Defending Western Civilization: Education and Journalism Under Attack

Karen Siegemund is Devoted to Educating Our Children

Dr. Karen Siegemund is tenacious, passionate, focused, and driven. Her MENSA level intellect and determination fuel her PhD in Education and American Culture. She worked and developed techniques in Marine Acoustics during deep sea trials for 9 years following her baccalaureate degree in Applied Mathematics. A driving passion for America led naturally to involvement in politics. She leads the American Freedom Alliance (AFA) and teaches Advanced Mathematics and Ancient Greece at her high school alma mater.

Karen’s father grew up in Hitler’s Berlin, so she is keenly aware of the freedoms people embrace. She also knows how those freedoms are eroded over time, rather than swiftly and violently removed. The end of the Cold War turned her attentions to a graduate program in International Relations. She recognizes that only an educated citizenry can maintain our freedoms. The slow erosion of our freedoms is a long process, but the organization she chairs is addressing this crisis through weekend sessions. She chose weekends so there is no interference with being a Teacher.

Karen encourages you to engage and promote America’s values for the long haul.

The past ten years she has taught Latin, French, Science, and Mathematics (in French) at Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, a private high school. She is humbly an exceptional American. AFA held an event May 5, 2019 entitled “The Long March through the Institutions: The Left’s Revolution by other Means” event. Two of the five specific threats addressed in the conference were the systematic erosion of Institutionalized Education and Mainstream Journalism from the principles that have enabled each to be pillars of freedom in our Constitutional Republic.

Education Under Attack

As an Educator, Karen is keenly aware of the responsibility of a teacher to prepare young minds and promote free thinking. She advised her students during the 2016 Presidential election to get the information, watch the debates, read the information on what the candidates themselves said, and get their own information. She wanted them to decide through facts and information they could gather, not just by the opinion of others and the broadcast media. Her colleagues were wearing “I’m with Her” t-shirts and likely giving other advice.

Proof of that “other advice” came the day after the election. It was a somber tone. Condolences were offered to teachers for the election outcome. One comment was made that “it’s like 9/11 all over again,” referring to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on America.

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As a dedicated teacher, it had to come as quite a shock on May 6, 2019 when she became a voice that was chosen to be silenced. She learned of this through an email from her employer, in which it was stated that her “services were no longer required.” This is what brings Dr. Siegemund to New Right Network’s American Exceptionalism interview, and American volunteer journalists shedding light on truth.

Journalism Under Attack

Mainstream Journalism’s erosion is seen in stark contrast in two similar events that occurred on the same date, 11 years apart, and how the Mainstream Media Journalists reacted. News coverage from 9/11 reported the events from many angles, did interviews, and followed the story. The September 11, 2012 attack on Benghazi was very different. The media and the administration in Washington convincingly made the story about a video that incited such violence at Benghazi that the maker would be jailed.

The US Military responded to the threat to American lives, and was thwarted by our government from the White House to the State Department. Generals were relieved of command under orders of the President of the United States. Meanwhile, 4 members of the State Department Diplomatic Corps were fighting for their lives. American embassies all over the world are guarded by the US MARINES, not diplomats.

The saddest truth of all the media attention is the loss of First Amendment freedom in the media’s voice. Karen had long considered the Mainstream Media as “the inoculant against tyranny”. In Benghazi, the Media took a sharp cold left turn and became “tyranny’s delivery system”. In the aftermath of Benghazi, four Americans were tortured violently to their death and lay dead in the streets of Benghazi.

Ravenous Pursuit of Tyranny

The left still ravenously pursues tyranny, and are largely in support of Democrat Politicians and the Democrat Party as a whole. Ninety-four percent of Mainstream Media journalists support Democrats, so why would they jeopardize their investment in the Democrat politician of their choice to tell the truth? Journalism attracts some of the brightest minds, as schools do from an individual’s drive in life.

Completing their degree radicalized by the “power of the media” and the focus of becoming an activist to make the institutional changes their “Professor” says is the cure for America! The cure lies in two places. First in our faith and the divine guidance of our living God. Second in the document God inspired to men, the Constitution of the United States.

Mainstream Journalism has fallen a long way from the days it covered September 11, 2001. Meanwhile, institutionalized education has been shifting from the 1950s. Back then scripture and marksmanship were tools for teaching in school. Now there are Gun Free Zones, where mass shootings are known to happen, and no gym or art classes. Today’s schools teach cultural enrichment through Islamic call to prayer and demonstrations. They make kids practice praying in the Muslim fashion, with no regard to other faiths whatsoever.

Education and Journalism.

American Education and Journalism Rising Above

American Education (Constitutionally based-Free Enterprise, power of the individual focused) and Social Journalism (like neighbors “over the garden fence” sharing views) are very much alive today. Thanks largely to volunteers connecting Americans through Social Media. Options for educating our children today are more diverse than ever. Parents can choose the education style, location, and curriculum. Classes range from Bible Studies, Anthropology, Computer Sciences, to Media editing and directing.

Classes are taught in homes across America, in small groups or as individuals. Parents are teaching the “hard” subjects, Math, English, Sciences, Writing, and can include American Business Enterprise, American Government from the Constitution and American History. They do this through field trips and as close to first hand experiences as is not possible in an Institutionalized Education System that is always begging for money.

Education systems and private schools are growing, and Dr. Siegemund is beginning a school in her area. She offers some basic guidelines and encourages you to reach out to her to support her efforts, or to begin your own. She is encouraged by Social Journalism. She says even with all the “imposed” limitations of the companies that provide these services, God is getting the messages through.

Over the Garden Fence

I’ve been a Social Journalist with New Right Network about a year. I write in the mornings early, evenings, lunchtime, and weekends. I have a 9-5 job as a technical writer of training curriculum. New Social Media sites, BLOGs, and email notices appear weekly. Technology sends me notifications on my cell phone and PC/iMac from every connected media platform. Mainstream Journalism has little advantage on the news sources.

I am connected to New Right Network, Human Events, and monitor news feeds from Mainstream outlets as well as international, Israel, Britain, and a news source to global connectivity to Christian specific news and event reporting. I work with the finest editors you’ll find. Social Journalism is focused on AMPing up the messages that promote American Exceptionalism, American Constitutional Freedoms, and the free market system. Social media covers everything to the taste of the user, so nothing is limited, except by social media network providers.

Continued American Exceptionalism is in the face you see in the mirror. Look for faces that have the same facial expression and see a bright hope on the horizon and keep America growing.

Connect with Karen

Dr. Siegemund has a Gofundme site at #IstandwithKaren and is very optimistic of her future. Meanwhile, she is exercising due diligence in disputing her release from employment. She emphatically encourages you to donate and connect with Turning Point USA. Additionally, she encourages you to engage and promote America’s values for the long haul and to “our posterity”.

Connect with Karen at the American Freedom Alliance, Facebook, and Twitter. She is emphatic and implores you to “Find me”, “e-mail me”, “tweet me.” Karen says to share how you are being oppressed in your struggle against the long march through the Educational and Journalistic institutions. Click your favorite social media hyperlink NOW and tell Karen your thoughts on the attacks on American Education and Journalism.

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