Outraged Celebrities and Trump’s Planned Parenthood Defunding


“Counter Culture Mom” Warns Parents of Hollywood’s Harmful Agenda Coming from Celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Ariana Grande

On Monday, Planned Parenthood (PP) officially announced their plan to leave Title X program. This comes on the heels of President Trump preventing clinics that receive Title X funds from referring patients for abortion. The move reveals what Conservatives knew all along. PP only exists to conduct abortions and doesn’t care about women’s healthcare. What we’re seeing here is a disruption in the vicious cycle of PP, Hollywood, and the government. What happens next? Cue more celebrity virtue signaling.

As the default celebrity spokeswoman for the Left, Alyssa Milano launched a new pro-choice podcast like clockwork where she and others share their abortion stories. The primary message on her Sorry Not Sorry Twitter feed at the moment says it all: The only trauma that came with getting their abortions we’re the anti-abortion protests outside the clinic or the community backlash they get from living in a red state.

Tina Griffin of “Counter Culture Mom” broke down the strategic relationship of Planned Parenthood with celebrities, Hollywood, and until Trump, the government in an NRN exclusive interview. In June, according to TMZ, Ariana Grande donated hundreds of thousands of dollars from the proceeds of her Atlanta concert to PP in protest of Governor Brian Kemp signing the Fetal Heartbeat Law into power in the state of Georgia.

Griffin explained how and why this happened: “Two months ago, Ariana Grande gave $200,000 of her ticket sales to Planned Parenthood. You can’t tell me they aren’t in bed together. She’s promoting sex in her music, barely clothed…. While she’s selling sex, kid’s are sexually active. They get pregnant and then she’s promoting Planned Parenthood from the stage…. These young girls are getting an abortion. Who’s making bank?”

Griffin said, “That’s why people market sex and drugs. The same people promoting that kind of behavior [are] also making money on helping kids to get an abortion. Planned Parenthood is in bed with Hollywood and … the government. They all work together to make big bucks. Who’s paying to price? Our kids!”

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Moms and Parents Navigating Through the Pop Culture Chaos

Tina Griffin utilizes her Counter Culture Mom platform to equip parents and teens on how they can safely navigate through today’s pop culture. She largely reaches parents through her Counter Culture Mom website and app where parent’s can get alerts and articles.

The Left wants to saturate today’s culture with “diversity.” To get this done, they are on a mission to normalize degeneracy to America’s youngest children. One critic of Griffin’s app shows what Christian and/or culturally-concerned parents are up against:

“If you would like to make sure your child grows up to be a sex deprived psycho that goes on a rampage in college because they’ve been sheltered like a nun their entire life and finally have freedom from overbearing parents, this is for you! Great tips on making sure they only have the perspective of a reality that doesn’t exist. Teens have sex. They party. It happens. So grow up seriously. If you think they don’t know what you are doing, wake up. They will resent you later for making life G rated for them.”

Counter Culture Mom app

The “alerts” page of the Counter Culture Mom app reveals the gravity of the situation. In NRN’s interview with Griffin, she dishes on the horrible visualizations and messages that are slipped into what seems to be a good and harmless show. On a YouTube Kids, a suicide commercial and a scene showing how to slit your wrist appeared to kids during show programming. Also, Riverdale (season three finale), a popular teen series, depicted a horrific scene of witches conducting a baby sacrifice. These types of important alerts and more can be found on the Counter Culture Mom app.

What’s Next for Tina Griffin?

Griffin said her greatest need is prayer. She is just getting off an extended rest and vacation time and readies to transition into her next phase. She has filed Counter Culture Mom as a non-profit organization. With consistent donations, and thanks to a California donation-matching partner, she will hire a much-needed virtual assistant and staff to create more alerts for concerned parents.

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Justine Brooke Murray
Justine Brooke Murray
Justine Brooke Murray is a writer and RIGHT NOW Podcast interviewer for NRN. She is the reigning Miss Garden State 2019 and a correspondent for Campus Reform. As part of her reign in the Miss America organization, she founded the initiative, “Don’t Shout Down, Don’t Shut Down - Let’s Talk” which aims to restore civil discourse and free speech on both college campuses and in other areas where the First Amendment is currently under attack. Murray's activism and reporting on campus free-speech violations recently got me invited to stand on stage next to President Trump as he signed the Free Speech executive order for college campuses in early 2019.