The Gripping Control of Soviet Fascism on the Democrat Party

Anatomy of the Treason

Knowledge comes with life and years of experience. It was not enough for me to know Soviet Socialism and rename it what it is, Soviet Fascism. Listening to Nancy Pelosi’s press conference on May 23, 2019, I realized that Soviet Fascism has not only come to my America the Beautiful, but it deeply rooted within the leadership of the Democrats’ Socialist mafia. Pelosi accused President Trump of being engaged in “cover-ups.” I couldn’t believe how fast my prediction had come to political reality by the traitors in the Democrats’ leadership. Three days prior to Pelosi’s accusation of Trump’s “cover-ups,” I published a column with these words: To save their skin, the Democrats are using Stalin’s teaching – “Offence is the best defense, never admit the crime committed, but accuse the opposition of that exact crime.” Pelosi just exhibited Stalin’s teaching in her presser.

Many are right to call the Democrats in the House of Representatives—Socialist Lawmakers. I would specify and call them—Socialist mafia members using abusive investigative overreach against their political opposition, resembling activity of the KGB. There is no possibility to repeat friendly collaboration like under Reagan. The Democrats have fundamentally changed. I have been analyzing the changes within the Democrats for several decades, talking about the KGB’s political-operatives working within the Democrat Party nationwide, infiltrating, and corrupting all major government institutions. Look at the state of Virginia, where three top Democrats are in deep scandals. This is also no coincidence. A former Governor, Terry McAuliffe was Bill Clinton’s lieutenant, and I suspect a leader of the Socialist mafia, forcing the entire state to adopt the ideology of Soviet Fascism. He was working with FBI’s corrupt Andrew McCabe to manufacture a protest by white supremacists at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am not sure that the connection was known. The case was investigated and two trivial actors convicted.

It is also not a coincidence that 43% of Americans and 57% of Democrats prefer Socialism. The inculcation of “cosmetic Socialism” has been going on for decades. Therefore, our political predicament in the US is extra complicated—we have overseas rival-actors running and coordinating activities of the Democrat Party for the last several decades. They are the carriers of the ideology of Soviet Fascism. This is the crux of the matter—we are dealing with an adversarial ideological force within, whose agenda is total destruction of the American Republic. You saw this gradual destruction during Barack Obama’s disastrous regime, but you couldn’t see the enormous extent of harm, but we will find it out in the future. President Trump stopped that destruction and to some degree reversed it. Yet, I know the rival-actors, they will never halt doing damage and harm to us—if we can read human emotions, we have an obligation—knowledge of our enemy is a must.

It is not a coincidence that Russia is in the center of recent events, the paradox is that only a few know the real Russia and its security apparatus.  It is for that reason that my latest 20-25 columns have revealed the real face of the KGB, as a global terrorist agency. Nothing has changed in Russia and I am using the term KGB, uniting the images of all Russian agencies—as the term is familiar to Americans. AG Barr performing the real investigation on origins of Russia probe and the crime committed against the American Republic should evaluate this international ideological force, invading, and damaging our national security, economy, and our value system. In my opinion, we are dealing with the united force of the KGB in cahoots with the leadership of the Democrat Party—they are executing an evil international espionage operation against the American Republic. The Russia probe was only a part of it, the industry of treason is much wider… In his statement on May 29, 2019, Robert Mueller confirmed my view. Be ready for Anti-Trump Fishing Expedition No. 2, performed by the Socialist mafia goons in the House of Representatives.

Fascism Never Sleeps

There was plenty of sufficient evidence, Robert Mueller, to investigate the industry of treason, if you knew Russia and its ideology of Soviet Fascism. Unfortunately, you don’t. As a devoted disciple of Stalin and Andropov, Putin has continued an expansionist policy of Soviet Fascism even with bigger parameters. That same Russian policy forced on Venezuela was expended in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and the Middle East as a whole. The agenda stays the same, left by Stalin and Andropov—a War Against Western Civilization, capitalism, and our value system by all means, methods, and tricks possible. We have been dealing with a [known to me] KGB Disinformation Campaign responsible for holding us hostage with a fraudulent KGB-produced Trump/Dossier for three years. It is a very sophisticated KGB international operation, involving different countries, against the American president and against the American Republic. We have been so penetrated by Socialist operatives that even the top of our Intel has participated in the operation!!

