Citizen Journalist Tommy Robinson Released 9/13 Amid Joyous Supporters

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Stint in Jail Gave Robinson a New Look

British citizen journalist and anti-sharia activist Tommy Robinson has been released from prison, looking shaggy and bedraggled, but none the worse for wear. Many feared for his safety during his term, and there were reports from jail that he was attacked. These stories turned out to be false. Robinson emerged from the prison with a bushy ginger beard and very long (for him) hair after a 9 week stay. He then joked about his first stop being “the hairdressers” and quipped that his new growth made him look like “a cowardly convert [to Islam].”

…many wonder why he even had to be in prison if his actions did not affect the trial in any way and were deemed unintentional.

Robinson was apprehended and jailed in July on contempt of court charges after he allegedly violated a reporting ban put forward by the court. The court claimed that his livestream of the pedophiles being marched into court could have destroyed the whole case against them for running a grooming ring. From Metro UK: “Robinson was jailed for filming defendants in a grooming trial and life-streaming it on Facebook. The footage almost caused the collapse of a paedophile grooming gang trial.”

Activist Gets Junk Food and a Haircut

Robinson was seen going into a local McDonalds after being released and indulging in a burger and a drink. He issued this statement: “you read their lies, the Daily Mirror lied saying I was attacked in this prison, you made up an entire story. You’re a part of the propaganda being pushed out. My only message to them is you’re a disgrace and an embarrassment, if this happened in Hong Kong, Russia, China, you’d be up in arms but because I talk about Islam you’re silent.”

“You are all complicit in the attack on free speech that we are witnessing. You’re all complicit in what’s happening to our country, all the media are. This should be an embarrassment for the British government, for the judiciary… [the judge said] it was unintentional, had zero effect on a trial would result in a journalist being put in prison, spending two and a half months in HMP Onley [and nine weeks at HMP Belmarsh].”

Solitary Confinement for the Citizen Journalist

From Breitbart: “Breitbart London reported from HMP Belmarsh this week, revealing that the cell Mr Robinson was housed in had previously housed notorious Islamist terrorist killer Michael Adebelajo, one of the pair who murdered British soldier Lee Rigby by running him over with a car and then attempting to decapitate him with a knife. A particular feature of this prison stretch for Mr Robinson has been the post and emails he received from well-wishers, the volume of letters being such that reading them consumed four hours a day.”

The Citizen Journalist and Activist revealed he was in solitary confinement for the duration of his stay, telling reporters that he “walked into Belmarsh prison and walked out without seeing another prisoner. They would have (killed me).” He also revealed he was visited by an Imam every day, but had not seen a Christian leader for 15 days of his stay. Robinson had pleaded with President Donald Trump for political asylum after his conviction, stating he feared he was being sentenced to his death, claiming dark forces were at work in Britain. 

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media issued this statement: “He’s isolated from all other prisoners, he has no contact. It’s solitary confinement in that he’s not allowed to see any other prisoners, but it’s not like in HMP Onley… here, he’s allowed half an hour on the exercise bike, the prison governor himself visits once a day, he has a medical once a day, he’s not being starved.”

Cross Contamination?

Robinson claimed the case was being covered up by British authorities because the defendants were Muslim. Barristers for two of the defendants tried unsuccessfully to get the charges dropped against them in May, relying on Robinson’s confrontation and video. They claimed the way Robinson confronted the defendants was prejudiced. The entire case could have been dismissed if their motion had been granted.

Metro UK notes procedures in these kinds of rape gang cases require that reporting be prohibited until trials are over, due to the fact all 29 people were being tried separately. From Metro UK: “The restriction was put in place because the defendants were being dealt with in separate trials. In such cases, reporting is sometimes postponed until the final case so jurors cannot be prejudiced by reading accounts of previous trials.”

“In this case, a reporting restriction was in place which postponed the publication of any details of the case until the end of three separate trials – which involved a total of 29 people. The same jury were in place for all three trials due to the connection between the men involved. The reporting restriction was in place to ensure no cross contamination.” Robinson claims he should not have been convicted of contempt because he did not intend to violate the ban.

It seems from the judges sentiments (via Robinson himself) that she agreed with him. His conviction continues to baffle in light of that, and many wonder why he even had to be in prison if his actions did not affect the trial in any way and were deemed unintentional. Robinsons barrister said the conviction showed Britain just how serious the courts are when it comes to the crime of contempt.

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