Laura Loomer Counterpunches Censorship with 4 Lawsuits Amid a Congressional Campaign


RIGHT NOW at NRN w/Laura Loomer: “My Congressional Opponent Enjoys a Facebook and Twitter Presence and I’m Still Banned”

Conservative activist Laura Loomer continues her political journey in counterpunching Silicon Valley’s censorship of conservative voices. Her fiery passion for the protection of the first amendment propels her forward as she takes on four lawsuits, a tortious interference suit against Twitter and the Council of American and Islamic Relations (CAIR), an anti-trust lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple, a $3 billion defamation case against Facebook for labeling her a “dangerous individual,” and a suit against Rashida Tlaib for assault and battery. The techno giants have taken away her access to most social media platforms, which is especially important, as Loomer is running for a US congressional seat in Florida and deserves as many mediums to campaign on as her opponent. She shares with NRN‘s Justine Brooke Murray in an interview on the RIGHT NOW Podcast where she stands in her current lawsuits.

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Laura Loomer may be the “most banned woman in the world,” but she’s a fighter. Prior to her Twitter suspension, Loomer vehemently shared the facts that educated the masses, but also ruffled a lot of feathers. That didn’t stop her, but eventually led to her being banned on the social media platform. Loomer was banned from Twitter for a tweet she sent to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, pointing out the issues Sharia law has with gays, women, and Jewish people. Despite not breaking any of Twitter’s terms of service, she was banned for hate speech.

After Loomer’s Twitter and Periscope ban in November 2018, she soon learned that the suspensions weren’t a direct violation of Twitter’s terms of service. She was removed at the behest of an outside organization with an apparent pull in the corporation. Loomer discovered that CAIR heavily petitioned Twitter for her removal, citing Loomer’s pushback against Sharia law as their basis. That lead Loomer to sue both CAIR and Twitter for tortious interference, with lawyer Ron Coleman at the helm. The plain and simple fact is that a designated “terror organization” bartered with the social media giant to take away Loomer’s platform access. This banning has drastically hampered her ability to carry out her journalistic endeavors, crippled her ability to support herself through these platforms, and prompted her lawsuit.

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“I thought maybe it was an active collusion. Maybe these companies are really working together and there are outside groups coordinating,” Loomer told NRN. “Well, I was right because it turns out, in January the Wall Street Journal reported that the CAIR, which is a designated terrorist organization, they actually lobbied Twitter, secretly behind the scenes to ban me. Twitter took a meeting with an Islamic terrorist organization and listened to them when they asked for me to be banned.”

Twitter isn’t Loomer’s only target of litigation, however. In July of this year, she filed suit against Facebook as well for a similar problem. In a sweeping ban of Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Louis Farrakhan, and Loomer, earlier in the year, Facebook announced that they considered these individuals “dangerous.” The defamation lawsuit filed by Loomer is for a whopping $3 billion. Loomer’s attorney, Larry Klayman, spoke to the ban. “When you call someone a dangerous person, you’re in effect making them a pariah,” Klayman said. “You’re making them untouchable.”

Loomer has an anti-trust suit against Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter. That case will be heard in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, the claim being the censorship of conservative voices. “What’s happening isn’t just a free speech issue, it’s a civil rights issue,” Loomer said. “All around the world and in this country, millions of conservatives are being silenced and shut down and having their civil rights violated by these big tech social media companies that have more power and more control than the president himself.“

She is also suing Rep. Rashida Tlaib for assault and battery after Tlaib grabbed Loomer’s phone and tried to take it, when Loomer asked her about her feelings toward Hamas and Jewish people. “When I asked Rashida Tlaib whether she would be willing to condemn Hamas, and asked why she hated Jewish people so much, she physically grabbed my phone and yanked it, tried to steal it, tried to break it, and put her hands on my body,” Loomer explained to NRN.

The hope for Laura Loomer in these lawsuits is two-fold. On one hand, she deserves to be compensated for these social media companies’ attacks on her ability to support herself financially, and on the other, she wants to make this a national discussion—whether these social media giants should have unregulated, unadulterated control over our abilities to speak in the modern-day “town square.”

“I’m going to hold social media companies accountable for their civil rights violations of conservatives,” said Loomer to NRN. “Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerburg need to be held accountable for perjuring themselves in congress, because it’s a crime to lie to congress.”

The Most Banned Woman in the World

Over the last three or so years, a number of companies and platforms have banned Loomer indefinitely. In November of 2017, she was banned from Uber and Lyft for tweeting, “Someone needs to create a non-Islamic form of Uber or Lyft because I never want to support another Islamic immigrant driver.” What the media didn’t report was the reason Loomer felt this way. She had previously had a bad experience with a Muslim Uber driver.

“A lot of these Muslim Uber and Lyft drivers’ culture prevent them from upholding the terms of service that these companies hold them accountable for. Before this even happened, I was in an Uber with one of my friends and we were talking about where we wanted to go for Rosh Hashana dinner,” Loomer explained to NRN. “When the Muslim Uber driver heard that, he literally stopped the car and told us to get out. He wouldn’t even finish the ride because we were Jewish. Nobody wants to talk about that.”

Just a month later, in December 2018, Loomer started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to cover her legal fees to fight big tech in the court room. Almost immediately, she received a message from GoFundMe, banning her from their services: “We are writing to inform you that your GoFundMe account has been removed due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately, our Terms and Conditions, along with strictly enforced policies from the payments industry, prohibit GoFundMe from allowing you to continue raising funds on our site.” They never even told her what her violation was.