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Yes, the agenda stays the same, left by Stalin and Andropov—a war against Western civilization and capitalism by all means, methods, and tricks possible. The KGB is first and foremost a terrorist agency, I have evidence to call them that–the story of the Olympics in Russia in 1980. Haven’t you noticed a lot of severe extreme weather, massive storms, and tornadoes, and constant ecological disaster, not in Russia, but in the outside world and America? I’ve been familiar with the hoax of “climate change” since 1980. Here is a quotation from my book Socialist Lies, Xlibris, 2016, p. 59:

“I can add an example of how the Soviet Mafia uses natural forces for its own purposes. On the day the Olympic Games opened in 1980, the sky over Moscow was covered with heavy clouds. A member of the Politburo called the KGB. By the time the opening got underway, the sun was shining and the sky over Moscow was blue. As I found out later, KGB scientists used an extremely powerful mega-laser to disperse clouds. In the same way, they also could create rain and storms. ‘Conquering nature’ is the creed and agenda of the Soviet Mafia. Stalin’s experiments inside the Soviet Union cost the country billions, destroyed the natural ecology, and killed millions. Now the Soviet Mafia is destroying countries around the globe. I would suggest our American scientists research the nature of the recent tornadoes and flooding in America keeping an open mind to the possibility of human intervention.”

Knowing the regime’s political agenda and strategy and its technological ability to mimic the nature, I was very attentive to natural disasters in the world when I came to America. That menacing Fascist regime has one desire—to destroy as much as possible and to kill as many human beings as much as possible. Fascism is fascism and that political agenda is the Must for the KGB…Aware of that, my first suspicious were the repeated eruptions of volcanoes—a small nuclear device can provoke this… If I had doubts about earthquake in Indonesia, I did not have doubts when the disaster happened in Japan, the Pacific 3/11/2011, an earthquake in Fukushima with several aftershocks after a huge catastrophic tsunami… I like Japanese people—Putin mortally hates Japan…

“Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident on 11 March 2011,” according to the World Nuclear Association. As I understood, the tsunami is a major factor to watch and a future possibility for use by the KGB’s Technological Department. Then, a couple of days ago, I found an interesting quotation by a Russian specialist of tsunami in America:

“For big earthquakes, the tsunami is going to be the big destructive factor,” said Vasily Titov, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Center for Tsunami Research in Seattle, Washington. “But if the nation is prepared, warning and education definitely saves lives. Compare the human lives lost in Sumatra and Japan. It’s about 10 times less.” Think about it. Haven’t you noticed a lot of severe weather, massive storms, extreme flooding, and tornadoes, constant disaster in America? Last week a monster tornado has ripped 20-mile trail of destruction through the Missouri capital. It was almost a mile wide. This week a devastating tornado, severe flooding in Oklahoma, and other devastation across Ohio, Arkansas as the center of the country grapples with aftermath of 200+ tornadoes. Maybe that special international espionage operation against the American Republic is even bigger than I suspected?

There is a spectacular ignorance pertaining Socialism in America—people do not understand basic civics. Socialism is a system of a big, centralized government within a mafia-like police state, which runs all means of production, and assumes absolute control of the people, and all methods of productivity. There are no freedoms, no personal liberty, nor First Amendment rights. I can testify that in any courts, because I lived half of my life under real Socialism. Tom Palmer, in The Morality of Capitalism, proves that Capitalism is beneficial for people: “Capitalism is not a system of government, it is the practice and philosophy of transforming resources into capital goods for the purpose of producing consumer products.”

