Shocking Scandal: PewDiePie Bends the Knee?

Extreme Fire

In any war, there are casualties.  Whether they are direct results of the fight or there is collateral damage and people end up hurt because of it.  For some time, we have seen Youtube’s biggest and most influential creator come under some extreme fire. 

…if they got PewDiePie, who else could fall victim to the Left?

PewDiePie, also known as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the largest video game Youtubers out there, but he is also well known for his edgy humor. It gets so edgy that it piques the outrage of the mainstream media, which then draws the attention of more unsavory folks such as The Anti-Defamation League.  The result is not so good, as Felix exits the culture wars.

Pwning Noobs

If you have been on Youtube in the last decade, you know the name. You know what he has brought to the platform over the last 5 years. You will also know what he brought in terms of his content.  Much of his stuff was centered on video games. Not only did he bring entertaining content such as “pwning noobs” which basically means taking out newbie gamers who play with him, he also provides some pretty colorful content as well as commentary. 

In the last three years or so, Felix has been a bit more active commenting on the wave of Leftism that has surfaced in recent years. He is sort of a black sheep, considering he is not Stateside; he lives, plays and works in Sweden. In the last two years, we find him marrying his sweetheart, reaching 100 million subscribers, and reviving the love of Minecraft again for his fans. He continues to play the game and posts videos of him playing Minecraft.  All in all, one would say that PewDiePie seems somewhat docile.

New Zealand scandal

Then the New Zealand massacre happened. What was interesting is that the shooter admitted to liking Felix.  Anyone plugged into the social big tech sphere will know who PewDiePie is, so it’s not like it’s anything big in terms of news. The issue here is the fact that this shooter connected himself to Felix, which caused the uproar. That, along with the humor and the ironic satire that PewDiePie would do regarding Nazis and Jews, and the jokes he made. 

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It was this particular brand of humor the Wall Street Journal caught wind of, which made the ADL also set their sights on him. The Anti-Defamation League leveled a barrage of accusatory statements which for the most part, Felix ignored. He lived his life, continued his humor and game playing and followed through with his marriage. 

If you do not know what the ADL is, they are basically a pro-Jewish group that polices the Internet for content that is deemed “anti-Jewish.” They will also attack people who joke about Jews as well. Many Conservatives do not appreciate them in their language and thought policing, as Conservatives believe that no one is beyond criticism and scrutiny, and that such ideas SHOULD be voiced. 

But when the New Zealand shooting happened and the shooter vicariously connected himself to Felix, it seemed as though that was the straw that broke the gamers back. Felix himself stated that he does not condone violence and hate on his Twitter. We all know, however, that the Blue Checkmark brigade does not accept apologies. And so the vilification of PewDiePie continued. It will continue until Felix bends the knee to SJWs.

PewDiePie Donation scandal

In light of all that transpired with the New Zealand incident, PewDiePie made the decision to donate $50,000 USD to the ADL.  When he made the announcement on Twitter, people were puzzled. any commented on this issue, such as Sargon of Akkad, Phillip DeFranco, and Geeks & Gamers creator Jeremy; they expressed their views while trying to process Felix’ curious decision.  And then, PewDiePie pulled the donation after receiving negative feedback regarding his decision. 

For what it’s worth, his reasons for donating and pulling the plug on the donation are his own.  Many speculate that he’s pulling out of the culture war due to his newly founded marriage. To navigate such vitriol from the Internet can take its toll if a spouse is involved. Perhaps this donation might keep the ADL off his back and away from his wife. 

Others state that he simply wants to continue playing Minecraft and video games and make content in that sense and tone down the SJW hating (which if we are all honest, we enjoy!). Whatever the reason, Felix dropped the donation. However, it did cause quite an uproar that the biggest Youtuber of our day bent the knee to one of the biggest Leftist organizations to date. It also gave many in the Conservative movement a reason to shudder at the thought that if they got PewDiePie, who else could fall victim to the Left?