On February 5, 2019, Loomer was banned by PayPal, a payment platform she had used for the well-being of her life’s work. They gave no reason at all why they banned her but she believes it was because of a story by Right Wing Watch, falsely claiming Loomer received donations from United West, a group that stands to stop the “expansion of Sharia Law in the US.” Not surprisingly, they are deemed a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Not two weeks later, on February 19, 2019, Loomer received a notification from the Chase Bank app that said, “Access Suspended.” She called the bank several times and was then told to go into a branch with two forms of ID. Even after doing so, she was told her online access could not be reinstated. A couple of hours after the details of her suspension went public, Loomer received a call from a member of the executive office at JP Morgan Chase, telling her Chase would reinstate her account but offered no reason for why it was suspended in the first place. Loomer told the executive member that she would be switching banks.

On May 2, 2019, when Loomer was banned from both Facebook and Instagram for being considered “dangerous,” she went to Facebook’s headquarters and confronted them in Silicon Valley about why they banned her and labeled her a “terrorist.” They never gave her any answers and instead banned her from the building. She was also banned by Venmo in February, 2019, as well as Uber Eats, Teespring, Medium.

Loomer has had it out with the technocrats that control social media, demonstrating the story of a courageous young woman who believes strongly in the idea of truth and is willing to employ out of the box strategies to get to that truth. Many of her tactics have been criticized by the Mainstream Media, one of which was when she worked undercover for Project Veritas. The irony is that Loomer brilliantly uses their tactics against them.

A Lot Has Happened in a Year Since the Las Vegas Shooting

NRN interviewed Loomer one year ago, this month, to report on her Las Vegas shooting investigation. This investigation brought her to the spotlight, after she pointed out inconsistencies in what had been reported tot he public:

“Loomer believes the shooting was an Islamic State terror attack with multiple shooters involved. She maintains that Steven Paddock was connected to the Federal government, as well as the Islamic State, by repeating ISIS’s claim that Paddock converted to Islam six months prior to the shooting. She also repeats claims from audio experts that multiple weapons were used. Citing the final report that 24 guns were retrieved, Paddock supposedly used 14 of them within 9 minutes. Loomer points out how ridiculous this claim sounds.”

Her voice was silenced through the media, the sheriff, and the FBI, even though she was the reporter that actually got it right. Loomer told NRN a year ago, “I flew out during the press conference and I called the sheriff out during the Q&A. I raised my hand and asked the question, ‘when are you going to tell the American people about the timeline? Has there been a timeline change? Because I have documents from inside the hotel that prove that you guys aren’t telling the truth about the timeline,’” said Loomer. “Both him and the FBI got really mad at me and they banned me from coming back to any press conferences. But it turns out that I was right.”

Her censorship story is quickly becoming one of many conservative voices in this divisive political climate, as conservative speech is being censored at every level of society, even when it’s the truth. Those like Loomer, who do speak out in truth, are demonized, excoriated and altogether shut down. It is a sad fact that we have allowed our politicians and media to erode and diminish our first amendment rights to such a degree. Political correctness could become the new rules for free speech, or has it already? We should have seen this as a red flag. Most people missed this insidious tactic by Leftists to control our thinking and now it has become a weapon that they use against Conservatives.

Though Loomer has been ousted from popular social media platforms and venues, she is not discouraged. On August 2, 2019, she announced she was seeking the congressional seat in Florida’s 21st district. She is taking her values and beliefs and using them to make a difference in America. It’s time to break free of the globalist’s group-think. President Trump firmly supports freedom of speech, and it’s time for more Americans to stand with patriots like Laura Loomer.

US Congressional Candidate in Florida

Florida’s 21st District welcomes Loomer as a candidate in the race for congressional representative. The conservative activist is running against Democrat Lois Frankel. A known obstructionist, critic of President Trump, and close friend of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Frankel has been taking heat for not denouncing AOC’s “Squad” for anti-Semitic statements.

Her opponent has also been criticized for supporting multiple leftist special interests, backing policies that would be beneficial to illegal immigrants, allowing them to stay in the US and receive benefits as American citizens do. Loomer is a well-known thorn in the Left’s side, as many of her adversaries and political rivals have been targets of her signature tactic, being “Loomered,” or aggressively confronted and called out for their corruption and lies. “I mostly go after Liberals and ask them questions that the media refuses to ask them that everybody wants to know,” she said to NRN. “I’ve Loomered Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, James Comey, Jim Acosta, and Maxine Waters, to name a few.” She also holds political rogue Roger Stone as a mentor.

Florida’s District 21 is home to Trump’s winter retreat, the Mar-a-Lago Club. Loomer has found enough good fortune to acquire the services of Florida Trump Campaign 2016 State Director, Karen Giorno. Though she’s been banned from most social media, she’s determined to bring her transparent journalistic integrity with her as she campaigns.

“I’m not going to bend over backwards for people just so I can get a bigger salary. I speak for the American people, I say what I want to say and if people don’t like it, people don’t have to like it,” Loomer told NRN. “I’m not forcing them to listen to me. But I am sick of the Mainstream Media lying to the American people and lying to the world about issues. I speak the unfiltered, real in-your-face truth.”


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Justine Brooke Murray
Justine Brooke Murray
Justine Brooke Murray is a writer and RIGHT NOW Podcast interviewer for NRN. She is the reigning Miss Garden State 2019 and a correspondent for Campus Reform. As part of her reign in the Miss America organization, she founded the initiative, “Don’t Shout Down, Don’t Shut Down - Let’s Talk” which aims to restore civil discourse and free speech on both college campuses and in other areas where the First Amendment is currently under attack. Murray's activism and reporting on campus free-speech violations recently got me invited to stand on stage next to President Trump as he signed the Free Speech executive order for college campuses in early 2019.