Capitalism is the basis and foundation of liberty and America has all the elements of a responsible democracy: Social Justice, Social Equality, and Social morality. Social and Socialist are two completely different words with different meanings. The global Socialist mafia deceives the public by using the term Social Justice, but factually promoting and agitating to establish Socialist Justice, which is a fraud, known to the entire world. Just look at Venezuela and read my books about Soviet Socialism. Millions have run from Socialism during the last decades. The Socialist mafia goons use this fraud to deceive and fool people. Look at what a dictionary has to say about it:



  1. relating to society or its organization.

“alcoholism is recognized as a major social problem”


communal, community, community-based, collective, group, general, popular, civil, civic, public, societal; More

needing companionship and therefore best suited to living in communities.

“we are social beings as well as individuals”


an informal social gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group.

“a church social”

Unlike Social, the word Socialist is a political term, here is the dictionary:



  1. a person who advocates or practices socialism.


left-wing, Fabian, syndicalist, utopian socialist; More


  1. adhering to or based on the principles of socialism.

The History of Socialist Movement

The Democrats have been using this fraud to sucker our population for decades. The so-called Democrat Party in our Congress consists of three major parts: members of Socialist mafia, Progressives that collaborated with the KGB for decades (read my columns), and a new faction, the Islamists. All three parts are infiltrated by the KGB and inculcated in the ideology of Soviet Fascism. The Democrats in Congress keep manufacturing crises just like the real Soviet charlatans of the past. The Democrat Party is a political fraud like any other Socialist entity. Moreover, Vladimir Putin and his KGB now control the Democrats and the anti-Trump criminal cabal. If you want to see the ideology of Soviet Fascism, look for lies, deceit, and a fraud across the world. Do you know that 96 people indicted for an illegal immigration Marriage Fraud Scheme lately? And the Democrats in Congress failed to fulfill their obligations by not acting to prevent invasions of one million illegals to our country… What a shame!

Fascist Tactic Used Against Me

I had been writing about Russia and its KGB for many years. Somewhere in the 1990s, I noticed some abnormalities in my mail and computer, but I did not have time to investigate the cause. In 2002, I published my first book and those abnormalities doubled. Since then I have experienced all sorts of violations of my Constitutional rights from wiretaps to arresting my mail, like it was in the Soviet Union. I recognized this to be the KGB. To silence me and ban my writings, the KGB, through the infiltrated FBI or CIA submitted my name to the FISA Court and made me a foreign agent in 2002, the year my first book was published.

Just listen to the story of my third book…

In the spring of 2012, I had completed and published my third book titled: An Agony: Face to Face with Soviet Fascism with Intermedia Publishing Inc. in 2012. I identified the ideology of Soviet Fascism and described the KGB’s tactics, methods, and tricks in the book. With joy, I sent immediately several copies of the book to my friends and got the alarming news: “Everything is up-side-down in your book with a lot of grammar mistakes.” I was in shock. When I opened the book … it was obvious the KGB had gotten access to the manuscript, because the Trojan Horse has become a Trojan House in the entire book with many similar changes—the internet allows these mischiefs very easily.

The 2012 election was around the corner, I had critically short time to correct the harm and my friends helped me. But the next news did not wait, they made me speechless—Intermedia Publishing Inc. was forced to file for bankruptcy and my book was killed… I was again in shock…

When I got over the shock, I had to act and the only choice was Xlibris, the publishing house that produced my first and second books. I understood that I couldn’t use the same title, I had to change it. I did. Xlibris accepted the book under a new title: What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, Xlibris, 2012. A fantastic and alarming Press Release was written and published. Let me give you the first paragraph of the Press Release to assess its significance:

“Honorable Attorney General William P. Barr! The entire decent world is looking at you with hope and the desire to see the sworn enemy of the American people exposed. Knowledge of Soviet Fascism is the only means to do so and expose the enemy within. America the Beautiful and her people deserve to know the Truth and to see what Democrats have done to us and our American Republic!”

To confirm my ideas and views, please watch a warning of the KGB defector about the silent war which is being waged against America.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Dr. Rich Swier. The original version of this article appears here.

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