RSBN’s Live Stream Privileges Revoked! Restored Only to Experience Tech Difficulties

Just as the Rally Was Revving Up

Right Side Broadcasting Network had a scare yesterday just ahead of the Donald Trump rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The popular YouTube network travels the nation broadcasting Trump rallies in their entirety for their viewers, and also for viewers of the popular duo Diamond and Silk. Yesterday they found out their ability to live stream on YouTube was taken away from them, and they were initially given no reason. 

You can watch the rally at Rio Rancho on Team Trump’s YouTube channel. 

The network tweeted out their disappointment over YouTube’s decision, stating that after 300 + million views, and many states traveled, they were shocked to learn of it. Their account has no copyright issues and no community violations, so without an explanation, they were baffled that YouTube would strip them of their stream. 

Severe Impact

The network also claimed the decision would severely impact their ability to travel and to broadcast the rallies, which they have become well known for. It seemed they were going to have to rely on their periscope and facebook accounts, along with Diamond and Silk’s social media account. But they found out soon after what the problem actually was.

Apparently there was an issue with copyrighted material which was accidentally broadcast on their account for a few moments without their knowledge. YouTube told the popular network they would be working on the matter. The network tweeted out that YouTube was still working on the issue nine hours ago, and said they hoped to be up and running by rally time. 

An hour ago, RSBN updated folks that they were having technical difficulties while trying to broadcast the rally. It is thought that the wifi at the Santa Ana Center isn’t working, and that there is no cell coverage. You can watch the rally at Rio Rancho on Team Trump’s YouTube channel. 

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