Third Democrat Debate of 2019: Field of Dreamers Loses Grip on Reality

How It Descended Into a Socialist Fantasy World on ABC

The third Democrat debate is now in the books, and with the notable exceptions of Tulsi Gabbard’s reason and Marianne Williamson’s psychedelic banter, it was what most Americans expected of the debate. The Socialist wing of the party espoused giving free stuff to America without any explanation of how they were going to pay for it. The “moderate” wing of the party insisted that they were the New and Improved Barack Obama.

With Republicans winning both elections that are seen as bellwethers, the Dems have major problems going into 2020.

Finally, Amy Klobuchar tried to find a middle ground between the extreme left and the far left in the battle of who gets to face off against President Donald Trump in 2020. All in all, we found out nothing new except that Andrew Yang is finding new ways to give your money away. So who were the winners and losers of the third debate?

Some candidates took a notable loss last night, while others continued a strong showing. The American people received a full spectrum of the Democrat party’s vision for America, and it looked strangely like a chapter out of 1984: more licenses, more taxes, a standard wage for people, union/government control and no choice in schools. Before we fall victim to the groupthink, here is how the candidates stacked up:

The Hometown Kid

12: Beto O’Rourke (9:19)- Beto had an opportunity to shine in the debate in his home state of Texas. Being a former congressman and the Democrats choice alternative to Ted Cruz, Beto had an easy path to acceptance in Houston, and everything to lose if he had a poor showing. Although some in the crowd supported his statements and pandering about the recent shooting, he fell flat on policy, having only supportive murmurs from the crowd when he moved away from the El Paso shooting.

To cover things quickly, Beto blew it. Beto alleged that the El Paso shooter was inspired by Trump to cowardly murder people at an El Paso Walmart. However, as with most things Beto says, this is not the case. According to the Gateway Pundit, the El Paso shooter said that it was the second democratic debate which inspired him to commit his insane plan to hurt people who were here legally shopping in Walmart.

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The shooter, a registered democrat, was a member of the ultraviolent ANTIFA movement and a Bernie Sanders supporter. Further, Beto stated that he was going to confiscate people’s firearms in what amounted to a “constitution be damned statement .” Beto was outclassed on the stage and, even as the “hometown kid,” failed miserably to advance his campaign in the face of other Democrat candidates.

Best Moment: When he was pandering to Texas.
Worst Moment: When he said that he was going to ignore the Constitution and confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans.

Just Not a Likeable Person

11. Julian Castro (11:11)- While Beto lost the debate, he stayed marginally likable as a person. Castro is just not a likable person, even when pandering to the Spanish speaking crowd (something that he and Mayor Pete attempted). He came across as shallow and uninspired. What should have been his key moment was when he challenged Joe Biden on his “failures” with the Obama Whitehouse (what most Americans think were the few successes of the regime).

Castro was castrated when Joe owned his actions, something that most Democrats would never have thought of- a politician owning the good with the bad. From there, Castro seemed more interested in sowing discord among the people on the stage with ill-thought out one-line attacks- mostly at the expense of Biden. Overall, he seemed whiny, unpresidential and very disappointed that America does not recognize his claim as the heir of Obama.

Best Moment: When he brought the attention of the debate back to the fact that it was a debate and not just a forum to attack President Trump.
Worst Moment: The moment when he thought he had Cornered Biden, then Biden destroyed Castro’s campaign with a simple admission that he takes credit for his whole time in office.

We Will Tax the Rich

10: Elizabeth Warren (16:27)- The moderators gave Liz every chance to win. With the second most time on the stage, they lobbed softball questions at Liz while proposing gotcha questions to Biden. However, the softballs were wasted on Liz, who appeared to have her helmet on backward and only wanted to answer her own questions, which never came from the moderators. Last night, Biden may have broken the Warren Wagon as he held her to task on issues around the economy, healthcare, and other proposals.

When challenged on what she would do to fund programs or maintain the economy, Liz just kept going to the fall back of “We will tax the rich.” Well, the rich do not have the $33 Trillion needed to fund her plans, even if she took every penny of their wealth. Even the moderators seemed to lose interest as she avoided their questions in the first hour, giving most of her time in the first 90 minutes of the debate. Warren has been clamoring that she should have a shot to be on the big stage with Biden, last night showed why NBC and CNN were right to regulate her to the kid’s table.

