BEWARE! Steven Crowder Warns: “The #VoxAdpocalypse is Coming for YOU!”

Vox, the Beginning

According to Wikipedia, “Vox is an American news and opinion website owned by Vox Media. The website was founded in April 2014 by Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias and Melissa Bell, and is noted for its concept of explanatory journalism.”  

As the years progressed, Vox started creating more and more Liberal and Left wing content with the culmination of NBC finally dropping $200 million into the video/podcast company. In addition, they decided to allow former Media Matters’ LGBTQ+ content director Carlos Maza to enter the fold and inundate YouTube with Strikethrough, a Vox video show which Maza hosts regularly.

Carlos Maza, Journalist or Liberal Activist?

vox steve crowder

Carlos Maza is not just a “journalist,” even though he actively promotes himself to be one. He is in fact an activist. However, more than just an activist, he is what one would call part of the far-Left in terms of his ideas. Any viewing of his content via Vox will show that this openly gay Latino makes content that is simply debunkable by every stretch of the imagination.  

Vox is never one for properly providing supporting data. Every “article” Vox publishes has links. However, these links are links to other Vox articles creating a circular feed that goes absolutely nowhere. Even the Strikethrough videos that Maza creates are filled with nothing but bad jokes and even more horrible ideas melded with no data, statistics, numbers or facts.

People agree that Vox and Maza are unlikable channels.

The videos consist of Maza making every logical fallacy in the books. Espousing rhetoric that causes the brain to congeal, and providing no sourcing to prove his points. All he has going for him is that he is a self-proclaimed “gay wonk.” That is his Instagram and Twitter handle!

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He promotes himself while attacking everything right of Michael Moore. His own Twitter bio includes the accusation of Tucker Carlson being a “white supremacist” without any sense of irony to the libelous claim.

Maza Vs. Crowder, The Hypocrisy

Here is where the hypocrisy comes into full play. It all starts with late night talk show host and comedian Steven Crowder. He is just that, a comedian. He tells jokes. He writes jokes. It’s called comedy and comedy is supposed to push the boundaries of acceptable rhetoric.  

He hosts “Louder With Crowder,” which is funded by the Mug Club. The Mug Club is a crowd-funding initiative where people can purchase a year-long subscription and in return, get the full BlazeTV catalog and a hand-etched mug. However, another aspect of Crowder is that he continually debunks bad ideas using nothing but jokes, sources, statistics, and facts.

For example, he did just that to the “YouTuber Superwoman.” He debunked her video “A Geography Lesson for Racist People,” which is both educating and hilarious! So where does Vox and specifically, Carlos Maza fit into all this? Maza continues to make bad videos. The content is terrible. He is not funny. However, there is more to the story.

Carlos Maza Debunked

Maza is simply a guy with no real substance. Moreover, his data is shady, his delivery is terrible, and his information is not at all informative. His points are at best poorly stated, deceptive, and misleading at worst. Almost everything Maza films and publishes is fake and nothing about his content is redeemable at all. That is not hyperbole.

One viewing of a single video will affirm this. You as the reader can go and watch one yourself. Good luck and Godspeed if you dare decide to venture into such territory! However, we cannot promise you will not come out unscathed. Crowder has made a plethora of videos debunking many Vox videos and they are filled with jokes, data, and statistics. One such example of Crowder debunking Maza can be seen here.  

Maza Fights Back

However, it seems that Maza has had enough. Crowder’s latest Maza debunking video was the straw that broke the camel’s back. In a long Twitter rant, Maza tags YouTube and complains that they are not punishing Crowder for “hate speech,” “harassment,” and “abusive rhetoric.” 

Not only does he want Crowder silenced, but Maza continually lectured YouTube regarding such rhetoric from any content creator he deems to be “Far-Right Extremist content.” He went on BuzzFeed news (of all places) to talk about it.

Biased Censoring From YouTube

Maza hounded YouTube and they responded by completely demonetizing Crowder’s entire Youtube channel. They removed ads from his channel and took it a step further by removing Crowder from the Partner’s Program. Crowder was one of the original Partners when Youtube first launched the means for creating content for money.

How hypocritical of Maza to play the victim card and call for the de-platforming of dissenting opinions, while using the same card to basically spread his “supremacy.” Additionally, he is making his followers and companies capitulate to his demands while defaming, slandering, and making libelous claims. All of this can have legal ramifications. However, knowing that YouTube will not take legal action, he can call for the assault of Conservatives on Twitter and face no consequences.

The Maza Effect

Essentially, what is happening, based on how Maza is spinning it, is that he wants to get rid of dissenting opinions. He is not hiding his mission as this is all in plain sight! You can read it right on Maza’s Twitter thread regarding his dealings with Crowder and YouTube.

Keemstar, a content creator who is known for drumming up drama, showed that what Vox and by proxy, Maza, is trying to do is create another “Apocalypse.” Basically, they want to halt all advertisements to content creators who YouTube deems “problematic.”

Maza labels any opposition to him as “hate speech” and “homophobic” which YouTube considers “abuse.” However, it is also quite clear that calling for doxing and actively encouraging followers to assault Conservatives goes against the Terms of Service for Twitter and YouTube. Yet, Maza still has his accounts up and running.

Isn’t it Ironic? and Hypocritical?

Maza is actively calling for the assault of people with dissenting opinions and perspectives. However, once confronted about spilling bad data and even poorer ideas, all of a sudden he is being attacked and “piled on” because he’s gay and/or Latino. Isn’t it ironic?

Demanding that YouTube demonetize and deplatform anyone he deems “problematic” while telling his Twitter mob to literally assault people (which is against ToS policies) is the icing on the hypocritical cake. The effect will be detrimental to every content creator, whether it’s making cigar reviews or video game streaming.

Others Support Steven Crowder

As this drama continues to unfold, many have thrown their support behind Steven Crowder, YouTube commentators such as Sinatra_Says, Actual Justice Warrior, Tim Pool, Lauren Chen, and the channel 1791 just to name a few. All of these people agree that Vox and Maza are unlikable channels and the only reason they still have a place is because NBC dumped $200 million into them.

However, any casual observer can note that Vox and it’s “journalists” are simply far-Left activists with money who do not perform any real journalism whatsoever. Moreover, it does seem like, so far, regardless of the channel being demonetized, Crowder won this fight. Nevertheless, the war is far from over as YouTube is now moving the goalpost and changing the rules. Steven Crowder explains it best, take a look for yourself.