Briscoe Cain’s 2A Comments Are Bad News For Beto

Exactly What the 2nd Amendment is About

At the September 12th debates, former Texas Congressman and Presidential Hopeful Beto O’Rourke made a comment to the crowd, yelling, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.” This statement was met with cheers from a small auditorium filled with high-level Democrat donors, most of whom have spent their lives protected by people with guns. Among the din in the Twittersphere, there was one voice among many who took exception to Beto’s unconstitutional threat. Texas State Congressman Briscoe Cain seemingly “scared” Mr. O’Rourke, who promptly reported the “threat” to the FBI.

Briscoe Cain responds to Robert Francis O'Rourke's foolish comment.

…remember that tyrants do not take rights all at once, they take them one at a time.

Men and Women like Beto are the reason the Second Amendment was written. The Founding Fathers believed the right to have military-grade weapons was “necessary to the security of a free state…” Thus this right was enshrined as second in the Bill of Rights, preceded only by the right to Religion, Speech, Press, and Association. It is often said that the Second Amendment exists to protect the first, and Beto’s childlike outburst is an example of why it is so important.

Briscoe Cain: Is He in The Right?

Just as Beto was within his rights to make his unconstitutional promise to pander to his audience, Cain was well within his rights to provide notice that he would protect his own rights. Let us take a deeper look at this issue. On one hand, we have a convicted felon who is proposing the unconstitutional action of seizing lawful private property, all the while telling the nation why it should be more like the socialist dictatorships of the world.

Beto is presenting the government as if it has a “divine” right of rule, which is odd coming from the party that booed God at their 2012 and 2016 conventions. On the other hand, we have an elected lawmaker, who is not only standing up for his own rights but for the rights of everyone who voted for him. Who is in the right? Beto’s actions are an extension of the “New Democratic Party.” The idea is that “the laws that apply to small people do not apply to me.”

The Most Dangerous Path

We see this in Politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. They love flying in private jets and riding in 5 mpg SUVs, while telling the people that they need to be more “green.” We have them screaming about Trump’s alleged indiscretions (most of which have been proven false), while their leadership structure is partying at Epstein’s island and the Private Resort in Italy.

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However, the most dangerous part is the path that free speech is taking. In a path that is eerily similar to Germany, Soviet Russia, China, and the Socialist Countries in South America, the left seems to be trying to ban anything offensive to their coalition of insanity. Once the outcry is created about any given issue, we see people such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters calling for the harassment of anyone who does not agree with her.

Sicko Beto

With Beto, this has evolved. The man who sees himself as the next leader of the free world is calling for the FBI to “disappear” a lawmaker who disagrees with him. I wonder if Beto hopes that Rep. Cain ends up in the same prison where Jeffrey Epstein was on suicide watch? O’Rourke proved that he was not fit to be in politics when he was younger committing crimes. He proved it again in his vile poetry about killing small children.

Now as he runs for president, his gross incompetence is only overshadowed by his disdain for the rights that “common” American citizens like you and me have. The Second Amendment was created to protect the other rights that the Constitution gives us. Governments are not there to protect rights, they are there to protect property.

Our government is no different. We are the protectors of our own rights and the rights of our fellow citizens. If you are a Democrat, please show Beto this in the primaries. If you are an independent or a conservative, and Beto does get the Democrat nod, remember that tyrants do not take rights all at once, they take them one at a time.

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