Best Moment: When she could rant about her health care plan and taxing the rich with impunity in her opening statement.
Worst Moment: When it was pointed out that the government does not have enough money to pay for her programs.

My Record Has Been Misrepresented

9: Kamala Harris (13:26)- Kamala Harris had a rough second debate as she was eviscerated by Tulsi Gabbard (who oddly was not on the stage last night). By giving her a Tulsi free safe space, many thought Kamala would have had a strong showing in the third debate. She did not. With the exception of a decent opening statement, Harris spent most of the night talking down to the moderators and the American people.

“My record has been misrepresented” and other disdainful statements made her seem jaded over her fall from grace. Hardly what is needed to bring her back to the front of the pack. Last night seemed like Kamala was running to be the heir of Grumpy Old Dick Cheney rather than being the legacy of Barack Obama.

Best Moment: Her opening statement, she crushed it.
Worst Moment: When she brought attention to her record being attacked. Never draw attention to the negatives that no one else mentioned. It was almost if she had it prepared; no one made the attack, but she still put up the defense. It just looked silly.

The Union of Socialist Senators

8: Bernie Sanders (13:55)- Bernie looked old last night. He did not look like he was up for the game, and at several points seemed to be confused in the debate. When Biden took Sanders and Warren to task, it seemed as if the Union of Socialist Senators would tag team Biden from both sides. However, Biden came across as a senior statesman and handled the attacks from Warren and Sanders in kind.

After Warren was broken, Biden turned his attention to the massive amount of money needed to do anything that Bernie was promising people. Three times Bernie was asked how he would pay for it. Three times Bernie dodged the question. Bernie was not the best candidate on the stage, he was not even the best socialist. He simply came across as an old man, yelling old slogans at kids in the audience who were failing their basic economics course. His problem was that they were at a good school, so the only people failing economics were the people invited by the DNC.

Best Moment: His first retort to Biden’s attack, this was the highlight of the night for him.
Worst Moment: When he was asked a question and he did not seem to be paying attention and he looked off into space for a few seconds. It just showed that he may not be all there.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

7: Mayor Pete (11:31)- Without Tulsi on the stage, Mayor Pete was the only candidate that had military experience. As other candidates thanked him for his experience and tried to conflate their visits to Afghanistan and Iraq to his service, Mayor Pete looked like a soldier. While we thank him for his service, his shoehorning of “Don’t Ask Don’t’ Tell” (Which is a democrat policy by the way) into the discussion broke his military street cred, as he brought politics into service. Mayor Pete did not have a bad showing, but he did not separate himself from the crowd.

Best Moment: When he took shots at Vice President Mike Pence, almost seeming as if he was resigned to getting the VP nod rather than the top billing.
Worst Moments: When he tried to force DADT into the military question, the question was about bringing our guys and gals home, not his personal issues while serving.

The Middle Ground

6: Amy Klobuchar (10:13)- Klobuchar started off with a strong opening statement, making a case for the middle ground in the debate. The problem was that she did not have much time to make a case for this middle ground. Most of her time was made up of responses to other people’s statements, which made her look almost apologetic at times for being a moderate.

Make no mistake, with the exception of possibly Biden, Amy Klobuchar was the most moderate person on that stage last night (including the moderators). Like Mayor Pete, Klobuchar did not really wow anyone, but she also did not really hurt herself. This lukewarm performance will likely keep her in the race but will not move her out of the single digits.

Best Moment: Offering people middle ground, this was something the stage was lacking.
Worst Moments: She didn’t really have any bad moments, just did not have anything to “wow” people either.

Excluded Democrat Candidates

5: People Not on The Stage (0:00)- I understand that the DNC has to limit the field for debates. However, we are still 14 months before the election- there should not even be debates yet! The fact that candidates were excluded was more of a power play than any real necessity for space. ABC would have loved to have two nights of commercial revenue to fill in for their lack-luster lineup of shows.

