Incredible Rasmussen Poll: The Black Vote is Tilting Towards Trump


RIGHT NOW at NRN w/David J. Harris Jr.: We’re Looking at a 22% Rise in Black Favorability for Trump Since He Took Office

The Black vote for Trump is on an upward trajectory. Unemployment is at an all-time low for all Americans across the board. This means more jobs, better employment positions, and higher salaries and job security. Blacks voted Obama in to experience America’s first Black president and that’s about all they got. Obama’s job crushing economy brought hard times to many Americans. With more money in their hands and a happier life, Trump is earning greater respect among Blacks and their vote. It no longer makes sense to vote Democrat by default when Trump is brings real results and a better quality of life.

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According to Rasmussen commentary by Brian C. Joondeph, “Black support…is hovering around 30%. In 2016, Trump only received 8% of the Black vote.” Brian C. Joondeph reinforces these statistics in his Rasmussen article entitled “Have Pollsters Learned Nothing Since the Last Election?” In it he warns of “Fake News polls” in the 2020 election, saying “Opinion polls are as good as their samples.” It’s easy enough to put a fake slant on a poll to drive a desired agenda. Regarding the Black vote on an uptick, Joondeph continues, “If he doubled or tripled his support within this core Democrat constituency, traditional electoral predictions all fly out the window.”

Rasmussen Poll, August 2, 2019

Trump’s “First Step Act” Helps Inmates Successfully Transition Back Into Society

The Trump administration has done so many things for the Black community that the Obama administration could not, or would not do. The First Step Act enacted in December 2018, for instance, has resulted in thousands of people, many Black, being released from prison, when they had no hope of ever being released. The act marks the first major reform “to our criminal justice system in over a decade,” according to the White House statement. The statement continues, “The landmark First Step Act enacted commonsense criminal justice reform that is helping prisoners gain a new lease on life and is making America safer.”

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Although you won’t hear about stories of second chances on any cable news network. Real hope and real change is happening under the Trump administration, not facile and disingenuous platitude.

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The First Step Act is giving hope, changing lives, and this may well spread into the larger community in the form of support for the Trump Administration who is responsible for making it happen.

Trump Gives a Boost to Urban Areas Through His “Opportunity Zones” Initiative

The Trump Administration’s Opportunity Zones is another program intended to revive underserved minority communities, by incentivizing economic investment and development. In December of 2018, President Trump and Ben Carson celebrated the success of bringing $25 billion of private business funds to low-income, urban neighborhoods, otherwise known as “Opportunity Zones.” International Journal Report reported: “Private businesses have committed to spending $25 billion in inner cities throughout the United States, pledging to build businesses in areas that have been abandoned economically. Carson told Fox Business host Stuart Varney that companies are creating jobs and opening businesses in large cities throughout the United States, capturing the excitement of Republicans and Democrats alike.” Opportunity Zones have now been designated, encompassing parts of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five US territories.

The New York Times’ Racist Debacle

The New York Times recently committed to pushing the theme of racism with the same vigor with which they pushed the Russia hoax. That means racism is the only thing they will write about and facts are not a necessary component. This strategy for electing a Democrat in 2020 is already on full display on most cable news stations. It’s destructive and poisonous, but will work? As David J. Harris Jr. tells us, “If it didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it”

Trump Has Earned the Black Vote

David J. Harris, Jr. is one of the most vocal and passionate Trump supporters on the internet and has been retweeted by Trump. He’s best known for his no-holds-barred viral videos and straight shooter style.

President Trump has some notable allies in the Black community. Candace Owens, Kanye West and many activists like David J. Harris Jr. People like them give permission to others to speak out, even though doing so sometimes results in pushback from family, friends, and associates.

As David J. Harris Jr. told NRN, the Black community didn’t put Trump in office, and they alone won’t keep him there, but they may well solidify a 2020 victory if we all keep working to spread the truth about the administration’s focus on Making America Great for all Americans, especially those in historically underserved communities.




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