Marvel Universe: Avengers Becomes Toxic as SJW’s Bully 7 Year Old

How far is too far?

How much will Marvel allow in terms of rhetoric, and when does it cross the line into bullying? And what happens when it is children who are the target of SJW bullying? Anyone who has seen the last MCU Phase 3 installment of Avengers: Endgame will remember the heartfelt exchange between Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) and his daughter, Morgan Stark. In that exchange, she says, “I love you 3000.” That will be the line that lives on in the memory of MCU fans everywhere. 

It is time to protect kids like Lexi Rabe, who simply want to make great movies and do good work.

These fans will also recognize the adorable little girl who appears only twice in the movie, but left a lasting impression upon the audience. Morgan Stark was played by a very cute brunette little girl affectionately known as Lexi Rabe. She is a seven year old actress who appeared not only in Avengers: Endgame but also the latest Godzilla movie. Being only seven years old yet appearing on some big time 2019 blockbusters affords this little girl some big time credit.

Her short yet sweet presence in the last Avengers movie garnered her a rather large following of about 5400 Twitter followers. Her line in that movie (to one of the most iconic characters of the decade) makes the end of Phase 3 (and all the memorable characters) all the more bittersweet to leave behind as Marvel Studios puts a period on their 10 year old universe. But what happens when fandom becomes toxic?  What happens when for the sake of a goal, adults cross the line into a territory that is inexcusable?  What happens when a fan does not get their way and in turn becomes dangerous?

Marvel Universe Rendered Toxic

What happened to this adorable little actress is unspeakable. It seems that grown adult fans do not know boundaries. And what happens when the intersectional SJWs project their toxicity about something that has not yet happened? The story goes that RDJ is done and will no longer be appearing as Iron Man in the next phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, something else needed to be done. There have been talks of passing the Iron Man mantle to the next generation. 

This sparked interest in introducing the character known as “Ironheart,” a black female character that dons the iconic red and gold cybernetic suit. Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios, is currently toying with the idea. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, because right now it seems that Spider Man is slated to be the next “Iron Man” like figure for Phase 4. Leave it to the intersectional SJW rejects, however, to stop that notion.

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Many are loving the idea that the mantle of the red and gold be passed onto Morgan, and by proxy, Lexi Rabe who played the Stark progeny in Endgame. Because Lexi is a “white girl,” however, the outrage pushers are now bullying her and her family. You can watch her plead with the public here. The fact that she had to make this little video asking to be left alone is gut-wrenching. For a seven year old girl to HAVE to do this is horrendous. To have it come as a result of the treatment she is getting for something that has not happened yet (nor anything that is in her control) is detestable.

End SJW “Activism”

It is becoming quite clear for those of us who have been keeping tabs on politics and culture, the line is drawn now.  With 2020 coming into view, and with the Left getting more and more unhinged, the time for peace looks like it is over and there is a fight brewing.  SJWs have dominated the spaces of academia, big tech, media, and politics for far too long. Too many are pandering to their wishes and are getting in the way of progress. It is getting to the point where they are actually regressing society. 

This is not a call to violence, but it is a call to action. We should do what we can to end SJW culture. Considering now they have deemed a seven year old girl a viable target to bully, these types of people are asking for a proverbial beat down, in the rhetorical sense. It just goes to show that those of us who espouse Conservative perspectives and viewpoints need to head to the polls and vote in Trump for one more term. We need to speak up louder against the tide of intersectionality and social justice warriorism.

Let us to do what we can to protect children against supremacists of any sort. It is time to protect kids like Lexi Rabe, who simply want to make great movies and do good work. We must voice our outrage against people like SJWs who attack and bully a seven year old girl and her family. This is where the behavior is more than deplorable, it’s worth deplatforming them in every aspect! They have gone too far, and for some of us, attacking a seven year old actress is the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Marvel star Lexi Rabe
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