Gabbard should have been on the stage. She earned the spot, and the fact she was serving our nation in the military instead of pandering for poll numbers should not have kept her out. The debate was less entertaining without Marianne Williamson. She did well in the last debate and she should have a shot at being on the stage. The others in the crowded field should have had their chance too; let there be an undercard. Kamala and Warren showed they should be at the kid’s table, maybe Tulsi and Maryann should have a shot at Biden.

Racist Asian Tropes

4: Andrew Yang (7:54)- I like when Andrew Yang talks, especially when he sidestepped around saying that teachers’ unions are part of the problem. With the lowest time, yet again, and racist Asian tropes, yet again, Yang had a strong showing in a short amount of time. He is right, eventually, computers are going to take away most of the jobs in the country; the problem is that we are not to that point yet.

His $1,000 for every adult and $300 “Freedom dividend” are too fashion-forward for modern America; maybe someday, but not today. His move to give 10 people $1,000 a month for a year was a great play- I even signed up to be in the drawing. However, doesn’t this amount to bribery? It is basically the democrat policy of banking on welfare. Yang just took out the middleman- this is why businessmen made good candidates. I just think if Yang gets the nod, he will come up against a better businessman.

Best Moment: When Yang bribed every viewer watching the debate to go to his website.
Worst Moment: The two hours and fifty-two minutes that he stood there silent in the debate, once again the liberal moderators are shorting the only Asian candidate for the Democrat Nomination.

I Am Spartacus!

3: Corey Booker (14:44)- What the hell, Spartacus is in the top three for the third straight debate. Corey Booker has some good ideas and, as I have noted before, seems to be a genuinely good person. His stance on guns is one of the chief problems that are going to cost him his shot at the White House. I loved the question from the moderators which, to paraphrase, went something like “Since you are a vegan, should everyone give up meat?”

Then as the anorexic vegan world looked on, Booker spoke those words that no vegan (or crossfitter) has ever spoken. “No, a person’s diet is their choice.” Reaching the 17th level of veganism, Corey Booker realized that he, as a vegan, would be more palatable if he did not butt into other people’s diets. He likely lost all ten vegan votes, but he had a strong showing last night.

Best Moment: When he appealed to people to quit attacking each other and to debate on the issues. He kept it a debate and still acted like one of the adults in the room. Good play, Spartacus. Another highlight was the “no” in Spanish. This was a fun poke at Beto, Buttigieg, and Castro.
Worst Moment: Getting hopped up on unconstitutional gun control, including licenses to exercise a Constitutional right. While Booker strayed from the 1984 model, he still came across as a little bit of a dictator, while Castro just came across as being a Dick (Cheney, what did you think I meant?).

The Joe Show

2: Not-So-Sleepy Joe (17:24)- Let’s face it, last night was the Joe Show. He took his nap, had his go juice and was active, thoughtful and on top of things. He stayed in the same decade, seemingly getting every major politician he named correct with their proper office. He eviscerated Warren and Sanders, establishing that he was in the center for a reason.

And with the red eye of Kano from Mortal Kombat, Biden destroyed Castro’s campaign with little effort. All that was missing was Univision’s commentator yelling “Finish Him” in Spanish. Biden was the big dog on stage, and the view stayed the same for the rest of them all night.

Best Moment: The destruction of the Sanders, Warren and Castro Campaigns. If debates were match play, Biden would be the candidate.
Worst Moments: Toward the end of the night, Joe was getting sleepy. He started stuttering, and you could tell he was tired. This could be a weakness in the general as Trump is an “up all night” kind of guy.

One Right at a Time

1: Donald Trump (0:00)- The President won big last night. Each time a candidate said gun control, free, or attacked law enforcement, Trump got votes. If I was running the Trump Campaign I would schedule 30 or 40 debates next year. While the rich folks in the audience love what the elites on the stage are saying, regular America is seeing people who want to take their freedom away one right at a time. DT won big in this debate; he has got to be salivating at which of these “contenders” he will get to face off with in 2020.

The biggest loser of the Night– The Democrat Party. With no real good candidate to take on Trump, they are going to have to fall back on their old standards of hate and voter fraud to get them through the election. With Republicans winning both elections that are seen as bellwethers, the Dems have major problems going into 2020. Only time will tell what is going to happen, but if you are supporting the President, the Republic or the Constitution- last night showed you what we are up against.

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