Job reports august 2019

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Manufacture employment workers assemble Volkswagen at a plant in Tennessee

Consumer spending makes up 70% of the economy and remains strong, but leaves a split-screen economy with services firms doing well and hiring steadily, while factories and manufacturing are staying flat or slowed slightly and in some cases lost jobs.

Raegan Castillo-Fontana

Raegan Castillo-Fontana

Raegan Castillo-Fontana is a writer for NRN. She is married to her soulmate and best friend. They have three wiener dogs and a fluffy cat. Her passions include the great outdoors, animals, good food and fine spirits, social gatherings, dance, music, whitewater, exercise, reading, and writing. Castillo-Fontana's mind is constantly looking for something to challenge itself in the world of idea-exchange. She enjoys healthy debate and civil discourse and wishes discover truth and share it with the world.

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