confirmed Verdict: Dumpster Fire

The documentary ends with her talking to a bunch of black people and essentially the rhetoric is the same. That being, “White people just need to shut up, own up to your own privilege, sit down, and let black people do whatever they want.” White people this and white people that, in all honesty, the entire documentary is in fact, a cancer. Malignant cancer.

Chelsea Handler does a poor job of addressing the issue of race relations. In fact, she provides more fuel to the fire.  She is not one to be the bastion of great race relations. She did abort her half-black baby when she was younger. No, really, she did! She’s proud of it even.

But that history aside, Chelsea Handler provides nothing of substance in her documentary. All she did was pander to black people as well as simply go to places with her own confirmation bias about there being white privilege. Anyone who lines up with her ideas that white privilege exists ultimately supports the narrative. The dastardly thing about this documentary is that many of the people she interviewed state that there are nuances and subtleties to “white privilege.”

Which ultimately means, there really is not a way out. Frankly, this mess of a documentary is, in and of itself, racist. The fact that it only focuses on white people and in it makes a pre-determination that white people succeed because of their lack of melanin. The documentary also makes the unspoken assertion that because you’re black or brown, you are predisposed to a life of drugs, crime, and lack of opportunities.

The Flip Side of Privilege is Oppression

The flip side of privilege is oppression. Thus, the documentary makes the blanket statement that because you are white, you have privilege, even if you’re a white trash redneck from the South, for example. All in all, this was a trashy documentary from a seemingly trashy writer/author/comedienne.

She thinks that she has what it takes to make race relations work. While it did provide some dialogue, nothing about it was substantive. All it did was uphold the narrative of the existence of some kind of unspoken rule of the Universe favoring only white people. Yet, Asians are the richest sub-racial group in America by median income level and yet there’s no talk of Asian privilege, and that confuses people.

It confused this girl here and if this was given to Handler, she would likely shut down in convulsions, foaming at the mouth. By the way, let us not forget she was the one who promoted the Russiagate conspiracy from the fraudulent Fusion GPS dossier. The one about Russian prostitutes urinating on President Trump.

None of which was proven, by the way. It was not just false, but manufactured by the Clintons as opposition research against Trump, urinating on Trump metaphorically. It seems that Handler is simply accusing President Trump of that which she is guilty of. Yes, she was urinated on by someone on Youtube named Jason Biggs, believe it or not! The footage exists, if the reader wanted to find it.