Stunning! Debra Messing Gets Whoopi’d: Will and Grace Star Called Out!

We all know of The View.  Just a hyper gossip fest of Left wing women and maybe a moderate Conservative to add “balance.”  They are noted to be horrid in terms of their behavior and rhetoric against the President and almost all Trump supporters.  But what happens when you go so far to the Left and behave so unhinged that it takes Whoopi Goldberg to call you out?  Debra Messing, star of Will and Grace, found out. We can’t help but nod our heads in agreement with Whoopi.

Sounds dystopian and quite intense.  By this particular headline, you would think this was straight out of the Handmaid’s Tale.  Auntie Debbie demanding your name to out you for execution. But it really is not that far off.  Debra Messing, who plays “Grace” on the hit NBC show “Will and Grace,” along with her co-star Eric McCormack, found out about a September 17th Beverly Hills Republican fundraiser in which President Trump will make an appearance.

Messing Gets Whooped

They chose to put this on Twitter and demand that a list of attendees be released.  Messing and McCormack retweeted The Hollywood Reporter and ordered the doxxing of those who would attend.  We have seen this before during the McCarthy era and the mess that was. But somehow because it is a Hollywood elite leftist, they are given a hall pass?  Generally yes, they are. Sometimes it takes someone on your own team to give you a dose of reality.

You know Whoopi Goldberg from her long time stint on The View, the all women’s gossip rag show on ABC/Disney. All they do is talk about politics and culture purely from a left wing woman’s POV.  But Whoopi got wind of what the “Will and Grace” star did, and she laid into Messing on the September 3rd episode of the View. It was refreshing to hear someone who does lean left and has been vocal about her disdain for President Trump do so . You can watch that segment here.

Debra Doubles Down

The unfortunate thing here is that she claims it was to know where money is going based on who these people support. The actress is being run through the ringer on Twitter by a slew of Conservatives. Now she and McCormack are making the claim that it was not about blacklisting people, that donations made are on public record, and that it was about transparency.

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Imagine of a Conservative did that. The outrage from Hollywood and the Left would be huge.  For Whoopi Goldberg to call out the danger that this would cause, and for Joy Behar to actually agree, is too crazy to admit. Based on that video clip of the View, however, the proof is in the pudding. As the old saying goes, a broken clock does tell the correct time twice a day.