Climate Change: “And a Little Child Shall Lead Them”

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The Liberal Movement’s Parody of a Moral Life

Blogger Matt Walsh recently tweeted that “Environmentalism really has become a full-blown religion. It has its core beliefs, its apocalyptic vision, its call to repentance, its rules and moral codes, its priests and priestesses (AOC, etc) its prophets (Gore, etc) and its child saviors (Thunberg).”

As a Judeo-Christian nation, it is important to note that problems in our society, whether they are secular, political, or religious, often come as parodies of what is good. If you are religious, one of the most overlooked concepts of the Bible is how the Book of Revelations demonstrates the parody of divinity in the beast narrative.

These passages present something close to what is expected. That is something that people want desperately to be real, yet it has its flaws that take a good concept and make it evil. Parody is often the easiest way for evildoers  to get what they want out of the world.

The priests of climate change cannot even get an adult to lead their movement.

Liberalism is Built on Lies

Great minds have said the perfect lie is two parts truth, one part fiction. This is what we are seeing from the modern Liberal moment, just enough truth to lull us to sleep and then a bold lie that no one wants to believe is untrue.

In recent days, we have seen three demonstrations of this principle, which should frighten you whether you are religious or not. The first example of this is the “Climate Change Strike” promoted in part by Greta Thunberg, the Swedish wunderkind and darling of the Left. Young Ms. Thunberg rode into New York Harbor on a solar boat, whose construction had a higher carbon footprint than most SUVs, and proceeded to tell Congress and the world that climate change is real because “She has Asperger’s and tells it like it is.”

While I applauded Ms. Thunberg for her devotion, I must question if she is approaching the point of zealotry, where the facts cease to matter and only the cause in important. For years, we have seen celebrities and celebrity “scientists” speculate on the cause of climate change. First, there was the coming Ice Age, then the Greenhouse Effect, then the ozone hole, followed by global warming, and then global cooling. Finally, some genius decided to call it climate change because the constantly adjusted descriptions were causing doubt in even the farce’s most religious devotees.

Bad Science is Profitable

Legitimate analysts such as Weather Channel founder John Coleman have noted that the Earth has gone through cycles over the course of the last two thousand years. Indeed, this is a natural effect for which human beings are taking too much credit, and which by and large, is natural.

On the other hand, celebrity scientists like Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson use reactionary methodologies to “prove” a conclusion to which they already support. This is called bad science.

This method was originally legitimized in Social Science (primarily Anthropology) and has slowly worked its way throughout modern academia. In reactionary science, a researcher takes a position that he or she supports (or that will make the researcher famous) and finds data to support that position. This nonsense has emerged time and time again.

The farce has now become so transparent that the priests of climate change cannot even get an adult to lead their movement. They have to rely on a child who is miming the words from her handlers.

Supreme Injustice Rendered to a Supreme Court Justice

The assault on Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is the second movement in this concerto of chaos orchestrated by the Left’s media-industrial complex. The knee-jerk media once again published a story about another Kavanaugh accuser, which once again was discredited almost immediately, but not before it spread like wildfire on social media. So-called journalists seem to be able to engage in character assassination with impunity.

In an opinion piece, the parody is made even more unusual as the Washington Post accused Brett Kavanaugh of “asking the New York Times reporters to lie” by declining to be interviewed for the hit piece book they wrote about his confirmation. The symphony rose to its crescendo when Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) filed a resolution calling for the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh even though the allegations of harassment had been discredited. This is another example of the Left’s religious zealotry as the choir repeats the chants of their leaders, staying in beat even if they realize their leaders made a mistake. In America, citizens are now “guilty until proven innocent” because freedom has taken a backseat to progressive ideology.

Liberals Reject Facts and the Rule of Law

Our final parody of reality involves Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff, the minister of groupthink for the Left. Little Adam Schiff is appalled that the Justice Department would investigate a whistleblower incident leaked to the press without consulting him first. Oh, the humanity. Schiff wants us to ignore the due process of the United States, arguing that the kangaroo court of the media-industrial complex is more suited to running a witch hunt than the DOJ is to conduct normal adult business.

There is an old saying that “when the law is on your side, argue the law. When you the facts are on your side, argue the facts. When you have neither, then just argue.” This is the point that we have unfortunately reached in America.

The Liberal religion advanced by activist judges, environmental pseudo-scientists, and perjury-prone accusers has reached a breaking point. The Democrat presidential candidates are a joke, and their attacks on “Teflon Don” are not working. The Green New Deal has become a laughing stock as The Squad that is promoting it might be in trouble in their own districts.

This is a scary time; when radicals feel cornered, they might do crazy things. There are millions of disciples in this country who seemingly follow the cult of Liberalism; as they lose hope, we need to make sure that we stay within the bounds of the law that protects our property, our rights, and our freedom.

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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