How the Deep State DOJ Entrapped Donald Trump

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Stefan Halper Uses a Plant to Mine Information

Now that the Russian Collusion narrative pushed by the Democrats, and the Mainstream Media has completely fallen apart, it is now time to examine how the false accusal of Donald Trump got started in the first place. To go back to the beginning we have to look at how, and who instigated the investigation into Trump in the first place. Enter Stefan Halper.

Stefan Halper is a British law professor that had been working with the FBI and intelligence agencies since the Ronald Reagan era. The FBI cooperated with Halper to reach out to Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cabuto, and a man named Sam Clovis, who were all members of the Trump campaign. 

To begin with, Halper lured Papadopoulos to London with the promise of writing an article on a subject of his expertise in Middle Eastern diplomacy and to pay him $3,000 to do it. Originally, it was suspected the reason they decided to meet in the UK. was because of certain rights that are given to American citizens on our soil no longer apply once out of the country. That way the FBI, and CIA could get around his fourth amendment protections. 

Azra Turk, Planted Informant

Papadopoulos agreed to fly to London where he was entertained by an informant who was a rather attractive young woman. We now know her name is Azra Turk, however, this name is probably an alias. Turk was presented as Halper’s assistant and tried to get Papadopoulos to talk about possible ties between the Trump campaign, and Russia. According to a Tucker Carlson interview on Fox with Papadopoulos, while on the plane to London, Turk implied that sex was on the table if he were to cooperate.

According to Papadopoulos, the only information he had regarding Russia was imparted to him by an Italian professor named Joseph Mifsud. At present, the big question in the investigation is who exactly hired Joseph Mifsud?  If it was the CIA, or the FBI as suspected, the agencies have a huge problem on their hands. 

Papadopoulos said he was immediately suspicious of the woman and told her he knew nothing about said ties. It’s also very strange that this whole conversation was conveniently held within earshot of an Australian diplomat, who felt it was his duty to inform the FBI of what he overheard. This phone call is the reason given by the FBI to launch this unprecedented investigation into a political campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Others believe this whole thing started with the Clinton Steele dossier, but to learn about that you’ll  have to wait for part four of my series called, “What is the dirty dossier?” So keep an eye out for it in the following weeks. 

Once in London, Turk bought him drinks and eventually the subject of Russia came up again, but when Papadopoulos said he really didn’t know anything about Russia it seemed to irritate the informant. According to an article posted in the New York Times on July 18, 2018, Turk was a  “spy” and or an “informant.” Either way, US intelligence agencies felt there was sufficient evidence to warrant such a person being placed in the Trump campaign to make sure Russia wasn’t interfering in the 2016 election. 

William Barr Hires Federal Prosecutor John Durham 

This part of the story remains to be revealed, which is why several months ago Attorney General William Barr appointed a federal investigator to get to the origins of the Russia investigation. The man Barr chose is a federal prosecutor from Connecticut, named John Durham. Durham has a history of investigating the CIA, and the FBI with a record of holding top officials accountable when he finds wrongdoing or corruption. 

Durham’s best known conviction was of the FBI agent who allowed Whitey Bulger to commit crimes with impunity in exchange for him giving information to the FBI. This man’s name was John Connolly. Durham prosecuted him resulting in a ten year prison sentence. Durham’s nickname is “The Bulldog” and if you’re in the government, and have done something wrong, he’s not the guy you want investigating you. 

Democrats are furious about this investigation because President Trump gave Barr the authority to declassify any document he sees fit relating to the investigation. Democrats  object to this action by the president, and are very much against Barr declassifying documents relating to the origins of the Russia probe.

Republicans Call for an Investigation

On the other hand, Republican intelligence investigation committee chairman Devin Nunes and other prominent Republicans are calling for the Justice Department, including the FBI, and DOJ to show exactly what was the intelligence they had that was so important that it warranted spying on a political opponent. 

To follow protocol, the DOJ, must have solid evidence before launching any investigation like this in the first place, and this is precisely what the Republicans are asking of the Justice Department to provide. The problem is, the Justice Department has been stonewalling Congress as of July of 2016, beginning with text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who were the lead investigators in the Trump case looking into Russian collusion. It took months before the DOJ turned these text messages over, and only did so after being threatened with contempt of Congress. Stonewalling Congress by the DOJ is not normal, as it is their job to report to Congress any, and all of their findings upon request.

At one point the DOJ said that the text messages had been irrevocably lost and offered no explanation. Fortunately Inspector General Michael Horowitz found them with relative ease. Those were the text messages I referred to in my previous article “Who the heck is Peter Strzok.” This indicates they didn’t want anyone to see those texts, and there are still thousands of text messages between the FBI Trump hating agents Strzok, and Page. The unreleased texts are surmised to be even more damning than those that have been already released.

As it turns out, Peter Strzok, personally flew to London to interview Turk and sign the document that started the Russia investigation referred to as “Crossfire Hurricane.” While only a week earlier closing the Clinton Email investigation. One can understand why President Trump wants to know why he was spied on. It’s a reasonable request when your presidency is on the line. 

If it turns out the only reason the DOJ had a special council investigation into Trump is because a small group of top officials working for the Obama administration felt it was their duty to keep Trump out of the White House, then there would truly be a constitutional crisis. Ironically, it would be exactly what the media has been promising Trump would cause simply by being elected President involved in some kind of Russian collusion.

Trump Orders the Investigation

President Trump has ordered there be an investigation into the investigators. The DOJ along with the intelligence community in general have been ordered to comply with the requests of Barr and Durham and to give them any information they ask for related to the case. The DOJ has agreed.

The Democrats during the special counsel investigation say that this is just a way to attack the Mueller probe, and the media, like the lap dogs they are, support and promulgate this ridiculous narrative. Now that Mueller’s special council has finished its investigation, they are saying that this is purely payback to his enemies and not a legitimate investigation. 

Democrats balk at this new investigation into the investigators saying the DOJ can’t reveal the informants name for security reasons, but the names are already out there, and no damage has come of it. It’s just like the redacted documents they say have classified secrets only later to reveal things that only embarrass the FBI and DOJ. These falsehoods creates a lack of trust on all fronts.

Journalist used to dream of a story like this to make their name, just like Woodward, and Bernstein did with the Watergate investigation. But the people in the mainstream media today could care less. Democrats have always been the party skeptical of Government overreach, but now are saying it’s un-American to question the sanctity of the FBI. When you look what the FBI did under J. Edgar Hoover and Whitey Bulger, it’s hard to think they are beyond reproach. Unelected officials (the swamp as coined by President Trump) are acting as if they know better than the people, and what’s good for our country. 

When the time comes, and the evidence surfaces, their excuse will be “We did what we did in the name of National security, because we truly believed Donald Trump to be a threat to our national security as we know it, and we did what we had to do to stop him.”

So what does all of this mean? We don’t know yet. The goal is not to tell anyone how to think or feel, it’s only to lay the facts as best as we know them, and let you the reader decide for himself. as any good writer should. However, everything thus far this seems like a plot, and a coup attempt to keep Trump out of the White House to deal with him on the outside chance he actually beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

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